How to Make My Small Garden Look Bigger

As the population grows and the demand for housing rises, the amount of land you actually get is decreasing, ultimately meaning many of us are left with a small garden or limited patio area. We can’t all afford a huge house with a garden to suit so instead, it’s all about making what you have work for you. To give you some help, we’ve listed some fantastic ideas for achieving the garden you’ve always wanted whatever size it is.

Create A Centre Piece

Perfect for a boxed in garden when space is tight, create a focal point in your garden. Whether you opt for a water feature, a wall mural (if you have a wall) or a garden sculpture, by creating that show-stopping piece, it immediately draws the eye instead of allowing people to take in the lack of space first. Work your furniture around it for the best possible effect and where possible pick pieces that standout in your garden, whether it’s an intriguing design or vibrant colour that wouldn’t typically suit the environment.

Invest in Flexible Seating Ohio Outdoor Range - Rattan Furniture

When it comes to small spaces, you always need flexibility in your seating arrangement. You can buy suitable furnishings such as timber benches with wheels or lightweight rattan furniture options. This is a great way of giving you that flexibility in the garden as it allows you to move pieces around to accommodate for events, gathering, sunbathing or a new layout entirely. Add some built up jungle-like greenery in the form of plant and took your rattan garden furniture away at the bottom of the garden to create an illusion of more space in the form of a hidden getaway.

Bring The Inside Out

Perfect for when the sun’s out, this tried and tested method works best when you take the floor level from inside and continue its flow straight out into the garden to create the sense of one big space. You can use bi-folding doors or even your conservatory doors to open the whole space out to create one big continuation. Here you need to be clever about the flooring, find similar indoor and outdoor style so they blend together. Obviously, the paving outside will need to be weatherproof but things like porcelain tiles work perfectly went you’re trying to keep things identical.

Consider A Carpet With A Twist 

The experts will say a lawn in a small garden isn’t possible. Granted storing a lawn mower or even operating once in a tight space is unrealistic but you can actually achieve some nice green carpet by either adding artificial grass or planting a groundcover plant, such as this Vinca. Vinca doesn’t handle high traffic very well but you can combat this by adding some simple stepping stones through the plants to make it easier to navigate through.

Bolster That Back DoorTiny Garden Space outside of someones backdoor

Even if you only have a tiny corner of outside space by your back door, you can make a great garden. Take stock of what you have. If you can paint walls or fences the same colour as your door it gives a visually connected feel. Mix that with a small café table and plant pots and lots of tumbling plants to add to the atmosphere. This is easily achievable on a very restricted budget and it’s probably the most effective way of creating a peaceful space.

Don’t limit Your Plants

In more secluded of spaces, adding lots of plants and outdoor furniture pieces is a brilliant  way to make the area look bigger. If you have a level change or terrace garden, use every space you can for plants to create a majestic wilderness. Incorporate the elements of the garden you have whether it’s a fence or a beautiful brick wall. Mixing planters with the addition of the stylish furniture brings the space together and creates a retreat despite the quaintness.