Conservatory improvements – Adding the finishing touches

You’ve had your conservatory built for whatever reason; whether to add value or an extra room to your home. You are now at the stage of adding the finishing touches to it, there are many things to consider; décor choices, furniture options and accessories.

In today’s article I will give you five great tips on adding the finishing touches to your conservatory.

Colour choices in the conservatory

The first thing you need to think about when decorating your conservatory is the colours you want. You should think about what sort of style you’re looking to portray. For example will your conservatory change with the seasons?

Perhaps you are looking to use your conservatory as almost a garden room in the summer months? If so you should be looking to paint your conservatory walls with bright, airy colours. Cool blues, greens and yellows all give a summer feeling to a conservatory.

However if you’re looking to use your conservatory as an extra living room space you may want a warm, cosier feel. Bold and dark colours will be more appropriate such as browns and reds.

The use of your conservatory will also dictate what flooring option you choose.

Flooring options

There are many different flooring options for your conservatory, just like any other room in your home. However there are a few things to consider. Firstly the usage of your conservatory, as I mentioned above it depends on whether you want a cosy or airy feel around the room.

Another huge thing to think about when making the decision on what flooring you will be purchasing is how easy it is going to be to maintain. I say this because your conservatory will be an entry/exit point to your home, do you really want muddy shoes on your expensive carpet? I would guess not.

This is why I would advise going for either a tiled or laminate flooring option. There are so many different flooring tile choices available to fit every price range and colour choice. Just like tiled flooring, laminate flooring comes in a range of prices and styles. They are both easy to maintain too.

You may be worried about how cold a tiled floor or laminate floor choice could become over time. There are two things you could do; why not purchase a small rug to place in the centre of the room? Or perhaps take a look at having underfloor heating installed.

Your conservatory furniture

By now you should have established what you will be using your conservatory for. Another major factor when deciding on conservatory furniture is how much space you have to work with. Conservatories aren’t always large enough rooms for a complete sofa set.

Perhaps you’re going to use your conservatory in the summer as a room to sit and enjoy the weather while entertaining guests? If this is the case you could look at purchasing some rattan furniture, perhaps a dining set? They’re great for indoor and outdoor use and can be moved about with ease.

For those of you who are looking to create a cosy living space you would want at least a sofa; if space allows, why not purchase a 3 seat sofa and a couple of comfy chairs too?  There is no need to go overboard though, for example if there is only you and your partner in the home purchasing a two seat sofa will be ample. You can then spend more on other facets of your conservatory.

One important tip is to avoid leather furniture. I say this because it is likely your conservatory will be subject to plenty of sunlight, over time leather furniture will fade and also it attracts heat; making it uncomfortable to sit on and in some cases impossible.

Lighting your conservatory

The conservatory is probably the room in your home which is subject to the most natural light, it really depends on how you want to utilise this. Blinds are always a good option in the conservatory, they allow the owner to either shut out or control the amount of light they need in the conservatory.

For those home owners who are looking to create a cosy living room with their conservatory, you may want to purchase a good pair of curtains that match your décor. You should also think about installing some form of mood lighting.

You can add a lamp shade in the corner and purchase some lights that can be adjusted for specific moods and you will be able to create a cosy conservatory for those cold winter nights.

Accessories you can add

Once you have added all the fundamentals to your conservatory you can finish your conservatory by adding some accessories, fitting to the theme of the room. There are many different accessories you can include in your conservatory, some of my favourites are:

  • Rugs

  • Cushions/Cushion covers

  • Ornaments

  • Pieces of art

  • Family photos

  • Ornaments

  • Plants

The main thing to think about is the mood and the purpose of your conservatory; as I have tried to state throughout this article. Whether it is your furniture fittings or the whole décor of any room in your home, here at Eurofit Direct we blog about all of these topics and more.

This article was provided by Ryan Hirst, Ryan is the marketing and media assistant at Eurofit Direct, an office and kitchen furniture manufacturer in the UK, His role within the company includes running the company blog and handling social media portals.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock