Crazy chairs you need to see!

This list shows how inventors have gone far beyond the boundaries of normal furniture design, these unusual seats and chairs are more than just something to sit on. Artists have created both bizarre and odd looking chair designs – they are wacky, weird and do not conform to normal convention! Where would we be without these left-field thinkers and their peculiarities? Furniture designers from Berlin to Tokyo are producing eccentric and curious armchairs, sofas, benches and have been the architects of many diverse and frankly unusual pieces of furniture. The world’s most talented designers have made chairs which really make you sit up and take notice! Not all of my choices are the most practical chairs out there, that’s what makes them so special. By using a wealth of different materials and production methods, these craftsmen have fashioned a stunning array of furniture which belong in art galleries as much as they belong in a living room! I have sourced ten chairs from the world of interior design; some are beautiful and some are simply outrageous in their form – design is now so diverse that you will be amazed at what is out there! Designers from many different countries are innovating and creating stunning chairs which you won’t forget! Let’s begin – I hope you enjoy my selection! Log Chair

1. The Log Seat

My first choice comes from the Hock Hua furniture and interior design company who are based in Miri, Malaysia. The company offers a huge range of bespoke furniture solutions and their multi talented team has created designs for many different projects – whilst researching for my list I stumbled upon this log chair and was blown away with the quality and the ingenuity that has gone into its creation! This bench / chair combination has enough room for three people to sit on, and it is special because of the amazing combination of a natural form, and the level of human craftsmanship that’s gone into it. The backs to the chairs have been given a metallic colour which gives this chair a touch of class. I can imagine that it is lacking in the comfort area, but it does make up for that in its aesthetics. This special seat would struggle to fit in most British living rooms, however, it’s a great idea for a fallen log in a country park. They could be adapted easily to create similar pieces of furniture and would add a feel of magic to forests everywhere. Hock Hua are revered in worldwide design circles and have worked with many big clients – they recently designed the office space for Facebook ( Palo Alto, California). They specialise in creating furniture and designing entire office spaces whilst offering custom-made designs which set them apart. It was for that reason that they are first on my list of crazy chairs!

 The Wooden peg

2. The Wooden Peg

My next selection is filed not only in the unusual furniture section, but can also be filed alongside any oversized objects. By blowing up a simple wooden peg and turning it on its side, Pallucco Design have created a quirky bench which is positioned in an art gallery. The massive replica is one of two enlarged pieces of furniture on my list – this one in particular is amazing because it takes an ordinary object and gives it a whole new lease of life. Not many of us could say we have sat on a giant peg, except The Borrowers or the cast from Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Pallucco Design is comprised of Paolo and Michela Baldessari, and they have magnified many everyday objects, such as iPod headphones and trainers, but this particular item from the creative Italian workshop really stands out. It doubles up as a piece of furniture whilst also falling into the art category – it would also look as great outdoors as it is indoors!

 Nike Run

3. Nike Run

Next up is a lovely piece of ambient advertising from global sportswear company Nike. This motivational bench is the only one of my selection which could be considered to be a marketing stunt. The creative team who thought of the idea have tapped into the real meaning of their product – the advert basically forces people to stand up or continue running. The message is very clear and nothing else needs to be said! It is a brilliant bit of advertising – it is both subtle and clever, and it’s also special because it is the only chair on my list that makes you want to stand up! I don’t use this word lightly, but it is a genius idea.


4. The Hand Chair

This selection is the most widely available of the chairs on my list and can even be bought on websites, such as eBay. Despite it being a common design, the craftsmanship and effort which has gone into its creation should not be ignored. Many designers will have created their own versions of the hand chair, but the one I have chosen is carved from Suar wood – each individual chair which is produced varies slightly and this gives them a real charm.

hampstead giant chair

5. The Giant table and chair

Not content with only being an amazing chair, this next entry also has a humongous table to accompany it as part of the set. This sculpture was installed on Hampstead Heath in 2005 and was only erected for a matter of months before it was swiftly taken down. The wooden sculpture was named ‘The Writer’ and the 30ft installation was only in the country for a period of four months before being whisked back to Italy. Apparently, the piece was a tribute to writer loneliness; artist Giancarlo Neri chose Parliament Hill up on Hampstead as it is one of London’s most popular parks. Despite it looking as though it is made entirely from wood, the Naples-born artist use six tons of steel, as well as the 1,000lb of wood for the exterior.


6. Walrus Chair

The Walrus chair is the latest creation from Maximo Riera, the artist has previously created other stunning chairs which are inspired by the animal kingdom such as an elephant, a whale, and octopus, and a rhino. The Walrus Chair is just the last in a line of animal inspired chairs which are made to order and they cost upwards of £35,000 to make! The line of bespoke chairs are so unique and intricately created that it takes up to 30 professionals from five different companies to produce just one. Each chair takes around 11 weeks to produce and according to the designer:
“Each one is designed to bring together the complex art of human design and nature’s splendour, in perfect harmony.”
The Walrus chair and the other animal designs are created from Polyurethane, which combines the flexibility of rubber with the durability of metal. They weigh around 353 lbs each and, if you have one of these, you can probably stop worrying about your neighbours having the same furniture as you! Lobster

7. Lobster Lounge Chair

The Lobster Lounge chair is reminiscent of the classic Eames Lounge chair, but with a more contemporary feel – it is a modern update on the Eames but is much more elegant and has a sharper yet playful edginess. Created by Lund & Paarmann – the Lobster Lounge chair is available in a number of different colours including walnut and leather. The Danish design firm combines both style and comfort, it is a classy chair which has the ability to turn 360 degrees on its steel base – it’s a classicly Scandinavian piece which is on the market for around £5,500.00. The Lobster comes with an accompanying footrest – I just love the combination between the crustacean-like walnut exterior and the comfort driven leather which offers supreme comfort. This chair isn’t on my list due to its outlandishness, it’s a reserved entry which is crazy in its elegance and the influences which the designers drew from throughout its creation.

 Italian pride

8. Italian Pride

For my eighth selection we’re returning to Italy, and I bring you the Campana Brothers Vermelha Chair which has been created in a special edition ‘Italian Pride’ version. The brothers have incorporated the Italian flag into their chair, using 500 meters of acrylic and natural cotton rope – they’ve created it using a complex knotting system that only one person in the Campana factory knows how to do! To get one of these spaghetti-looking chairs you need to ask the company personally; Campana also make handmade Christmas decorations and they even have a live hand making performance where they show off the processes in which their furniture is created. You won’t get that with many companies – it’s a superb and personal touch!


9. Bloom

The Bloom chair is the creation of Kenneth Cobonpue and is handmade from microfiber stitched over a resin top and steel base. The Bloom is inspired by the ‘graceful blossom of a flower’ and is sculpted using hundreds of fine running stitches which create a subtle feel. The chair comes in a delicate yellow or red colour and is a throwback to the early days of spring and newly blossoming flowers. Kenneth Cobonpue has created a true modern furniture classic, the armchair has been released in a stunning finish which is bursting with life – you can get your own if you have a spare $2,285 and want to bring a feel of the natural world inside. Bloom looks like a very comfy seat, being lost in the shape and the soft stitching looks so inviting. The designers have created a memorable yet unconventional chair which does not conform to any of the rules that have gone before. The natural and refreshing look is unusual both in its design and the colour selections it’s available in. P38

10. P38

We’ve reached the end of my list and, to top it off, I’ve a unique chair from designer Owen Edwards. Amazingly, he was just fresh out of design school as a graduate when he crafted this shell-like rocker-shaped chair in 2009. The P38 is a nod to the future and allows invites the user to curl up and get as comfortable as they wish – while being ‘protected’ by the hard exterior. The P38 is made completely by hand and the black leather combined with the spray-white curved shell gives it a delicious and unique feel. Edwards used computer aided techniques to design his chair and he certainly has created a chair which is akin to something you would expect from a much more experienced designer – it’s an instant classic that looks like it could have been produced during the 1960s space race era, whilst also retaining a modern feel – this is one confused chair! There you have it, my favourite crazy and wonderful chairs that have been created by designers across the world. These innovative and forward thinking furniture designers have gifted the world with a unique and diverse selection of wonderful chairs which you just do not see everyday! At Desser, we have a long history of sourcing the best cane and rattan furniture from across the world, we always look to continue this tradition and we love to provide our customers with an insight into the other amazing work that designers are creating in far flung parts of the globe! How do you feel about the chairs I have selected, are there any more crazy chairs out there that I’ve forgotten to include? You might adore one or have your very own unique chair at home that you want to show off, if so you can join the conversation on Twitter (@dessercane) Images courtesy of,,,,,,,,