Easy Transformation: Conservatory Decor Ideas

Easy Transformation: Conservatory Decor Ideas

conservatory with contemporary rattan furniture

Transforming your conservatory into a cosy living space doesn’t have to be extravagant and costly. In fact, there are plenty of simple ways you can decorate your conservatory for maximum impact. Whether you’re hoping to achieve a Mediterranean feel or sleek contemporary finish.

Here are our top conservatory decor ideas:


Colourful Wicker Furniture

Brighten up your conservatory with some colourful painted wicker furniture. Establishing a solid colour palette for your conservatory can make all the difference. Pick out your primary colour and a couple of complementing shades to start. You can take this theme to the next level by painting your walls and furniture the same, bold colour. Colours that work well are yellow, green or blue because of their ability to mix well with other colours to bring the room together.


An Abundance Of Greenery

Bring the outdoors inside with plenty of lush greenery. You can incorporate it into the room design using floral patterns or go a step further by making the room come alive with your favourite plants. Greenery is one of the more popular conservatory decor ideas because there are a variety of plants that work well growing in conservatories including citrus trees, ferns, succulents and peace lilies. Not only do they look amazing, but they also help to purify the air for a fresh, clean environment.


plants on drawers in conservatory

Dine With A Difference

Create a beautiful alternative dining space in your conservatory to dine with a difference. If your conservatory is big enough, why not turn it into a separate dining room? The bold patterns and designs will make the table your focal point, a place where you’ll be happy to welcome guests in the heat of summer or cosy up around the table during winter. Decorate your new dining room with neutral colours and delicate patterns, as well as including plenty of greenery.


Mediterranean Theme

Many people opt for a Mediterranean theme in their garden, so why not recreate the loved look in your home? Give the classic style a revamp by bringing in colourful plants and bright furniture. The key with the Mediterranean theme is to make it look traditional, not tacky. Include blues, oranges, and bright white’s in the room design to offset the look. Rattan furniture will help to keep the look relaxed and comfortable, while patterned blinds and decorations complete the decor.


Modern And Contemporary

If you want to steer away from traditional styles and bring your conservatory into the 21st century, then delve into a modern and contemporary theme. This is all about sleek, minimalist conservatory decor ideas. Strip back to basics with white wooden furniture and strategically placed greenery. Add another element to the room with colourful ornaments scattered on shelves and windowsills around the room.

modern wicker furniture set in conservatory

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