How To Look After Your Garden In Winter

How To Look After Your Garden In Winter

snow on orange plant leaves in winter garden

It feels like we’ve been thrust into the colder months sooner thanks to our unusually hot summer. Now it’s time to think about how to look after your garden in winter. Though many of us like to prepare our garden in the autumn and then leave it completely until spring arrives; there are maintenance touches you can be doing to ensure it remains in top condition.


Protect Your Plants

As soon as you start to see a frost or there’s a sudden dip in temperature, it’s important that you protect your plants. Cut back dead stems on perennials and remove any old leaves and faded flowers. For shrubs or other plants that you can’t move, cover them in a layer or mulch or a protective fleece sheet. This will ensure they don’t get ruined by the frost, keeping them warm so they don’t rot. Additionally, for an extra later of protection, bubble wrap is great for insulation. When the snow starts to fall, be sure to brush it off your plants.


Pack The Furniture Away

If you’ve invested in a fabulous garden furniture then you’ll want to make sure it’s still perfect for next year. There are a couple of ways you can look after your furniture. Firstly, if it’s all-weather furniture, then you are able to leave it outdoors. Simply cover with a protective sheet from top to bottom for an extra added layer against the harsh weather. On the other hand, if you have space in your shed or your conservatory, then move the furniture into a sheltered space. If you are moving it into your shed, be sure to still cover it with a sheet to keep the cold – and unwanted insects – at bay.

wicker furniture in conservatory

Temporarily Re-home Some Flowers

Some flowers may need a little more than mulch to see them through the winter months. For the more delicate varieties, move them into a greenhouse or conservatory. Your flowers can still bloom perfectly when kept in warm and dry conditions with the right care and attention.

Avoid Walking On The Lawn

Before the winter truly kicks in, it’s a good idea to prepare your lawn. Mow it down and tidy the edges. Then sprinkle some fertiliser all over to ensure flourishing grass when the spring comes. During winter, if there’s heavy snow you should avoid walking on the lawn as this may prevent healthy growth next year.


Be Attentive To The Wildlife

When you think of how to look after your garden in winter, you may not also consider the wildlife. Now winter’s here, you may find new wildlife in your garden. They need just as much protection as the plants! Feed the birds by hanging a feeder from a tree, and if you have a pond then be sure to break the ice so they can drink. If you are having a bonfire, then thoroughly check it first to make sure there are no hedgehogs or other hibernating creature inside who’ve made it their home.


If you’d like any more information on caring for your garden furniture during the winter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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