How to Protect Your Garden Furniture During a Storm

Just last week, the UK was hit by hurricane Ophelia. The hurricane brought extremely high winds and caused large amounts of damage across the country. As we know stormy conditions can’t be changed so all we can do is prepare and hope for the best. If you’ve invested in your garden setup over the summer, you don’t want all of that hard work and money spent to go to waste. Whilst you can never fully be protected from the effects of a hurricane, you can, however, follow the below steps to ensure your garden furniture stays safe so you can keep it in pristine condition ready for when the weather improves again!  Find out how to do so here…

Storm Damage To Garden

Keep It Covered Up 

The easiest and best way to keep your furniture dry and free from debris during a storm is to invest in a cover. The key is to ensure that your cover is the right fit for your rattan chairs, tables and umbrella (if you have one). If your suite doesn’t come with one, make sure you measure up before buying your cover. You need a tight fit for your seating group so if you have a few pieces, make sure you have a sheet that contains them all. You can now purchase covers that tie around your furniture and to nearby objects to ensure that it holds firm and doesn’t fly off.

Add Some Weight

When high winds are present you’ll need to weigh down your outdoor furniture with sandbags, weights or even just heavier objects. This will, of course, depend on the weight of your furniture but if you can’t sit heavier pieces on top of your suites, surround the legs with the weight to ensure it holds its position. For wicker patio furniture, weighing down your ranges (Tables and Chairs) is a must as they can often be blown over so you want to hold them down to prevent damage. Chairs should also be tucked in under the table and umbrellas should always be placed in a heavy umbrella base like below to keep it from blowing away.

Tend to Those Trees

Garden Tree Damage After Storm If you’ve not caught the news over the past week, you may not have seen the damaged caused to people’s property from falling branches. If your garden is filled with surrounding trees then you may need to take some action before the bad weather hits. Large tree branches hovering over your patio furniture can pose a threat to damaging your set. It’s a good idea to make sure any tree branches that are overhanging your set are either trimmed or removed. In addition, if you own a garden awning, make sure it’s closed up and secure before the storm comes in just so it doesn’t fall on your home or your patio furniture pieces.

Hide Away Those Cushions

Cushions, when left outside, are often the victims of stormy weather, whether it’s them being blown away, damaged or covered in debris. If you know a storm is going to be hitting, the simple and safest way to protect your cushions is to take them inside or store them in a heavy-duty outdoor storage container or even your shed.