How to mix prints to make your home décor top-notch

Mixing patterns can be a great way to reflect your personality in your home and give your living space a unique and quirky look. However, it needs to be undertaken properly or it could end up looking like a toddler has been let loose with a pen.

Follow these tips when it comes to mixing patterns and prints:


Large patterns for large pieces, small patterns for small pieces

To keep your patterns tidy, allocate your chosen patterns to the area that they are going. If you choose a large pattern, it will work best on a large area, such as a carpet, a rug or a wall. If your pattern is medium, stick to furniture and if its small stick to small accessories such as cushions and lamps.

Use patterns of a similar style together

If your home is already decorated, attempt to use patterns that are similar to your home’s and which will easily go together. Don’t mix traditional patterns with contemporary patterns as they will not match. Stick to patterns with a similar design.


Work in odd numbers

When adding patterns to your home, choose three or more patterns. Three should be the minimum, this will allow your interior to have a varying scale of eye catching patterns. The first pattern you choose should be the strongest and largest pattern.

For you second pattern, it should be half the size of the first, and consist of a design which is different to the first. When choosing the third pattern, choose one that is similar to one of the other patterns you have used. It should be on a smaller scale and incorporate a similar design.

Utilise white

If you are new to mixing patterns and unsure on what patterns to choose, the easiest way to effectively design your room is to stick with one bold colour and lay it over white. For example, you could have striped curtains and floral chairs or cushions, all of which have white in the color scheme. If you do choose a white colour, be careful with its shade. Ensure that they all match as some whites may use hints of cream, a brighter white or a paler shade of white.

What do you think of this blog? Can you think if any more tips on how to mix patterns? If so, please leave your comments below.

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