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Whether you’re an amateur gardener or knowledgeable expert, it’s never too late to learn about organic gardening. So, what is organic gardening and how does it differ to conventional gardening? Read on to learn more about why you should take up this environmentally friendly gardening method.  Continue Reading
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Even you are someone who doesn’t like spending time in the garden, you may feel like that you can’t have a glorious garden… but this doesn’t have to be the case. Below we have listed some low-maintenance ideas for how to have a great garden without having to get down and dirty.

Go Fake

Outdoor Furniture Sun lounger If you like the look of grass but don’t have the time or the want to maintain it, why not go artificial? Save yourself the stress by heading down to your local DIY superstore and invest in some astroturf so you can replicate that evergreen, soft feel underfoot experience. Artificial grass has evolved over the last few years and now you can get some high-quality versions that look and feel exactly like real grass. As you can see below, you can use it to your advantage and create a clean space that you can lounge in, where it’s on your patio or your garden furniture.

Sit Down and Relax

Create a chilled-out garden by splitting your garden into different outdoor living room areas. From your patio, you could create a seated arrangement centred with a fire pit, which leads to a garden space that encompasses a secondary seating area that you can sunbathe and lounge about in. You could cut away any trees or soiled areas to make room for the added seating, that way it removes the need to maintain anything other than the grass itself.

Box the Effort Up in a Border

If you don’t mind a little bit of work, why not minimise the work by housing it all in one smaller area. If you contain all your plants in one small area, it will reduce the effort and make it easier to maintain. Create a raised border that is bursting full of foliage and flowers, and as it’s all in one place, it’ll be easy to water. By filling up space with beautiful flowers that compliment your outdoor furniture, you’ll discourage the growth of weeds, giving you one less annoying, tedious job to do!

Go Safe with Shrubs

Garden Furniture Ideas Often people want the green gardens as it provides people with that lovely, peaceful feeling – they just don’t want to have to do much to have them. A great way to get around this is by adding shrubs. A low maintenance feature, you’ll be able to enjoy the foliage whilst hardly having to do anything to them. To create the ultimate calming spot, you can surround your seating area with some white flowers and green, lush shrubbery to create that fresh, relaxing vibe. As a whole though, adding pots and containers that contain shrubs or trees are so much easier to care for than the usual bedding plants.

So over the past few weeks we’ve slowly been introducing you more and more to our brand new indoor collections. However, the wait is now over and we are delighted to announce the official release of our all new 2017 indoor brochure. Desser Indoor Furniture Brochure Cover Not only does the catalogue beautifully display our latest collections but it also gives you the chance to see new lifestyle images of our latest fabrics on some of our more classic ranges. The brochure consists of 18 luxurious indoor furniture collections with the addition of our whole occasional furniture range if you’re looking for a comfy, single chair! We are also excited to reveal our completely new suites for this year’s line with stunning new additions in the form of the Ascot, Chester, Harlow, Madrid, Toronto and York. All of which you can find on our conservatory furniture page! Our detailed brochures as always, offer you a great insight into the range allowing you to review the product description, the fabric it is displayed in, finish information as well as the options available to you if you’d like to get the full or just parts of the range. We’ve also provided the dimension information so you can size up if you have enough space in your home before making your enquiry. We’d love for you to check out our new brochure to see just how great our newest collections are. You can download the brochure by clicking the below link and clicking the download option in the top right. We also offer this option across the site, which can be located in the top right-hand corner of your screen on the main pages. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Finally, Spring has sprung! The clocks have stepped forward, gifting us with longer evening and brighter days. This means it’s the perfect time to invest in some fresh rattan furniture and style your interiors to suit the season. The beautiful Henley occasional chair was an instant favourite addition to this year’s ranges. This elegant, timeless design not only looks beautiful, but it also has a big comfort factor. With a fully upholstered back and arms and foam seat cushion, it really does provide optimum comfort. Plus, the mix of quality fabrics available means it can fit seamlessly into any home.   Henley Oxford   While the shape of the Henley is quite traditional, the overall effect of the chair is very modern, meaning that it will sit well as a feature piece in any design scheme. Scatter Cushions are available as optional extras, to create even more comfort. The mix of quality fabrics available also means it can accompany many of our ranges as an accent chair.   Henley Chair Orchid Blue   We love the natural wash of the rattan, which is hugely popular at the moment and gives the Henley range the modern twist it needs. Additionally, the quirky Scandinavian-style legs add a further modern twist to the Henley, which is one of the defining features that has really made it so popular. Everyone needs a cosy chair that they can relax and unwind in in their homes, and The Henley Chair is perfect. Comfortable, stylish and classic with a modern twist – we can see ourselves settling down in our Henley chair every Sunday with a cup of tea and a good book…   Henley in Orchid Blue_5505   Find out more about our fresh new indoor ranges here. If you have an interest in the Henley Chair, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact Desser on 0161 834 1795. You can also find out more about it on the product page, here.

An outdoor space that some people should be making great use of, in addition to a conservatory or garden, is their terrace. As the weather heats up, this presents you with the perfect opportunity to revitalise your terrace and transform it into the perfect safe haven, amid the bustling urban surroundings.  We’ve put together a few tricks to help you make the most of a small terrace this summer.   Position Plants Effectively The clever planting of different plants is sure to transform any terrace, no matter what size. Careful positioning of lush green plants, especially around the edges, will create a fresh and airy garden feel without taking too much away from the space you have to work with. You could use a climber or rambler, as well as a few small ornamental trees. You could also use the greenery to create privacy for your terrace. A neat leafy privacy screen of bamboo will not only shelter you from onlookers,, but it adds colour and character to the space. Alternatively, a gentle screen of long swaying grass provides some privacy and an illusion of a rural feel, offering the perfect environment to relax on a nice day.   Don’t Go Crazy With Colour When there is limited space, it’s always best to stick to a restricted range of colours rather than going overboard, where everything can end up looking far too busy. When it comes to plants, it’s perfectly fine to introduce colours, but try and stick to just two different types. In terms of everything else, try and use similar colours for flooring, furniture and fencing rather than having everything clashing. It should also be noted that using lighter colours as opposed to darker ones can give the illusion of a larger space by opening it up, instead of giving it a closed, gloomy feel. Hampton with tan lavastone table | Desser Scale Up, Not Down When dealing with a small area, it can be very tempting to try and fit many smaller items into the space, however the opposite will have a far more dramatic effect. Less really is more in this case, and fewer larger items will go a long way. For example, rather than trying to cram numerous little plants onto the terrace, use a couple of larger statement plants instead which will make it feel much bigger as it won’t look cluttered. Taller pieces will also add height to the terrace, drawing your visitor’s eyes up, again giving the illusion of a larger space.   Keep It Cosy A terrace should be somewhere that you can feel safe, relax, and retreat from hectic day to day life. Therefore, it’s important to create a space that is welcoming and cosy. Furniture is probably one of the most important aspects, so choose pieces that will be comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing. Corner sofa pieces are perfect for saving space, such as in our Hampton Outdoor Range pictured below. Add some cushions, throws, fairy lights and candles to create your perfect safe haven. To find the perfect patio furniture for your terrace, conservatory or garden come down and visit our showroom to view the full range. Here you’ll discover that we have the best rattan furniture in Manchester for you to choose from.

  Typically, January is the worst month for weather that Britain gets, especially for your garden. That being said, it is the first month of the year so that means it’s the first month to start preparing your garden for the summer. There is always something you can be doing in your garden, whether it’s tidying or pruning, it’s just about doing what you can during the miserable times. So, to give you a helping hand on what you should get started with, we’ve put this checklist together of what to get begin with in January!   Your Flowers flowers-361456_960_720
  • If you have a Wisteria plant starting pruning it now. It’s recommended that you cut it back 2 or 3 buds.
  • You will also want to start pruning your rose bushesnow as they are dormant. The advice would be to cut back to just above a bud and remove the branches which are dead or crossing over one another.
  • Start planting your bare root rosesnow! If you’re wanting the wonderful colour in the summer, place them in an area where they will catch a lot of sun.
  • Think about growing the Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) if you are wanting something a bit more unusual in your garden.
  • You should start to clip your ornamental grasses within a few centimeters of the ground before they get into a fresh period of growth.
  • Cut down the stems that are old from perennial plants like Sedum – but be wary of any new growth.
  • To make sure that new blooms are visible when they emerge in the spring, try removing the old Hellebore leaves.
  • If you brightly colored willows, try cutting back the oldest and overcrowded stems.
  • To prevent and winter pansies from setting seed, remove and faded flowers.
  Your Greenhouse greenhouse 
  • It can be very easy for glass to become damaged. To overcome this, make sure you brush any heavy snow off of greenhouses and cold frames.
  • To prevent frost from killing the foliage in your potato planters make sure they are kept inside.
  • If you are wanting some stunning indoor flowers when spring comes around, you should start planting Amaryllis bulbs now.
  • To allow for better seed germination, think about getting electric propagators which will help your early seedlings along.
  Your Grass  
  • The primary point to remember with grass is to not walk on the lawn when it is covered in frost or snow, as this can seriously damage the grass underneath.
    From the Comfort of Your Sofa  
  • Assess what the plans are for your garden and start ordering your seeds.
  • If you are wanting to try something different this year and grow fruit, you will need to order you fruit trees now so they can be planted in the spring.
  • If you are planning on including Fuchsia, Geraniums or Lobelia, start ordering your hanging baskets now so you’re prepared for the busy spring period.
    The Miscellaneous Jobs Around Your Garden  
  • Your patio can become very grimy, to overcome this, blast with a pressure washer or scrub with a broom.
  • Keep up with planting trees and shrubs while they are still dormant.
  • If you have ericaceous plants which are reliant on water that contains acid, then think about getting water butts. These can gather rain water and will be great when you need to water these plants.
  • Start removing any dirt and grime on your outdoor furniture that’s developed over the winter by using mild soap and water.
  • Check any Dahila tubers in storage for any signs of rotting, and remove the ones which have been affected.
  • Keep your empty pots in a good state by scrubbing them with water and soap so they are ready for fresh plants.

The January Furniture Show | Desser   We’re attending the January Furniture Show! In just over a weeks time, we’re pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s nationally loved, January Furniture Show. The show is widely debated as one of the most important events in the furniture industry calendar year and we’d love it if you’d come to visit us at our stall. Held at the NEC in Birmingham, the show is a 4-day event that fills the NEC’s 5 major halls as well as displaying over 500 exhibitors. Each year the show allows you to discover all the UK’s major upholstery and furniture suppliers, not to mention brands that showcase the latest accessories, flooring, fabrics and lighting products. In addition, there are exhibitors showcasing their newest ranges from around the world so we’re overjoyed to be included in such a widely renowned event. Showing off our newest 2017 collections including the latest fabrics as well as suites additions, we’ve put together a really contemporary and unique stall that you simply must see! January Furniture Show Stall Detail For Desser We also have some snacks and little treats on offer as well so if you’re feeling peckish you can find us at the above location!

Orangeries are something which can be more associated with the renaissance era, but in the 21st century it has now become the perfect home extension that lets the outside in. Much like conservatory, the room is designed specifically to let in an abundance of light and brighten up the home.


What Is The Difference Between A Conservatory And An Orangery?

An orangery is very similar to a conservatory. However, instead of being primarily using glass on the outside, they tend to be more similar to an extension. Usually with bricks and a flat roof that has a piece of glass centrally at the top.

The combination of less glass and more brickwork makes and orangery the perfect choice for winter use. They can be made to feel cosier, and less cold temperatures can come through the window glazing.


There a number of ways you can design your orangery for it to be a wonderful addition to your home. See below some of our ideas:


Open It Up to Your Patio

When building your orangery, it can be a good idea to try and have it matching with your outdoor space. This can be done by adding some French doors that can be opened up to have a seamless flow between your outdoors and indoors. An additional way to make sure this is enhanced is by having your cane furniture outside following the same tone and colour as what you are using indoors.

cane chairs in an orangery

Integrate It with Another Room

You don’t always have to use an orangery as an extension and a separate room to your home. Often when we are asking the question what is an orangery, people picture an almost separate room. Instead, you can use an orangery roof with a high apex at the top of your dining room. This is a way to really brighten up the space and create an open feel in the room. If you already have adequate space for a dining room, you have lots of other options for what you can do for the orangery. You could even use it as a bathroom!

Get Creative

One of the fantastic aspects of an orangery is that you can get creative with how you choose to design the architecture. With a conservatory, your options are minimised. This is because you are primarily dealing with glass and this usually means the room shape has to be square or rectangular. However, with an orangery the brickwork means you can get choose to get a chimney wall built in to create more of a cosy feel and create a focal point for the room.

Fireplace in orangery room

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

So, what is an orangery? Well, it’s one of the greatest ways to bring your outdoors into your home. By following a natural theme with the colours and décor chosen in other rooms, you can create a consistent flow from room to room. If you want to create a different vibe, then you can always decorate it completely differently to the rest of your home.

Pastel colours always work well, especially when teamed with natural wood flooring and soft furnishings. They give vibrancy and light to the room while also keeping it subtle and tranquil. To really make the most of the space, include plenty of greenery which will also help with purifying the air.

House plant by the window

For more information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our attentive team.

Now that the colder days are here, our minds begin to drift back to that summer sun and those fun times spent together with family in the garden. With just a few months left of this year, you will slowly start to think more and more about next year’s plans and how you can make the most of the warm weather. Maybe this summer you didn’t have the outdoor setup that you wanted, maybe you grew tired of pulling chairs in and out of the shed or maybe you just didn’t have the right furniture to accommodate for the whole family? Whatever the reason in 2017 that doesn’t have to be the case. We have just released our brand new 2017 outdoor furniture collection and we’re really excited about it! So to give you some inspiration for your new year purchases, take a look at our amazing new ranges and see our top picks from the new releases.

The Atlanta

Desser's Atlanta range with woven top table combo Made from weatherproof synthetic rattan, the L-shaped Atlanta suite is perfect for accommodating to large groups of friends or family. You can also choose from a number of stylish fabrics to create your own personalised, beautiful setting that allows you to enjoy countless evenings in comfortable on.

The Georgia

Desser Georgia Range New For 2017 Complete the range with the additional stools and armchairs to get this amazing set. Aside from how great the Georgia suite looks, the range is highly practical for those of you with bigger families. With enough seating for everyone, outdoor dining will be a daily occurrence!

The Dakota

Dessers Dakota 3seater & rattan chair combo If you’re looking for an update in regards to your rattan garden furniture, then look no further. Those flimsy, hard garden chairs can become a thing of the past with this new Dakota range. Ideal for those of you that want to sit out and bask in the sun, this range offers an unrivalled level of comfort that will make relaxing after a long day an effortless task.

The Olympia

Dessers Olympia Outdoor Furniture Range The standout range that offers unparalleled elegance and beauty, we bring you the Olympia. Not to be missed, you can sit and savour your days in this sophisticated, classy collection all summer long. Designed with socialising in mind, this circular set brings everyone together so you can catch up and enjoy their company in the picture-perfect setting.

With the new year now in full swing, Desser is ready to embrace change and will be releasing a brand new selection of fabrics for its extensive indoor conservatory range, which will also be expanding by four.

We currently have 19 suites available, each offering up unique and interesting designs for your home furniture options. We do our best to provide you with the latest trends for the home, and we have listened to both trend reports and what our customers want in order to develop the new selection of fabrics and suites that will soon be available.


The new suites will match the latest trends to provide you with sophisticated yet modern furniture for your home. In 2014, plain colours, as opposed to patterns, will be all the rage, and we understand precisely how important it is that your home décor be kept up to date. Whether you’re buying your first suite from Desser or are looking to refresh your home with new furnishings, our updated fabrics will give you precisely what you’re looking for.

Not only will plain colours be huge, but pastels will also be a big hit this year and, as it happens, we’ll be adding a superb selection of sorbet colours to our fabrics. We’ll also be pulling back on the number of floral patterns we offer.

This isn’t all though – along with the new fabrics and four suites that will soon be available, we’ll also be adding wicker baskets to our selection of products. We believe that wicker is an incredibly versatile material and know that our customers will adore the new wicker furniture and décor items we will soon have to offer.

Mark Stewart, Sales Director at Desser, said: “2013 was an incredibly exciting year for us, what with our new website and cushion division both being launched. We want 2014 to be just as thrilling, and are kickstarting it in the best way possible with an expanded indoor range. Along with this, we’re also adding a garden furniture range to our product list, which will help us to get into a new market.”

As the UK’s leading importer and distributer of wicker and rattan products, Desser has an exceptional history of providing high-quality products that perfectly match the current trends. With this latest announcement, Desser will be updating itself for 2014, and we look forward to seeing our customers’ reactions.


Over the 95 years that Desser has been established, we have always provided an excellent selection of rattan and wicker furniture for the home, from sofas to armchairs to occasional furniture. Now, though, Desser will be branching out with a brand new garden furniture range.

The new collection is to be known as ‘Bliss’ and will be available from May 2014. It includes a wide range of stunning options, with leather upholstery and natural rattan finishes included in many of the pieces.

Bliss will offer up fantastic new designs for the garden, so Desser customers can furnish their outdoor areas with the same high-quality products they enjoy indoors. The ranges will also be ideal for conservatories and orangeries, as well as the garden.

We have decided to launch this new range due to the fact that the outdoor furniture market is most definitely at the top of its game at the moment, and now is a fantastic time to break into it. We have developed a strong and dedicated customer base over the years and are now ready to enter into a new market at the same time.


The range will include:

  • A six-seater dining set with fully upholstered chairs and a stone top that’s incredibly hard wearing

  • A modular set with a footstool, which includes a removable plate to use as a coffee table

  • A lounge set, including a sofa, two chairs, a side table and a coffee table, which comes with a removable glass section that can also be used as a footstool

  • A reclining set with a sofa, two chairs and a footstool, all of which are reclining

  • Both a single and a double sun lounger set

Mark Stewart, Sales Director at Desser, said: “2013 was a very exciting year, unveiling our new website and launching our new cushion division. We’re kick starting 2014 with the launch of the new garden range and expanding our indoor range, with new modern fabrics, and on-trend wicker baskets.

“The Bliss collection will bring complete luxury to any garden and is perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing al fresco. Our signature piece is the lounge reclining set, which boasts a double reclining sun lounger with a built-in shade guard.”

Desser is the UK’s leading cane furniture importer and distributor, and we look forward to supplying our superior products to those after new garden furniture.

One of Desser’s most prestigious points is that its family of employees is made up of dedicated individuals that have stayed in the company’s service for many years, as we provide a friendly and fun working environment for all. No employee shows precisely how ideal Desser is than our very own David Rosenthal though, who recently retired after 35 years of service. david David joined us in 1978, when he was thirty years old. He started out as an order picker at our family-owned company, and has been with us through all the changes and additions we have seen over the years. Most recently, we opened a cushion division, which has helped us to go one step further in providing quality wicker and rattan furniture for everyone. Not only this, but the new division also opened up ten new roles within the business and so saw it grow in a very positive way. In his time with us, David progressed in his role, eventually going from order picker to warehouse man. David, who is married to Pamela, 58, is a father of two and will be sorely missed at Desser. Speaking of his retirement, David said: “When I joined Desser, I’d just got married and with more responsibilities I needed a job with more financial benefits. “In my 35 years there have been some big changes. When I started we were mainly providing customers with basket ware but we began importing conservatory furniture and most recently the company has started manufacturing cushions” “It was a good place to work and the lads I worked with were pretty unique and we spent a lot of time laughing. I will definitely be keeping in touch as I made some great friends.” Mark Stewart, sales director, said: “David was a loyal and committed employee and it was a pleasure to have him as part of the team for so many years. We wish him a long and happy retirement.” We can’t thank David enough for all of the hard work he has put in over the years, and hope he has an excellent retirement.

A new way of creating human bone replacements could be just a few years away. desser

Rattan wood has been found to be almost identical to human bone tissue by scientists in Italy. At the Istec laboratory of bio-ceramics in Faenza near Bologna, where a herd of sheep have already been implanted with rattan bones.

To start to create these artificial bones you cut down a long tubular rattan wood piece so that it is in manageable pieces which is then chopped down to even smaller chunks so that they are ready for their complex chemical transformation.

In simple, non-scientific terms, the pieces of wood are heated in a furnace and then have carbon and calcium added. It is then heated again under intense pressure in another oven-like furnace where a phosphate solution is added. This whole process from start to finish will take approximately 10 days.

The team of scientists is lead by Dr Anna Tampieri who comments on the findings: “It’s proving very promising. This new bone material is strong, so it can take heavy loads that bodies will put on it. It is also durable, so, unlike existing bone substitutes, it won’t need replacing.”

Within months, the real and artificial bone will have fused. Several types of wood were tested before rattan. Of which rattan was the best. This is due to its structure and porous properties which would enable blood, nerves and other internal liquids to pass through it.


Dr Tampieri says it is the closest scientists have ever come to replicating the human bone because ‘it eventually fuses with the real bone, so in time, you don’t even see the join.’ The new bone is being closely studied at the Bologna University hospital.

In the sheep that have already had this surgery, particles of their bones are already migrating to the bone made from rattan. This could be a huge breakthrough for people who have had major trauma accidents or cancer as current alternatives can be weak and do not fuse with the existing bone. The new rattan bones could be a major step forward.

There have been no signs of rejection or infection in the sheep so natural, cheap, effective implants in humans could be just five years away thanks to rattan wood.

Desser Cushion Division

Desser, the Manchester-based conservatory furniture specialist, has expanded operations with the launch of its cushion division, creating ten new roles.

The family owned business has invested £40,000 in establishing the department, which means it can now manufacture cushions for its extensive range of quality, handcrafted conservatory furniture and create tailored designs for its customers.

Desser Cushion Division 2

It’s the first time in the company’s 94-year history that cushion production has taken place on-site. The decision was made after the existing supplier, Platt & Hill Ltd, who Desser has worked with for over 30 years, made the decision to concentrate on its core business, fillings for cushions. The Oldham-based manufacturer will continue to supply Desser with raw material fillings.

Mark Stewart, sales director at Desser, said: “We’ve enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Platt & Hill but when they informed us that they were ending production of cushions, and no longer able to supply us, we saw it as an opportunity to establish our own, on-site manufacturing division.

“By establishing the division, we’re demonstrating our commitment to securing jobs and investing in the local economy. Once we’re fully up and running we’ll not only be able to manufacture 300 units per day, but create tailored designs for our customers across the country and for consumers who visits our factory store.”

The expansion follows the launch of Desser’s factory shop, which opened at the end of 2012 to give customers in the Greater Manchester Area the opportunity to view the complete range and purchase straight from the business. Cushion Division 3