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In case you haven’t already noticed, we simply love rattan and wicker furniture here at Desser. As a pair, they are amongst some of the most durable, malleable, and beautiful natural materials in the world. The added benefit of a wicker sofa is that it gives your home a warm and organic aesthetic; something that’s very much in fashion. That’s why all of our wicker sofa ranges have been designed with these two materials in mind.

We already have a detailed summary of all our wicker conservatory furniture ranges on our website. There is also a helpful brochure which you can download to learn more. That’s why we won’t bore you with the same information twice; instead, let’s look at the role of wicker chairs within Desser. We are passionate about these materials and we love a good excuse to talk about our ranges. Additionally, this page will focus on the history of the Desser business and how we became experts in wicker chairs. So, if you are interested in learning more about Desser furniture, and the company itself, then look no further. If you'd prefer to simply view our wicker sofas, click here.

Wicker Sofas and Desser

There are many reasons why we choose to make many of our furniture ranges from wicker and rattan. From an ergonomic point of view, rattan is a tremendous material in terms of flexibility and creativity. It can be bent easily and is very lightweight; which also made it extremely popular to transport in the 19th Century. Additionally, rattan has a beautiful golden colour which complements most home decors. One of the great advantages of using rattan is that every furniture item is unique. Given that rattan is a natural fibre, it means that each of our items is unique and completely one-of-a-kind.

Beyond the practicalities, rattan is also a very attractive material that has widespread appeal. Rattan itself is extremely tactile and that’s why at Desser we always use 100% pure rattan. More often than not, materials like rattan and wicker remind people of exotic and tropical climates. Throughout the past century, rattan furniture has never really gone out of fashion because people love its unusual style. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing furniture which is of incredible design and quality.

We source our rattan from Indonesia (the world’s largest manufacturer) and have an intimate relationship with our suppliers. We also take extreme care to ensure that all our furniture complies with international legislation. Fair Trade is something which is very important to us and we always pay our suppliers a fair and honest price for their work. Additionally, Desser also has a low-carbon emission business plan which ensures that our manufacturing has limited impact on the world around us. At Desser, we take pride in ensuring that all of our raw materials are created to ethically, legally, and to the highest possible standards.

The type of wicker and rattan we use here at Desser is always of the highest quality. In our Corsica Range, for example, our wicker sofas are made from tightly woven, hand crafted, wicker. The advantage of using this material for wicker furniture is that it’s extremely strong. The material is also very flexible and we have utilised this to create a sofa with a beautiful curved aesthetic. More importantly, the versatility of wicker makes our wicker sofas and chairs wonderfully comfortable. At Desser, we strongly believe that wicker furniture should be practical as well as beautiful.

By using these materials to create rattan and wicker furniture, we can promise that our products will be easy to clean and maintain. Cane frames can be simply cleaned using either a damp cloth or a dry paintbrush. This will ensure that you can dust all of the grooves between the wicker fibres. In addition to this, wicker sofas can be treated with the vast majority of furniture polishes to keep its beautiful look.

For all of these reasons, we simply adore rattan and wicker furniture here at Desser. These materials are versatile, ethical, and beautiful which will complement a variety of styles and decors. We have been selling wicker chairs for nearly 100 years now, so we definitely consider ourselves to be experts in this field.

The History of Desser

Unlike other companies in the industry, we are a proud family-run business who have been working together for several generations. Our founder, Issac Desser, first began the Desser company following his experiences in World War I. While stationed on the Western Front, Issac met several Flemish craftsmen who inspired his love of wicker sofas. Although this was undoubtedly a very difficult time for Issac, he remembered his experiences with his Flemish comrades and they would prove to have a lasting impact on the soldier throughout the rest of his life.

When the War ended in 1918, Issac Desser moved to England within the following year. He then began importing beautiful wicker and rattan materials which he used to handcraft a variety of designs. Issac began making Flemish wicker baskets and he succeeded in selling his products in a variety of retail outlets throughout Britain. However, at this point, his business was still relatively small. Issac’s production was based primarily in his mother’s home in Manchester. Nevertheless, it was during this time that Desser became a family-orientated company. Issac would later recall that everyone in the family would work together and build the stunning wicker accessories.

In 1919, Issac and his wife Annie moved to Cheetham Hill Road in North Manchester. Following new success, Issac’s brother Simon was invited to join the business venture and the company was finally born. Unsurprisingly, ‘Desser and Company’ was soon met with incredible success.

Although the subsequent 10 years saw an incredible change in Britain, Desser and Co. continued to go from strength to strength. By 1932, Issac’s son Morris had joined his father and uncle in improving the family business. The company then grew further when Miriam Marcus, a talented young secretary, joined Desser. She and Marcus quickly fell in love and were married not long after.

Throughout the 1930s, Desser changed its premises twice from Lyon Street to Lord Street. After the Second World War, Simon’s son-in-law, Ronnie Stewart, joined the family business. However, tragedy soon struck when Simon passed away shortly after.

During the Post-War period, the Desser business continued to thrive and provide the British public with beautiful rattan furniture. The characteristic which set Desser apart was that the company was still able to source its materials from around the world, including Soviet Russia. This was a particularly exciting time for Desser because their rattan furniture soon became in high demand. Morris Desser then began travelling around the world to promote the company at all levels. This included Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and a variety of other countries.

By the early 1970s, Desser changed its location one final time and moved to Bradstone Road, Cheetham. This was a much larger premise than previous locations and solidified Desser’s status as a leading designer of beautiful wicker and rattan furniture. To this day, it’s still possible to visit Desser on Bradstone Road and see our impressive showroom with all of our designs.

In 1975, however, Desser and Co. was given the deeply saddening news that Issac Desser had passed away. Throughout his time at Desser, from building the company up from its very foundations, Issac had been a tireless promoter of the company. Even up until his death, he continued working even at age 80.

Today, Desser has continued to thrive as a family business and as a fourth generation company. We are more of an international company than ever before, specialising in modern and stylish contemporary wicker furniture. Our links with Indonesia, additionally, solidify our status as a leading international business within our industry. We are excited about the future and we hope for even greater success to come.

Desser Furniture Ranges

To preserve the memory of Issac Desser, we continue to uphold his excellent standards in rattan and wicker furniture design. We stock a variety of conservatory furniture ranges which can accommodate virtually any taste or preference. From traditional and tried-and-tested designs to contemporary styles, we aim to give our customers as much option as possible. Every house is unique and every item of our furniture is as individual as you are. The beauty of working with rattan and wicker is that no two items are ever the same. This means that our Desser wicker furniture is truly one of a kind.

We have over 20 furniture ranges and we aren’t shy about showing them off. If you would like to learn about them in more detail, then you can download our brochure now. However, if you would like a quick overview, here are some of our most popular ranges:

The Corsica range is a fabulous option for people who like to combine strength which style. The Corsica wicker sofa pieces have been individually hand-crafted with split rattan weave. In conjunction with this range, you can choose from a sofa, chair, coffee table, lamp table, and footstool. All of the items come in a beautiful colour which is bang on trend. Whether you have a large conservatory or want to update your living space, the Corsica range is a fantastic option.

Our Casual Dinning range really showcases our skills in terms of rattan design. Back by popular demand, this is a beautiful example of how traditional design can be mixed with contemporary elegance. The rattan has a natural wash finish and has been tightly woven throughout the furniture. In addition to this, the rattan furniture comes with Dacron wrapped, foam- based cushions with extra comfort. If you are interested in the individual items, the range includes: a 3 seater sofa, chair, Lyon swivel chair, coffee table, lamp table, and footstool.


If you are looking for a wicker sofa range which is big on visual impact, then look no further. The Brasilia series is a beautifully simple and stylish range which is sure to brighten up any room. Made from tightly woven rattan, Brasilia has been designed for added strength and durability. The furniture has been finished with a complimentary white wash and looks fantastic in an open conservatory. Like our other ranges, Brasilia comprises of a 3 seater sofa, chair, Lyon swivel chair, coffee table, lamp table, and footstool.

Desser: the experts in wicker chairs and sofas

At Desser, we have over 90 years of expert experience in crafting some of the most beautiful and unique conservatory furniture in the world. We source all of our materials in an ethical and legal manner to ensure that our suppliers and customers get the best price possible. We take pride in using wicker and rattan furniture; it is a sustainable and eco-friendly material which has been widely used for hundreds of years. More than that, we think its gorgeous too.

In terms of design, we try to create furniture ranges which will appeal to everyone’s sense of taste. Whether you love the traditional or contemporary design (or maybe something in between) we have something to suit all conservatories. It’s our strong belief that furniture should be more than practical. We use rattan to build durable and long-lasting rattan furniture pieces, which means you don’t have to worry about them wearing down. In addition to this, our wicker chairs are easy to maintain. All it needs is the occasional wipe and dust to keep it looking stunning.

If you have any questions, or would just like to learn more about our wicker chairs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our members of staff.