Garden Themes: Japan

Garden Themes: Japan

Cherry blossom trees found in Japan on a blue sky background

cherry blossoms

It’s the cherry blossom season. Taking this as our inspiration this week, we are going to go east to Japan!

Japanese style gardens are a truly a sight to behold. They ooze the scene of tranquillity and mystery and bring over the sense of peace as well. Unlike, cherry blossoms which are fleeting, the Japanese style gardens are here to stay and provides that endless style. So, if you feel your garden is too small and needs a major overhaul, hopefully, this can provide some great inspiration for you. It is best to start from scratch with your garden, as it requires some landscaping which allows you to be more flexible too! So, if you are ready, let’s erase the greatest myth, you do not need a wide open space to create a Japanese style garden.

So, let’s get stuck in the mud and discover some of our tips here.

Stone Paths

It can be tricky to start a Japan-style garden. Adding stone paths are a must and are normally added on top of paths and even through ponds. This way it enhances the sensory experience of your Japan-style garden! You can even play around with the arrangements of the paths, and keep certain areas of your garden hidden as well!

In the Japanese culture, winding stone paths are viewed as a walk of life and make you excited on what is left to come throughout the garden.

Japanese Style Plants

Around the garden, adding Japanese style plants such as nandina and bamboo are timeless plants which can be great throughout the year. You can even add small ferns with various shades of green throughout the garden to differentiate the style. You can add cloud trees too for that ethereal look.

In the corner, consider planting a cherry blossom tree which will grow every year for that ultimate Japanese style look. You will have stunning sight to view in the spring bloom. In Japan, it is known for its purity and beauty!

The Sound of Water

The trickling of water is one of the main essentials in creating a Japanese garden. It creates a calm feeling with its soothing sound. You do not need to invest in a big pond. Instead, you can have a stone basin on the side, with a bamboo spout for that flow of water. That way, you can have the sound of water radiating through the atmosphere.

Japanese Style Ornaments

You can add mini Pagado-style lanterns and small stone lanterns throughout your garden. You do not need a big ornamental feature otherwise it takes away the essence of your garden. So, use sparingly such as highlighting certain areas of your garden!

The great thing is you can enjoy this style of garden outdoors with our rattan furniture range, as the natural material used can complement with any outdoor theme. So, this way you can have the full Japanese zen experience whilst drinking tea from the comforts of your seat!

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