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Here at Desser, we are specialists when it comes to rattan conservatory furniture. Rattan is one of our favourite materials, and many of our rattan conservatory furniture ranges are amongst the most popular that we sell. Rattan has been used for centuries, of course, and it is an extremely versatile material. What’s more, it is a natural material, and one which makes for excellent conservatory furniture. It is the perfect compliment to any conservatory because it is light in both physical weight and its appearance. Your conservatory is the room in your home where you will get the most enjoyment out of sunlight, and what better way to enjoy it than on a chair which is made out of a material which is sourced from palms?

If you would like a detailed summary of all of our ranges of rattan conservatory furniture, you can find it on our dedicated indoor furniture page. There is also a marvellous brochure you can download if you want to, which is just as informative and will provide you with another excellent opportunity to browse our fantastically varied ranges. On this page, however, we will focus on rattan furniture specifically, and the role it plays within our company, which has been based in Manchester for almost a century now. Our heritage is something we are extremely proud of here at Desser, as you can imagine, as it just shows how committed we have been to the provision of fine furniture for a great many decades.

Rattan is one of the world’s favourite materials when it comes to the manufacture of understatedly luxurious furniture. It has a distinctly exotic look to it, yet it is highly versatile not only in its physical properties but in the sense that it can look great in pretty much any environment as well. It could be said that here in the United Kingdom rattan is rather synonymous with conservatory furniture, as the conservatory is a feature of a great many houses all across these isles. We get quite a lot of sunshine, but not as much warmth accompanying that - however, a conservatory allows you to enjoy the sunshine from inside your own home. Our aim is to provide homes across the UK with great rattan furniture, whether its intended use is for conservatories specifically, or whether it’s for other parts of the home.

It’s not just in conservatories all over the United Kingdom, of course, where rattan furniture can be found; it is a popular type of furniture all over the world. We believe this is because a well-made piece of furniture is not specific to one country or another - it is an international type of furniture that looks good everywhere.

Rattan and Desser

There are a few reasons we use rattan to make our wonderful furniture here at Desser, besides of course the fact that it looks great. It is a material which has a number of advantages, so it’s one which we believe is a joy to work with in pretty much every way you could think of.

Rattan is a highly flexible and strong material - it can be manipulated well by furniture makers and allows them to be creative with their designs. Despite its immense strength and durability, rattan is a very lightweight material; this is perhaps one of the main reasons it was able to be transported from tropical countries way back in the 1800s (you can find out more further down the page). The lightweight nature of rattan, as you would expect, means that this furniture is also lightweight - put it this way: a rattan armchair is a lot less heavy than your average living room armchair!

We can transport our rattan conservatory furniture rather easily due to the fact that it’s never very heavy, and this means that we can move it around without too much difficulty! That said because it is such a resilient material, the fact that it’s lightweight does not, in turn, mean that it is flimsy - far from it!

Our rattan is actually sourced all the way from Indonesia, which is the biggest rattan-producing country in the world. We have a superb relationship with our suppliers, from whom we receive the best quality rattan out there - which is of course why we are able to make such stunning and long-lasting furniture with it.

We pay our suppliers a lot of money for their rattan, not only because this allows us to get our hands on the finest rattan the world has to offer, but because we feel it is only right that they are paid good money for their good produce - Fair Trade is something we are extremely passionate about. We make sure that all the furniture we manufacture meets international legislation, and we of course only ever accept the best. You, the customer, pay good money for our furniture because its quality is renowned for being superb - the only way we can ensure that our quality never suffers is by taking extra care in ensuring that each and every piece of furniture we sell is made to the best quality possible.

Desser and the environment

We are very proud to say that our business operates on a low carbon emission business plan because we want to make sure that we take care of the environment in every which way we can. We want to be sure that we make as minimal an impact on the environment as we possibly can, so this plan helps us remain focused on our goal of operating in a way which is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Why rattan is a superb material for furniture

We are strong believers in functionality here at Desser. Don’t get us wrong - we do believe that form is also a crucial aspect of a piece of furniture (no matter what it is), but without practicality and high quality, it is nothing. Aesthetics are only good when the practicality accompanies it, and this is the case with all of our furniture. Because we use the finest rattan from Indonesia, we are able to create pieces of furniture which perform their function for many years whilst maintaining that great look it had when you bought it.

Not only is rattan furniture light in terms of weight but in appearance too. It's gorgeously golden colour is a well-known and well-liked trait, and means that it is popular with homeowners of all ages. Though striking in appearance, rattan conservatory furniture is very neutral and will most of the time become an instantly welcomed addition to any home.

You’d be amazed at how much better a piece of rattan furniture can make a room look - especially a conservatory or an orangery. Like many things in life, this furniture looks best with a bit of sunshine beating down on it, and unlike a leather couch or other indoor furniture, it will not become uncomfortably warm or unpleasant to sit on.

Desser rattan furniture

Mentioned below are some of the rattan ranges of furniture we are most proud of (though there are more!), and a little bit about each one and how they could improve your home.


The Sofia range contains a whole range of wonderful pieces of furniture. It is delicately woven in a rattan core and retains a traditional aesthetic. Its slightly glossy natural finish means that is has a luxurious shine to it and will brighten up any room it goes in. What’s more, this is certainly a suit which would not look out of place in your lounge as opposed to your conservatory or orangery (though believe us - it still looks great in those too!). Its fibre-filled cushions mean that the seating from the Clifton range is a little more substantial than you might typically expect on a piece of rattan suite, which is why it would suit a lounge so well.


Another highly popular conservatory furniture range of ours, the Milan suite, is highly individual in its design. Woven expertly with rattan core like the above mentioned Clifton range, the Milan has an alternative weaving on the armrests - which we believe makes it stand out and look distinctive, even by our own standards. What’s more, the Milan suite is available in a range of fabrics, meaning that there it will suit any home and you get to customise it! The cushioning is substantial so you can be sure that you will receive the same amount of comfort as you would with a standard couch, and so this would make a perfect conservatory sofa. Its fabrics will ensure that when the sun comes into the room on spring and summer days, you won’t overheat as they’ll stay cool and in the process keep you comfortable.


The Dijon suite is a nod to timeless rattan designs - its square shape and sloping arms make it look extremely refined and elegant, whilst the handcrafted look is forever prevalent. Again, like the two ranges above, the Dijon suite is all- encompassing - there is a three-seater, a sofa, a chair, a swivel chair, a coffee table, a lamp table and a footstool (there are also scatter cushions available for added luxury). This is a neat-looking and neutral suite, and would look great in pretty much any conservatory or sunroom.

Some historical background on rattan furniture

This type of furniture became highly popular way back in the 1800s when the British Empire was at its height. Given British interest in tropical countries around this time, it was not long before the local materials such as rattan (but also bamboo) was experimented with for furniture purposes. These tropical materials became hugely successful as you can imagine - not only because of their high practicality and suitability but because of their exotic look also.

Many families who were stationed in tropical countries during this time depended on rattan whilst they were over there for their outside furniture and became so taken with it that when they moved back to England they decided to bring it back with them. However, given that the English weather is renowned for its cooler climate (to put it lightly!), this meant that furniture had to be moved indoors and serve as furniture for the interior of the house as opposed to the exterior. You can probably see where this is going - conservatories were very ornate and large back then, and was a common feature in houses that belonged to wealthy people and the upper classes as a whole.

A Victorian case of keeping-up-with-the-Joneses no doubt ensued from here on in wealthy families who didn’t have rattan furniture began to get hold of it, and it became extremely popular and desirable (something which hasn’t changed since we might add).

Rattan furniture became popular in the USA at some point around the turn of the 1900s, as American visitors to England liked this type of furniture so much that they decided to have it shipped back to the States with them when they returned. This was of course not long before cinema really took off in America, and many scenes involving outdoor furniture would incorporate rattan - especially if the film was set in an exotic environment. This, in turn, caused the furniture to become even more popular, and this time amongst not just the upper classes; demand increased drastically and rattan was the sort of furniture everyone wanted.

Desser: the experts in rattan furniture

For nearly a century now we have been hard at work handcrafting some of the finest rattan conservatory furniture in the world. We believe that we are one of the leading rattan conservatory furniture manufacturers in the country, and we are constantly looking to expand our ranges and improve our quality.

Every piece of furniture made from rattan is totally unique, as rattan is, of course, a natural material. We think that having a totally unique piece (or range) of furniture is something every household should have, and you can also be sure that despite the fact that it’s unique, our furniture is all made to the same high standards.

If you would like to find out anything whatsoever about any of our rattan ranges, or would like some advice on which would be right for your home, get in touch with us today! You can call us on the phone to speak to one of our helpful and friendly members of staff (0161 834 1795), or alternatively you could contact us here or drop us a line by email (info@desser.co.uk).