Cosy Up With These Reading Corner Design Ideas

Cosy Up With These Reading Corner Design Ideas

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a long hard day with a good book in peace and quiet. If you’ve got an unused nook, a spare bedroom or a spacious windowsill that could be transformed, then consider having your very own reading corner. To help you get inspired, take a look at your reading corner design ideas:

A Hallway Haven

For many people, finding a reading space in your home can be difficult, especially if all the spare areas are being used. That’s why a hallway can be an excellent alternative! Optimise your space to create a cosy reading area that works with the room you have. A bench covered in cushions is usually the best option for the shape of the area, with a floor lamp or low-hanging pendant for direct lighting.

Under The Stairs Reading Den

One of the more innovative reading corner design ideas is for an under the stairs reading den. A fantastic space that’s often over-looked, a reading den under the stairs can provide complete privacy and comfort. Providing the space is big enough, all you need is a cosy armchair. Then plenty of warm lighting lamps, and a bookshelf to store your latest reads.

Mean reading book under the stairs in reading den

For The Children

If you want to encourage the kids to read more, then nothing is more enticing than their very own reading corner. Take a corner of their playroom or make use of a nook in the upstairs hallway and start making it as cosy as possible. Beanbags are always a hit. Along with a reading light, a colourful bookshelf and plenty of blankets and cushions.

Take A Window Seat

A window area can easily be transformed into a wonderful reading area, particularly if it’s one with a view. Seat pads to rest on top of the windowsill will make the area more comfortable. Mesh or sheer curtains will provide you with lots of light but privacy if you want it.

Woman reading book on windowsill

Zoning Off Your Space

When we think of reading corner design ideas, we think of secluded spaces that allow you to switch off from the rest of the world. Sometimes, a reading corner doesn’t even necessarily need to be a corner. If you’ve got space in your living room or conservatory, then utilise it by painting the walls of the corner in a different colour and adding in a comfy cane chair. You can also add in a rug, lamp, and shelf to differentiate your area from the rest of the room.

A Spot In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom can be another excellent place to create a reading area. Grab your blanket and get cosy with a cup of hot chocolate and good book before hopping into bed. Gather lots of cushions for extra comfort and add in your very own bookshelf. You can also store your other bedroom items here.

Person reading book in their bedroom

Reading Corner Design Ideas You Can Be Proud Of

Hopefully we’ve provided you with plenty of ideas for you to design a reading corner you’re proud of. Whatever area of your home you choose to make your own, remember the ultimate goal is peace and relaxation.


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