Popcorn in a retro cardboard holder, which is essential if you are wondering how to create an outdoor cinema

How to Create an Outdoor Cinema

The concept of an outdoor cinema is nothing new, with drive-in cinema’s having been a popular activity for the past few decades. However, on a hot sunny day sometimes you want to stay at home and relax with your friends and family. So, why not bring the outdoor cinema to you? As the scorching temperatures start to set in, it’s always fun to think of new, exciting additions you can bring to your outdoor space. If you like the idea of having your very own cinema, then follow these simple steps!  

How to Create an Outdoor Cinema 


Source a Projector

The projector is the most important piece of equipment when it comes to how to create an outdoor cinema. Without a projector – there are no movies to show! A good projector can be just as clear as a cinema screen. The ideal size is a 300-inch display capability, with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, producing defined shadows and deep blacks for a great picture.   

Buying a Screen

When it comes to a cinema screen, there’s no need for anything expensive or grand. It could be something as simple as a white sheet on a wall. You could opt for a large, motorised design that hooks onto the back of the house or a fence, and this could then be controlled with a remote control.   

Keeping Warm

Although it’ll be hot during the day, it may start to cool down the closer the evening gets. To keep you and your guests toasty, why not get the firepit started? You could even toast some S’mores and tuck in while you’re watching the movie on the big screen.   

Getting Speakers

The picture quality isn’t the only important part of your outdoor cinema, getting the sound perfect is a must too. It’ll ruin your summer evenings if you’re spending the time straining to hear what the people on the screen are saying. So, connect a speaker through your projector’s jack if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable option. Alternatively, you could push the boat out with a surround-sound system.   

Making it Cosy

How to create an outdoor cinema that’s still cosy? Invest in some throws and big cushions to cover over your comfortable outdoor wicker furniture. Not only will this help to keep you warm, but it will also create a cosy ambience, just like sitting in your living room but outside amongst nature!  

Your Own Mini-Bar

Complete your outdoor cinema with a fully stocked mini-bar. This’ll save you from making trips back in the house just to top up. Keep it cheap and simple with an ice bucket and some chilled wine, a mini-fridge or a drinks trolley.
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