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Here at Desser, we are passionate about creating conservatory furniture ranges that are both functional and beautifully crafted. Our cane conservatory furniture is no different. If you are looking for a cane sofa or a cane chair which has been designed to the highest possible quality, Desser is the place for you. We have a wide range of styles available, our designs are perfect as conservatory furniture or can, in fact, be a practical yet beautiful seating solution for any room in your home. If you are looking for high-quality bedroom furniture or living room furniture, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team are all friendly and helpful. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you want to create a comfortable space for your family in the home, please take a look through all of our different suites. You will be able to see which one is most suited to you and the interior decor of your home.

We now also have a range of comfortable rattan garden furniture, and we are absolutely thrilled to now be able to offer furniture which can transform the outside of your home as well as the inside. Here is a quick summary of our furniture ranges, with everything you need to know so you can make an informed choice about which type of cane furniture is best suited to your needs.


If you are looking for new, stylish and contemporary conservatory furniture sets which are suited to any room in your house, look no further than our fantastic Bath Range. This superb suite set will give your conservatory, kitchen area, summer house or living room a stunning contemporary feel. Crafted using the finest naturally stained grey Kubu rattan weave and upholstered here in the UK, the Bath range is fully finished with Dacron wrapped cushions. The cushions are available in a wide range of different fabrics, this means there is sure to be something to suite your own tastes.


The Berlin is intricately fashioned with a split rattan weave and a sturdy double frame. If you are after a contemporary suite which is equally as effective in the conservatory as it is is any room of the house, look no further than the Berlin suite. Ideal for smaller spaces, the striking conservatory furniture suite has been revamped and updated with an antique brown finish. The Berlin comes with a completely removable split-back cushion along with Dacron wrapped base cushions.


Brighten up your conservatory with the simplistic yet superbly stylish suite. The tightly woven piece has a solid rattan core. With the Brasilia, you will find a piece which is built for both strength, support and a classic style. Finished in a wonderful natural wash, the suite is available in a number of different fabrics which will all enhance your conservatory. The Brasilia conservatory suite comes complete with Dacron wrapped cushions which are completely customisable, ensuring this piece is extremely versatile and will look good in any room in the house.


The Clifton is a classic conservatory furniture suite; it features delicate cane weaving and comes complete with a classy natural glossy finish. The upholstery is luxurious and is fully removable for ease of cleaning, it also features fibre filled backs for added comfort. For extra indulgence, this suite comes with a number of optional scatter cushions and is available in a range of fabrics which can be tailored to meet your individual taste, matching the design to the decor of your home.

Corsica Modular

The Corsica Modular has been expertly crafted with a modular design including central, left and right arms along with curvaceous corner units. You really have the freedom to create your bespoke sofa unit with the Corsica Modular. The natural wash finish completes this piece which is our bestseller. It is ideal for most living spaces and is designed to perfectly compliment your interior decor.


With its striking woven panels, this suite features a stunningly attractive ring detail to add a retro feel to your conservatory. The Darwen is compact and chic, and is designed with a triple arm frame for extra strength and support.


Another one of our classic suites, the Dijon is a delicately crafted set which is comprised of a strong square shape and sweeping arms which give your conservatory a wonderfully fresh look. The Dijon boasts handcrafted quality, the classic rattan core weave includes intricately shaped lines which give it a smooth and neat finish.


The Elmy is a timeless classic and is an extremely versatile suite. The Elmy complements both traditional and contemporary decor and with its natural wash finish and rattan core weave which features throughout. By choosing the Elmy, you could have yourself a stunning sofa, table and chair set. The dacron wrapped foam base cushions provide unrivalled comfort, all of this makes the Elmy one of our most popular suites.


The Lugano features both split rattan and core; it is an exquisitely woven piece with a solid cane frame which is both stylish, durable and of the highest quality. This timeless classic is supported with wide arms and a high back for a little extra cosiness. The Lugan features easily removable cushions and the look is complimented with a natural wash finish which suits all interior decors.


For an individual look, this suite has been woven beautifully with rattan core as well as featuring alternative weaving on the armrest which gives this piece a superb contrast whilst remaining immensely stylish. This conservatory furniture suite is cushioned with stylish backs and Dacron wrapped base cushions for added comfort and support.


The sophisticated Milan features laminated arms which are elegant and curvaceous. The beautiful two-tone weave of plaited banana leaf adds texture and warmth to its natural finish and its high back quality cushions. The high quality back cushions and dacron wrapped base cushions create the ultimate comfort which will complement rooms of nearly every style of decor.


The Morley is one of our most popular conservatory furniture models. It is the starting point for all of our models and provides quality and comfort at one of the most competitive prices on the market. The natural glossy finish and intricate detailing will really brighten up your conservatory throughout the whole year. The Morley comes with fibre filled backs and removable cushions. You have the option to include scatter cushions if you wish to add a little bit of extra comfort and style to the set.


Our exquisite new Opera collection evokes a real sense of modern floral elegance, with a delicate handwoven touch. Beautifully stylish, with curvaceous high backs, sweeping triple laminated rattan arms give the Opera extra comfort. The Opera suite is finished with a fantastic removable fibre filled back and dacron wrapped foam back base cushions.


The Oslo is a wonderfully graceful suite which blends beautifully curved cane poles with a sweeping wave of tightly woven rattan, giving the piece a real chic and woven look. The Oslo is perfect for smaller spaces, the criss-crossing cane poles give it a real air of elegance whilst still remaining subtle. The glossy walnut finish is a superb option, or you can choose the natural wash if you are after something a little lighter. Either way, the slim frame is a classy suite and one of Desser’s favourite.


The Rio is a truly sophisticated suite set which boasts intricately woven rattan core alongside an additional double arm frame for added detail. The fibre filled cushions are sure to provide warm and comfort, whilst the Dacron wrapped base cushions are both stylish and eye catching. If you are looking to spice up your conservatory and want to add a chic feel to the room, look no further than the Rio.


This striking cane suite creates a vintage look and offers an eye catching addition to your home with its glossy antique brown finish. The natural tones of this simple yet stylish design give it widespread appeal and makes it versatile, fit to take pride of place in any room. With this range, you have the choice to opt to include the deluxe rocker which is the ideal accessory. This suite comes complete with fibre filled backs and removable covers for extra customisation.


This incredibly stylish and elegant suite would sit comfortably in the lounge as well as in the conservatory. This versatile and uniquely woven rattan piece is sure to compliment whichever room in the house you wish to place it. The glossy natural finish is complimented with exquisite fibre filled cushion which creates a luxurious feel. Once you choose the Sofia, you will be dying to get home and just sink into the cushions. We are proud to offer the Sofia; our team of highly professional designers have worked hard to craft this suite in order to offer our customers a seating option of unrivalled quality, fit for any room in the house.


If space is a concern for you, the Vale could be the suite you are looking for. The slender cane detailing and elegant curved armrests really work together to make the most out of any space in your conservatory. The Vale is slightly narrowed the the standard Desser suite, but that doesn’t mean it is any less loved. The Vale comes complete with a foam base and fibre filled back cushions. The natural wash finish is sure to suit any decor, old or contemporary.


This charming suite brings together a sturdy base and an elegant upright back to create a seat which is both sturdy, comfortable and elegant. The beautiful rattan weave and glossy natural finish create a refreshing look to really help brighten up any room in your house. This suite also comes complete with soft fibre filled back cushions and removable cushions, the ability to be able to choose from a full range of fabrics makes the Windsor the most fantastically customizable and versatile suite we have.

About Desser

We have been in the rattan and cane furniture business for over 90 years, we are a family run  business and are vastly experienced cane furniture specialists. We are extremely proud of our heritage and are always happy to share the story behind our business. Our foray into the world of furniture began during the First World War, when Isaac Desser was posted on the front line in Belgium. Isaac met many flemish craftsmen who inspired him to begin importing furniture to Manchester, and start the company that we knowand love today.

Desser is now a fourth generation family-run business, our contemporary furniture is now imported from countries across the world. We only choose the very best designs and we have now become on the of the biggest cane furniture distributors in the United Kingdom. Whilst we have a long and rich history, we are very much looking to the future and are always excited to bring the latest top quality cane and rattan furniture to our customers he in Manchester and across Britain.

If you are interesting in any of our conservatory cane furniture, or are looking for living room furniture or even bedroom furniture, our cane sofas and cane suites could really be the choice for you. The Desser team have worked to create conservatory furniture which is both beautiful and functional, our hand woven wicker, rattan and cane suites are of the highest quality and have all been designed to be both comfortable and durable. Get in touch with the Desser team today to enquire about the perfect rattan suite or rattan furniture piece for your conservatory, living room or lounge. Feel free to pop into our Manchester showroom or give us a call today on 0161 832 2004.