How to Create a Beautiful Garden Seating Area

How to Create a Beautiful Garden Seating Area

A garden can be a wild paradise or a sophisticated dining area, depending on your tastes. For many, blending the two into a relaxing seating space is the best of both worlds. It is a great space to relax on a hot summer’s day, enjoy Bonfire Night – ‘tis almost the season after all – with friends or even host a barbecue for the neighbours. Creating such a space, however, can be a daunting prospect for a garden that is currently underdeveloped.

So, here are a few tips for creating a beautiful space which will impress all of your guests, from start to finish. Don’t just have a garden, create an extension of your home that feels as comfortable as a second living room – with the right wicker furniture to match!


Choose the Area

Do you want an elevated space? One that is clearly defined by pavement or even a wooden patio? The area in your garden that you choose needs to have enough space for your needs, well situated for optimal sun exposure and have a level of privacy. Your garden will no doubt have multiple purposes, so carving out a specific seating area can be important to create the ambient atmosphere you desire.

Using fences, trellises or screens to create your boundary and enclose the space is also possible. However, if space or budget is limited, then simply having a floor boundary can be just as effective. A paved area, whether simply or intricately designed, can be the difference needed to separate your relaxing seating area and the rest of your garden.

When creating a flooring for a space you will come across a choice between materials. For a fully natural feeling space, wood is the obvious material choice. However, stone, concrete and even gravel are all great options depending on your budget. Out of everything, gravel is certainly the most budget-friendly flooring option.

If you know your seating area will be largely natural then choose a flooring to match, as it will have a cleaner, more modern, look. Always think ahead when making your material choices to ensure the space matches and has a visual cohesion.


Grow Plants

Of course, one of the most appealing aspects of any garden is the plants that grow there. You don’t have to be a green-thumbed woodland elf to have a beautiful garden, despite what people may have told you! It’s easy to keep and maintain a small but beautiful natural garden, whether you choose to grow flowers, herbs or even vegetables.

Plants that are perfect for beginners include sunflowers, nigella, marigold, sweet peas, lavender, snapdragon and many others. If you want to grow trees then try an apple tree as a beginner. Not only are they harder and easy to care for, but you will also get fruit once they reach maturity. Beautiful and productive!



One of the final steps to finishing the look of your seating area is to choose the right outdoor furniture that will be the focal point of the space. Of course, you can go for the typical plastic furniture set that has become a sort of classic. But, this can detract from the beauty of your created space.

For those aiming for a more natural look cane furniture may be the best option. The natural material and intricately woven design of this type of furniture can be stunning aesthetically, but also offer a great level of comfort for those long evenings enjoying your garden and the company of friends.

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So, there you have it! The best ways to create a beautiful seating area that will make your garden space a luxurious and comforting place to be all year round. Although, perhaps don’t sit out there in the snow – unless making snow angels, of course!

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