Colourful petunias in a hanging basket as they are fast growing summer flowers

Fast Growing Summer Flowers for a Flourishing Garden

If you feel like you always leave your summer gardening to last minute, you’re not alone! Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful flowers that can grow quickly in time for summer from seed. Take a look below at some amazing fast growing summer flowers that will flourish in time for the sunshine.


You can scatter cornflower seeds on most soil types to see their straight stems rising in early summer. You’ll also be welcoming lots of wildlife and insects into your garden, including bees who are particularly attracted to cornflowers. If that’s not enough – the blue petals are even edible, so the next time you’re creating some tasty dishes for your garden party, you can garnish them with flowers from the garden!  


One of the most popular plants for hanging baskets, Petunias are also a wonderful addition to any flower beds. They’re pest resistant and easy to maintain, making them ideal for any garden size. They’re also available in an array of gorgeous colours to create a wonderful display, complete with a lovely delicate fragrance.   


If you’ve got kids, then growing sunflowers is an amazing idea for your summer garden. They’re usually one of the first flowers to spring up, growing up to a whopping six feet in just three months. Create a bright, colourful border or plant them among your other flowers in a dynamic flower bed.   


Nigella flowers are also known as Love-in-a-Mist. They’re hardy plants that can easily grow from spring into summer with little care and maintenance required. Plant now to see them positively blooming by early summer.  


Poppies are well-known for their vibrant red petals, but they’re also available in pink, purple, white and orange. They thrive in the sunshine and are possibly one of the most fast growing summer flowers you’ll see – from seed to bloom in just 60 days. They provide bees and other pollinators with protein-rich pollen early in summer when little else is already in bloom.   

Sweet Peas

With their ruffled petals and slender stems, sweet peas are a delicate accompaniment to any flower bed or hanging basket. They have a wonderful fragrance often used for perfumes and hand creams. To grow sweet peas, you’ll need to keep them in an area with plenty of shade, as they typically like it a little cooler. Soak the seeds for several days before planting them.   


These fast growing summer flowers are a bright and cheery addition to any summer garden. They come in yellow, mahogany and red – often blooming within just eight weeks of being planted! Ensure they’ve got access to lots of sunlight and that they’re planted in well-draining soil.   

Which Fast Growing Summer Flowers Will You Choose?

Don’t let your garden go without this summer, there are still beautiful flower options to plant in time for the warmer weather. Make sure you check your soil type, to ensure you’re choosing the best flowers for your garden soil.
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