How to paint your rattan furniture

Although your rattan furniture is very hard durable and hardwearing, it may need the occasional lick of paint and a little bit of maintenance over time, especially if you use it as garden furniture. Rattan furniture is very popular due to its long life and versatility. It can be used wherever you wish, such as your garden, patio, conservatory, living room and many other places. Rattan has wood like properties so can easily be painted to rejuvenate it and enhance its look. Here is a guide to help you paint your rattan furniture. Ideas For Your Garden | Blog | Desser Firstly, you will need a few things, which include:
  • Hard-wire brush
  • A small brush to remove the dust
  • Cleaning solution
  • A couple of cloths
  • Primer
  • Latex spray paint
To begin with, you will first need to remove the old paint, especially if it is flaking or peeling. To do this, take the hard-wire brush and forcefully rub the old paint off. Work you way through your furniture and don’t leave any area untouched. Once you have cleared the existing paint, take the small brush and remove the dust from the furniture. After that, grab your detergent and mix it with water in a bowl. Wet your brush and vigorously clean the furniture. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your furniture, leave it to dry for a few hours. It has to be fully dry before you can continue. slider-image-7 Next, to paint your furniture, you need to lay down your cloths or towel and then place the furniture on top. This will help you to keep the area in with your painting clean and free of paint. Apply your spray paint primer evenly, about 8 inches away from the rattan furniture. Once you have finished priming the furniture, make sure it is completely dry before you apply the latex paint, you should wait no less than one hour. After you have waited over one hour for the primer to dry, it is time to add the latex paint. Again, hold the spray can about eight inches away from the surface that you are painting and apply evenly to the furniture. Once you have finished, let the furniture dry for a full day. You can then add your comfy cushions and relax on your rejuvenated rattan furniture. What do you think of this blog? Can you think of any more tips on how to paint rattan furniture? If so, please leave your comments below. If you’d prefer a step by step outline, please see our latest how to paint rattan furniture piece! Images courtesy of Shutterstock