Easy Plants To Take Care Of Indoors

Easy Plants To Take Care Of Indoors

Jade plants are easy plants to take care of indoors

Plants around the house can really help lift the mood of your home. Not only do they make a beautiful addition to your interior décor, but they can also improve the air quality by filtering the toxins out of the air. So, if you’ve always wanted houseplants but don’t know how to look after them properly, here are some easy plants to take care of indoors:


Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern is far more tolerant than other ferns, meaning it’s the perfect low maintenance houseplant. They can adapt to both bright spots and darker areas, so you can place it anywhere in your home without needing to worry about it surviving. Give it a good water every so often so ensure the soil doesn’t dry out and you’ll see it thriving.

Asparagus fern plant in the garden

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plants, also known as pilea peperomioides, are easy plants to take care of indoors. Thanks to their luscious wide green leaves, they perfectly complement any interior. Water it weekly to keep it alive and well. You can even replant any offshoots that sprout from the stem and have Chinese money plants all over your house!


African Violets

African violets are hugely popular houseplants. It’ll bloom several times a year, so you can enjoy fresh flowers all year round. Keep it thriving with plenty of indirect sunlight and lots of water. A kitchen or conservatory would be an ideal place for this delicate plant. To help it reach its full potential, you can also administer fertiliser too.

African violet plant up close

Aloe Vera

Succulents are made to be houseplants. When it come to easy plants to take care of indoors, Aloe often tops the lists. The spiky, simple leaves certainly make a statement in any home. They’ll do well on a windowsill, a desk or even your bedside table. Aloe loves indirect sunlight, as well as a good water every couple of weeks.


Rubber Plant

Rubber trees can grow up to 100 feet in their native Asia, but don’t worry – they’re easily kept in check with regular pruning! This ornamental plant is a beautiful sight in any home. Because of the texture of the leaves, they tend to gather a lot of dust. Be sure to keep on top of this if you want shiny, polished leaves.

Close up shot of rubber plant leaves

Cast-Iron Plant

These durable plants live up to their name, making them easy plants to take care of indoors. They can survive in low light, poor-quality soil, little water and a wide range of temperatures. The foliage can grow up to 2 feet high, a welcome addition to any living room or conservatory.


Jade Plant

Jade plants are strikingly different to look at, creating a talking point among guests. They’re succulents, meaning they retain their water in their round, green leaves. Hydrate them with regular watering to make sure they thrive in your home.

Jade plants are easy plants to take care of indoors

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