Desser employee retires after decades of dedication

One of Desser’s most prestigious points is that its family of employees is made up of dedicated individuals that have stayed in the company’s service for many years, as we provide a friendly and fun working environment for all. No employee shows precisely how ideal Desser is than our very own David Rosenthal though, who recently retired after 35 years of service. david David joined us in 1978, when he was thirty years old. He started out as an order picker at our family-owned company, and has been with us through all the changes and additions we have seen over the years. Most recently, we opened a cushion division, which has helped us to go one step further in providing quality wicker and rattan furniture for everyone. Not only this, but the new division also opened up ten new roles within the business and so saw it grow in a very positive way. In his time with us, David progressed in his role, eventually going from order picker to warehouse man. David, who is married to Pamela, 58, is a father of two and will be sorely missed at Desser. Speaking of his retirement, David said: “When I joined Desser, I’d just got married and with more responsibilities I needed a job with more financial benefits. “In my 35 years there have been some big changes. When I started we were mainly providing customers with basket ware but we began importing conservatory furniture and most recently the company has started manufacturing cushions” “It was a good place to work and the lads I worked with were pretty unique and we spent a lot of time laughing. I will definitely be keeping in touch as I made some great friends.” Mark Stewart, sales director, said: “David was a loyal and committed employee and it was a pleasure to have him as part of the team for so many years. We wish him a long and happy retirement.” We can’t thank David enough for all of the hard work he has put in over the years, and hope he has an excellent retirement.