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Sustainable Cane Furniture from Desser & Company

Desser is proud to produce sustainable wicker furniture which promotes Fair Trade ethics. We also abide by a low carbon emission business plan that ensures we’re able to provide our customers with environmentally friendly furnishings.

Our rattan sourcing policies help to support farmers and factories in some of the world’s poorest countries, and our traditional manufacturing methods help to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Eco-friendly rattan sourcing

Indonesia is the world’s largest rattan supplier, accounting for almost 70 per cent of all trade for this natural material. We work closely with our traders to ensure the local communities that are sustained by rattan production are protected.

Rattan: a wonder product

Rattan truly is a natural wonder, growing up to 6 metres per year and supporting numerous other plants and landscapes.

It’s able to grow in the most unlikely of places, such as in floodwater that would otherwise make land unusable. It also helps to sustain other trees, as it can only grow in densely wooded areas. This is why it can be commonly found in fruit orchards and rubber estates.

Social significance

Rattan crops support numerous small holdings across Indonesia and the many other locations where it is grown and harvested. It provides these people with a regular income and is an uncomplicated industry, relying on labour-intensive management.

Ecological Desser suites

All of the suites from Desser are handcrafted using rattan grown in countries such as Indonesia, and we do our utmost to support these communities.

To find out more about the environmental impact of rattan production, or to learn more about Desser products, get in touch today.