How to accessorize your rattan furniture

If you have rattan furniture and you’re trying to think of new ways to make it look amazing, you should try accessorising it desser1 You can easily give your rattan furnishings a complete makeover to give them a new lease of life, which is ideal if you’re feeling a little bored of your rattan suite recently. Here are three great tips for accessorising your rattan and wicker furniture, whether you have a sofa, an armchair or any other kind: 1) Utilise throws A good throw is a simple answer to a common problem – if you’re bored of your sofa and you want spruce it up a little, adding a throw into the mix can give it a new lease of life. There are lots of trends and styles for interior design that you can follow at the moment as well, from stripes to florals and everything in between. If you’re feeling especially creative, you could even make your own throw! 2) Make use of pillows Some pillows scattered about your living room or conservatory can really bring a sofa suite to life, as well as providing you with some extra comfort. Try choosing pillows of different sizes to juxtapose them against each other, and make the most of colour with bright cushion covers. 3) Use different cushion covers If you already have cushions on your sofa or armchair, consider buying some new covers for them to really spruce them up. You can make these yourself or buy them from lots of different stores, and they’re sure to help to bring your furniture up to date. Do you think you’ll try out any of these ideas? Let us know if you have any other tips you think we should add to our list!