A small plant patch and a small girl taking a photo of the flowers and fun plants for kids to grow

Fun Plants For Kids This Spring

There’s no better time to get the kids involved in gardening than spring. Not only is the weather pleasant enough to spend more time out in the garden, but they’ll also get to see the fruits of their labour as the plants blossom in summer. If you’ve got children but don’t know how to get them excited about gardening, take a look at these fun plants for kids:  

Fun Plants For Kids To Grow


Verbena Bonariensis

The lavender-purple flowers produced by the verbena bonariensis are a magnet for butterflies and moths, perfect for attracting more wildlife into your garden. This is amazing to the kids to see, making them more eager to get out into the garden. Each flower cluster features dozens of individual, tubular flowers.   


The name of this plant alone is enough to capture the attention of kids. Snapdragons are beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colours, the perfect addition to your summer garden. Once they bloom, kids can gently pinch the bottom of the flower to make the dragon’s mouth open and close!  


Strawflowers are ideal for adding texture to your garden. They look wonderful on their own or as part of a flower bed. Often regarded as fun plants for kids, strawflowers are also great for drying so you can make a bouquet with the blooms!   

Giant Sunflowers

Giant sunflowers are an amazing memory from childhood. They’re easy to grow, but when they do shoot up, they can reach up to 20 foot! It’s a fascinating journey for young children to witness. You can even arrange the flowers to make a little den for the kids in the summer as their own hideaway. The sunflower seeds also provide tasty treats for all the family, while the heads attract lots of different birds.    

Lamb’s Ear

Lamb’s ear has a soft, almost fluffy like texture on the leaves – something that kids simply can’t resist! It can grow in almost any soil and can be picked up at your local gardening centre or even from a friend or neighbour. They grow rapidly, so require lots of maintenance to ensure they don’t take over the garden.  

Venus Fly Trap

Venus fly traps are generally considered houseplants, so may be best suited to your conservatory or greenhouse. They can be tough to grow, so do require lots of care and attention. However, once they do sprout, kids will have endless fun playing with the trap that clamps shut when touched.   

Briza maxima

This easy to grow grass is a firm favourite when it comes to finding fun plants for kids. It’s low-growing ornamental grass which produces seeds. These are an attractive addition to any garden to add some texture and height. They also make a rattle-like sound when given a shake!  

Lettuce and Greens

It’s well worth getting the kids involved with growing their own fruit and vegetables. Lettuce and salad leaves are the perfect place to start as they provide a practically endless supply of fresh greens! They’re easy to grow in trays or in a vegetable patch, and they don’t require any specialist equipment. Simply water them regularly and plant them somewhere in the sunshine. 
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