How to arrange your living room furniture

The living room is the social hub of every house. The placement of the room’s furniture is vital to making the space feel welcoming and inviting. If not, the room could end up looking cluttered and unattractive.

Where to position the furniture depends on the natural focal point of the room. This may be a fire place, a window, a Christmas tree (during the holidays) or a television. Once determined, position the seating around it, or towards it.


Here are a few ways to arrange your living room:

Straight on:

The simplest and most common way to arrange furniture is to place the sofa parallel to the focal point with all other pieces angled to face the same direction. This is a good way to arrange a family room as everyone will be able to see the television or sit near the fireplace.

Passing through:

If your living room has multiple doorways, you will need to angle the room from opening to opening. The best way to do this is to draw an imaginary line through the room, creating a pathway between furniture pieces. This will allow you to place your furniture in a way that keeps the focal point in mind but also directs people through the space.


Around the corner:

With wrap-around sofas, many people push it up against the wall, into the corner of the room. To get the most out of your room, pull the sofa away from the wall and let the air and light flow around it. Place a light behind it or in the corner and place additional seating at both ends of the couch.


With your sofa, chairs and other pieces of furniture, reposition the arrangement to see which one suits your living room best. Make sure to allow enough room between each piece of furniture so people can move around. It’s also a good idea to give each seat an area to rest a drink within reaching distance.

Classic symmetry:

The more classic method, to facilitate a conversation, is to place two sofas directly opposite each other, with a focal point at one end, e.g a fireplace. It’s useful for activities such as reading a book, relaxing and socialising.

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