How To Get Your Patio Ready for Entertaining!

Those peaceful summer nights and lovely warm days in the company of friends and family are what summer is all about. After an underwhelming spring, its more than likely that you’ve not given your outdoor areas enough attention over the last few months. Hosting the perfect evening with everyone eating food or drinking underneath those glorious rays is only complete with a well-kept patio area! Below we have listed the top tips that will get your patio ready and in shape for all of the fun filled times that are coming.

Clear Those Cobwebs

You can’t add new stunning suites of furniture or new plants without cleaning the area that they are situated in first. Cleaning your patio area is essential for creating that attractive and fresh looking patio paradise. You can choose to hire professionals or you can put yourself to work and get the pressure washer out of the shed to blast away that dirt, debris and those undesirable marks. Get rid of those weeds, blast the algae off the surrounding areas and wash your windows. You’ll be surprised how a quick spruce up can completely transform the look of your exterior.

Remove The Unneeded 

Once you’ve cleaned the area, it is time to assess what you own. Take stock of what you currently have in the space and get tough on yourself. Throw away anything that’s worn, chuck out those broken plant pots, remove those unused toys and bin the old garden furniture. If you don’t need them, recycle them and put them to a home who does. You want to create a clean canvas for yourself free of clutter so ditch what you don’t need and leave space for the new essentials.

Alternative Treatments 

If you don’t have the time or just don’t want to spend it cleaning your patio, there are some other methods you could look to do. The first is the less exhausting method. You could simply opt to hire a local professional to clean or deck over your patio. This is a great looking move if using decking provides you with a level threshold as it gives you a seamless transition from your interior to out. The other option is for those who don’t own their own living quarters. A clever trick is to add some flair with some removable decking titles or Astroturf. Highly easy to install and even quicker to remove, they’re a cheap solution to fit over any surface you may be faced with. Perfect for adding a new texture or covering up a tatty courtyard or balcony area, they can give you a clean luxurious look within minutes.

Bring The Inside Outside

Invent a tranquil space for yourself by introducing some classy rattan furniture into your patio. Add cushions and rugs with summer colours to add a warmth to the suites as well as friendly, more-welcoming texture. Blankets are the essential outdoor summer accessories for those chiller nights so make sure you have some of them too. Keep the colour schemes the same and compliment your suites with fairy or solar panelled lights. That way you can make a cosy outdoor area that everyone will want to bask in during the summer.Exterior patio seating arrangement with rattan furniture, leading into a well designed kitchen

Place Those Plants 

There’s plenty of ways you can add greenery to your patio paradise, this obviously all depends on your garden size but whether you have an abundance of space or you’re limited, there are ways you can introduce plants to complete your patio. You can add potted plants to surround the seating, taller plants to add instant height and intimacy or you can even create a more Mediterranean feeling by introducing growing climbers. Climbing plants such as clematis, roses, wisteria and honeysuckle, look beautifully stunning and it provides that shade you will want to escape to. You may even have a surrounding border that you can plant flowers in to add further colour and vibrancy to your area.

Finally, The Feature 

Why not impress your guests with a water feature, sculpture or centred fire pit? All the rage at the moment, implementing these into your garden gives you a pleasant and fascinating focal point in your patio. They not only look amazing but they are also practical as well as they can warm you up when it’s cold and even sooth you with peaceful sounds. Position the feature in the middle of your sitting so you and all of you guest can enjoy the view. So there you have it! Give your terrace some T.L.C and by following this simple steps, you can glamour up your garden with ease to create the ultimate patio area for you to enjoy while the weathers nice… even if that is only for a few weeks when it comes to British weather!