How to style rattan furniture this spring

Rattan is an amazing furniture choice suited to any season, and for a lot of people, the most appealing time is spring. It’s when days are lighter, last longer and plants begin to flourish. Many people already have rattan furniture to furnish their home, but there are a variety of ways to style it to compliment this season of growth.


Cat on rattan seat

Cushions can be the perfect addition to any form of furniture, but it’s the style that has the most impact. Whereas winter months benefit from warm colours to compliment the season, spring can be more fresh and exciting. From butterfly patterns to vibrant and interesting colours, cushions don’t just brighten a room, but they enhance your living space.


Spring is normally the time when people start to move their furniture outside during the day. Weather can be mixed, but a parasol is a welcome addition to brighten up the garden landscape and enhance other furniture items. A number of barbeques happen during this season and the garden umbrella can add to the relaxing ambience. If it’s a particularly sunny day, a parasol will stop the sun from damaging any chairs or tables on display and provide us much needed protection from UV rays.


Rattan garden furniture

The location of rattan furniture can have a large impact on its style. If placed in a location that only gets minimal sunlight it might not be the best choice for your furniture. Gardens that are south facing will receive the most sunlight, meaning the garden will flower and look appealing. East and west facing gardens, will have sun for only part of the afternoon, whereas north facing gardens will normally have less sun, making it less suitable for outside furniture.


A number of people have a common misconception that rattan furniture covers are unnecessary as they are often the least stylish accessories to embrace. As a matter of fact, there are a number of covers that compliment spring in a stylish manner. They are incredibly useful, removing the need to move furniture in and out. Various cover options come with intricate designs, similar to that of cushions, to add an extra layer of exoticness. They could be custom, or something already pre-made, regardless it will add another layer to an already interesting furniture item. It’s up to you how over or understated you want to be.

Rattan Furniture, Perfect For Spring

With these accessories complementing your rattan furniture, spring is set to be an amazing season. Whether placed outside to enjoy the summer weather, or inside as an eye catching centre piece, you will instantly appreciate this type of item. What do you think of this blog? Are there any other ways you ensure rattan furniture is fine tuned for spring? Let us know in the comment section below, or join the conversation on Twitter: @Dessercane