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Designing your garden in time for summer is an exciting prospect. It seems like there are countless opportunities to express yourself through creativity, and this comes down to even the type of furniture that you choose. For many, having garden furniture is a must. Not only does it provide a comfy place to relax, but it also adds another element to your outdoors space, giving it an alternate purpose.    Continue Reading
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It is easy to disregard a small garden because some people may believe that there is no need to decorate a small space. However, having a small garden area can also give you the advantage to utilize the space creatively. So, you can make the most of having a small garden by following our recommendations just below. Adding Artificial Lawn One of the main elements of a garden is the greenery. Grass may be hard to reproduce if you have a stony concrete area, so having an artificial grass can create an instant aesthetic pleasing effect. You can choose a variety of faux grass too, and the greatest advantage of this idea is, it is simple to lay down and with minimal fuss, make your garden area look cosy. You also would not need to worry about mowing the lawn too! Planting on Your Walls It is important to exploit your small space with every opportunity possible. If there is a lack of space for your plants, consider planting up your walls. Think about varying your plant collection such as adding climbing plants like Chilean jasmine to add character to your garden. You can add texture and colours to the walls by adding various shrubs and perennials. Try tiered planters and hanging baskets to place your plants. Raised Platforms for Furniture You can add raised platforms such as cladding and raised stone beds in your garden area to make the most of the space. You can even add modern garden furniture such as cane furniture for that natural and minimalist look too. This way, you can add comfort to your garden too which is perfect for the summer season coming up! The Art of Illusion You can add small mirrors around the garden to frame the garden space to look bigger. This can range from a small mirror to full length to make it seem as if you’re entering a different world. It is also important to make sure that you have colourful buds and textured foliage to reflect the mirror image! All That Glitters  Depending on where the small garden space is situated, you may find that there may be a lack of sunlight throughout the year. So, consider investing in some small fairy lights around the plants to add some depth and warmth in the evenings. You can even add the lights in lanterns for that shabby chic style too. Otherwise, you can consider buying some spotlights to highlight certain areas in your garden. With all these ranges of ideas, hopefully, it has given you inspiration on sprucing up your small garden space. After all, you can get creative and upcycle various trinkets to personalise your garden even more. What’s more, you can enjoy the summer in your very backyard whilst you sit in your garden furniture.    
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If you live in the city and are lucky enough to enjoy the privilege of a balcony, then you are sure to want to make it a relaxing place that you can enjoy all year round. A balcony offers a place to escape from busy city life, as well as entertain friends and family. So, if your balcony is on the boring side and you want to give it a new lease of life, here are some ways you can update it into a terrific terrace.

Add Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers provide a sense of energy and life. They are inexpensive to buy and will transform your balcony space. As well as flower and plant choices, there are also numerous accessories, such as pots, planters and stands that you can choose from that will add to the style of your space. If you live in a particularly polluted area, then plants and flowers will act as a natural filter, protecting you from pollution and toxins.

Add a Rug Or Floor Cushions

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your balcony is to add a rug and some stylish floor/seating cushions. This is particularly effective if your floor is concrete or is stained in any way and will provide an instant refresh. There are so many different types of outdoor rugs available, and if your balcony gets its fair share of rain, then there are plenty of waterproof options available, too. Adding in some comfy floor or seating cushions provide a comfy place for visiting family and friends to sit, and helps to evoke a feeling of relaxation and hospitality.

Choose Brightly Coloured Furniture

The colour palette that you choose for your balcony will have a big effect on its overall appearance and style, and help to evoke charisma and character on a dull balcony. However, knowing which colours to choose, and how to add in some interesting tones, can be tricky. There aren’t any specific rules to follow, but you should choose colours that suit your personality and work well within the space and with any additional furniture that you have. If you want to avoid spending money on new furniture, then think on a smaller scale – you can upscale some pallets with paint to create a unique table or planter!

Clear Away The Clutter

Clutter is one of the biggest problems that can contribute to an outdoor space looking bland and unappealing. A simple de-clutter of your balcony might not seem that exciting, but it can work wonders for a small space and improve the aesthetic and ambience of your balcony. If you have a compact balcony or terrace, then this is even more important. Clutter can drastically alter the vibe of an outdoor space, especially if it’s small. Stick with a simple seating arrangement and add in a few potted plants for a small outdoor space which you can relax in.  
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As we mentioned last week, the rattan revival is on. What was once regarded as a traditional addition, the recent rattan resurgence has crept into homes by offering a touchable woven texture and a soft wood-like accent to many interiors across the nation. A cost-effective option, take a look at the below tips that will inspire you to inject some rattan into your home.

Luxury in Layers

Rattan Infused With Luxury Layering A woven rattan addition, whether it’s a subtle headboard or a coffee table, rattan can add a neutral, soft detailing into any room. When you mix this texture with wood, velvet, mirror glass or even linen, it adds a high-end appeal while maintaining a refined contrast in the space.

Choose Classy & Casual

slider-image-2 Deck out your dining room, garden or decking with a set of cane chairs for classy cosiness with an informal feel. Whether its accompanying seats or a full rattan dining set, furniture that allows for the gathering of the whole family can’t be beaten. An inviting, casual and friendly place to socialize with everyone is simply what rattan offers so well. The modern-day sets available allow for comfort as well as practicality so you can stay chatting around the table long after the foods gone!  

The Eye-Catching Accent

Dijon in Ivory_5239 Make a room pop with a focal piece that packs a punch. The Scandinavian chilled style is a dominant interior design mag tip and by adding some woven rattan furniture into your chic home, it truly doesn’t disappoint. This quirky armchair, sporting a throwback style offers that unique vintage feels which fits perfectly in contrasting or complimentary settings. Paired with a sharp accent colour or fabric, you can draw guests in from the moment they come through the door.  

Bring Spaces Together

Arlington Chair Lifestyle Utilize rattan in the same way as you would add accessories. Rattan is a natural looking, inoffensive material that dials down the sterility of painted surfaces and busy environments. By incorporating a touch of organic softness, simplicity footstools or armchairs add an effortless rustic emphasis that blends any space together. As you can see here, some unused space in a room, is a great place to throw in an intriguing chair that when pair with other striking accessories, creates a welcoming sanctuary in your home.

30255-holding-radish_1280x848 As you plan for the future of your garden in Spring, no doubt sustainability will be a big factor on your mind. In the modern world achieving a sustainable and low maintenance garden space is a big goal for many garden owners. Which is why it is important to set yourself up for this goal from the outset of your gardening effort. Here are some practical tips from the team here at Desser & Co for starting and maintaining your own sustainable garden space:

Avoid All Chemicals

It is easy to start out wanting to grow a sustainable garden, but there is a very real possibility that along the way you may consider it. Especially if pests become prevalent or your flowers/vegetables are not growing as much as you would like. Chemicals as a whole can create massive damage and are harmful to your garden (and you). This means also avoiding killing weeds and other pests in your garden with toxic pesticides. No matter how annoying they may be.

Reuse Creatively

Reusing resources is the hallmark of a sustainable garden space. Pots and other gardening supplies are created using a lot of energy, so using them and reusing them for as long as possible is a great to get the most out of this initial investment. Or avoid them altogether from the outset of your gardening efforts by researching the supplies that you buy! You can also make the effort to renew indoor items for the outdoor space. After all, a lampshade for a flower pot is both aesthetically pleasing and great for the environment.

Harvest Your Own Water

The hose you use to water your garden has a big impact on the environment. Whereas, not using it can have a terrible impact on your garden. The perfect compromise is to harvest your own water. Methods for this include putting out buckets or large tubs during rainfall or investing in an all-out rainwater tank. Or using mulch instead of soil, as it is much more permeable.

Zero Waste

A zero-waste garden is an ultimate step towards sustainability. No rubbish bins, no landfills and no dump will ever see an iota of scrap from your garden. Everything that decomposes is recycled back into the soil, in a true circle of life. Accept the challenge by simply removing the bin from your garden. See how it goes! You may have to remove a twig or two every now and again, but try and keep it as low as possible.

Sustainable Furniture

Here at Desser & Co, we ensure that all of our wicker and rattan furniture is sustainably sourced. Our wicker conservatory furniture promotes Fair Trade ethics, whilst also abiding by a low carbon emission business plan. All of our rattan is also sustainably sourced from the world’s largest rattan supplier, Indonesia. We work closely with suppliers to ensure that sustainability is a priority in the local communities, giving the communities a constant source of income and a sustained economy. Meaning all of our customers are able to have environmentally friendly furnishings. Overall, sustainability in gardening can be your own way to give back to the environment and protect it for future generations. All it requires is a little work and the drive to be a more environmentally friendly gardener.

Wicker is commonly regarded as a material; however, this is not the case. Wicker is a term given to a group of natural or man-made materials that are woven in a specific way – these materials include natural and synthetic options such as cane, rattan, willow, reed, reed, rush, resins, vinyl and splints to name a few. When the word wicker is used, it relates exclusively to the weaving process for which the materials are then sculpted into the furniture. During this process, natural materials are wet, making them easier to work with when the weave takes place. Despite this technique being an ancient handcrafted practice, it is today applied to natural materials and used for the mass manufacture of quality indoor and outdoor furniture. The wicker pattern that is most commonly used makes the finished product firmer and sturdier than furniture produced using other production techniques. So how is it made? Well, let’s find out…

How is Wicker Furniture Made?

Opera Desser Furniture Weave In an ideal scenario – albeit a slower one – the process of weaving either natural or synthetic materials should be done by hand. The amount of time taken to create a finished piece will vary massively depending on how complex the piece is; typically, however, most wicker furniture suites are made within 45 days of the project start date. A general rule of thumb is that the tighter the weave, the longer it will take to finish the product as there, of course, is more detailing going into the piece. Generally, it is also more expensive to make furniture that features a tighter weave since you will need more materials to fill in the frame. Typically, the process starts with a creation of a metal frame that outlines the shape of the suite. The structure is made from the ground up with the base wicker layer being made first so that the sides and top can all be intertwined accordingly. Depending on the material, it may be soaked thoroughly so it can be manipulated into the place the designer wants, meaning that it becomes much easier to weave with other strands or pieces of material. Each strand is laid next to each other and the maker begins by creating the weave around the frame, creating a weave which is layered one by one to build the full wicker effect. This is then dried out section by section until it forms a solid and durable structure. Close up of the Desser Dijon Wicker Weave In addition to the weaving process mentioned above, the materials are also known to go a series of processes which may include two or more of the following:
  • Deburring
  • Sanding
  • Painting
  • Lacquering
The key is to know what material you’re working with and how best to work with it. It is a long and complex task to master but one that is highly rewarding. As this can be a long hard process, it is much quicker and easier to simply purchase a new range from a company such as ourselves who have many years of experience in producing high-quality wicker furniture.

Want to know more about storing garden furniture over the cooler months? As the days darken, the cold creeps in and your garden starts looking more dead than alive. Winter, whilst beautiful, does make the garden space largely unusable for a number of months. Bad weather can also mean bad new for your garden furniture. So, storing garden furniture over winter can help keep it clean, damage free and ready for use come the warming of the weather next year. Prior to Storage There are a few things which you should do prior to storing your garden furniture to ensure it is in the best condition come spring, cleaning being a priority. Mould is a menace and is quick to grow, especially in storage. Washing your wicker furniture with warm water can help to prevent this from developing further, if particularly prevalent then add mild soap to clean more thoroughly. Mould is likely to develop over a winter in storage, so be prepared to carry out this step again in several months. If you’re at a loss on how to begin with cleaning your rattan furniture, then check out our handy infographic for your need-to-know cleaning tips! Extra Coating Once clean, you can either store it straight away or apply extra protection in the form of a new coating. For wicker furniture this should be a simple coating of paste wax to protect the finish of your wood. Likewise, plastic furniture can benefit from a coating of car wax – yes, really! – and metal furniture from a silicone sealant. A quick coating can protect your furniture from the worst that winter has to offer. Undercover Wherever you are storing your furniture over the colder months, whether a garage or shed, you will no doubt need an extra level of protection. A cover is excellent additional protection from the elements indoors, or full protection if you plan to keep your furniture outdoors. There are a number of sizes, weights and fastenings depending on your needs and use. If storing outdoors, ensure that any cover you buy is waterproof and allows for proper fastening to your garden furniture with secure buckles. Accessories All cushions, blankets and other fabric accessories should always be kept inside over winter. The potential for water retention and mould means they are particularly vulnerable in the wetter weather. To prevent replacing them year on year, store in a dry, warm, space. No matter how you store your furniture over winter, ensure that it is well-protected from the elements. A bad winter can be disastrous for your furniture, especially if your rattan becomes frayed or dried out due to cold spells. So, act now in storing garden furniture and have your furniture perfect to enjoy year on year!

The much-loved wicker chair is making a comeback this year, with a boom in the market for both indoor and outdoor woven sets. Here at Desser, we love our wicker ranges and we are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into each and every single range that we create. From hand-woven creations and combining quality materials to designing new unique ranges that are a level above the rest, you really can’t beat a highly-crafted piece. Although we may be biased, you simply can’t argue with the finished product! Every home has a place for a new wicker chair so we’ve put together a guided on why you should buy a new piece.

A Timeless Touch

 Image of a conservatory with Desser's Vale range on display. Nothing beats a traditional wicker chair and this one is no different. A classically designed wicker piece is ideal for any conservatory or orangery. Our suites are designed to deal with the pressures of weather by being built to handle high levels of heat and humidity so they don’t fade or buckle with the high temperatures. It is for this reason alone that wicker chairs are the preferred choice for any sun room and why they have been (and will be) for many more years to come.

Eye Catching Designs

 Desser Rattan Henley Chair Occasional chairs and even loom ranges have been a massive part of British homes for over a century now. Built to last, these pieces have evolved over time and now, new unique adaptations are being made on the traditional designs to create something quite special. Take our Henley chair, for example, a twist on a classic style, this eye-catching creation is ideal for any sitting room and will be the first-place visitors jump to sit on. Manufactured with durable, long-lasting materials this weave is a stunning one that will immediately be your room’s focal point.

Built for British Weather

 Rimini cameo Outdoor Rattan Furnitre Rattan furniture is not just a purchase that belongs inside. Rattan is an all-weather weave that means it is purpose built for handling the unpredictable British weather. These woven chairs and matching table are made from synthetic rattan and can take whatever the weather throws at it, with ease. With a natural, inviting tone and texture, they are the best buy for someone looking to dine in the garden on a rare sunny day in England!

Effortless Class

 Loom Chairs From Desser Whether it’s in your conservatory, dining room, bedroom or even in the hallway, an effortless loom chair is perfectly placed anywhere. A lightweight loom chair offers an air of elegance in any room and it is small enough to position in any room of your home where you’re looking for additional, occasional seating. Offering comfort and class wherever it goes, loom chairs are reasonably priced and they come in a variety of colours to suit your décor and become a household treasure for years to come.

A Country Escape at Home

Arlington Lifestyle Highland & Sand Adding wicker furniture to your home creates an instant feel of relaxation. If you’ve not already noticed, country homes and retreats are all massive supporters of the wicker influence and nothing truly adds that contemporary country feel than a wicker addition. A comfy woven chair and footstool, in a conservatory full of pretty plants, cushions and throws, create that unbeatable place to unwind and feel like you live the county wherever you are.  

Are you furnishing your garden and want to maximise the use of your outdoor area? With rattan furniture, you are sure to get both beauty and functionality making it perfect for any garden. If you’re considering buying other natural material based furniture, read these benefits of outdoor rattan furniture and make the right decision!

Different Options

Venice Cameo Rattan Garden Furniture Whenever it comes down to buying rattan furniture, you are guaranteed to find something suited to you, as it generally looks stunning in any garden! Rattan garden furniture can either be made from natural rattan, one of over 600 species of tropical palms or from synthetic fibres. There are differences between the two which can be weighed up to find the perfect material for you. Rattan is also available in a range of different colours and designs. This, combined with a vast choice of fabrics to accompany your furniture ensures that you will find the perfect furniture for you and your needs to enable you to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a Venice set or luxury Bliss Lounge suite, you will be delighted with your decision.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Rattan furniture requires very low maintenance as previously mentioned. Most other natural materials need to be treated every year with a range of oils and preservatives, whereas Rattan lasts for an amazing amount of time without maintenance. Just lightly brush the pieces to remove any dust, and in case of dirt, wiping with a wet cloth does the trick.

Long Lasting and Cost Effective

Rattan furniture is great for those areas that are prone to use, and it lasts just as long if not longer as other furniture made from natural materials. So if you have rambunctious little ones running around the garden you don’t have to keep them away. The lightweight nature ensures that pieces don’t topple heavily on children or damage the floor. Due to its longevity, rattan furniture is inevitably economic and cost effective, especially with our current sale. The ranges we offer make sure you will find something you love within your budget!   Overall, all the latest design trends are available in rattan which we offer, which makes it easy to dress up any space. If you are on a limited budget, desire a natural, outdoorsy look and want furniture that lasts, go for rattan. You won’t regret it!

After a stressful day at the office or looking after the little ones, there’s nothing better than the feeling of sinking into a snug armchair. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary pieces or have a more traditional taste, there are different chairs that will suit both your personality and space. Separate to your sofa suites, armchairs are typically a long-lasting investment so it there should be a few things you consider before you buy. Here’s what you need to think about…

Choose Your Fabric Carefully 

Desser Occasional Cane Chair With some tender loving and care, your armchair should stick with you for years to come, however, the fabric will ultimately be the decision maker as to how long it lasts for. That’s why it’s crucial that you pick a fabric that’s right for your lifestyle. Whether you have kids or dogs, as well as your chair looking good, it, more importantly, needs to be practical for the environment it’s in so you need to pick your fabric based on this. If it’s more of a traditional or formal room you’re creating, matching a pattern elsewhere with your armchairs fabric works well. Whether it’s matching the armchairs with opposing cushion patterns or curtains it helps avoid a clash, making the room feel calm.

Think About the Flow

When picking an occasional armchair shape, remember to consider the windows, doors and other furniture pieces in the room to maintain a friendly balance in the room. Armchairs don’t have to be blocky and solid, so if you don’t have room for big pieces, look at lighter options. Our occasional cane chairs here at Desser effortlessly suit secondary seating rooms as their rattan frames encourage light to flood through them whilst still offering additional, comfortable seating when required in a larger setup. 

Don’t Stick to The Rules 

If you’re investing in more than just one armchair then doesn’t stick to the norms! Get inventive and mix and match. The best thing about singular seating is that it works so well with other furniture pieces and can coexist with ease. The styling tip is to opt for two wonderfully crafted chairs and give them room to make their own statement within the room. In a minimalist space or room with size, two contrasting armchairs can really draw the eye when guest enter the room.

Show Off with A Statement

Desser Rattan Henley Chair Make an instant impact in a room by picking a statement armchair. This hard-hitting Henley Chair stands out for its unique and throwback design. When you pick your statement piece, try not to be swayed by the latest top pick and instead look for a piece that you’ll love for years to come.

Consider What You Have Already

As you’ll know, occasional armchairs are the after piece and are rarely the first piece of furniture that is picked for a room. With that in mind, you need to consider what you already have and take into account the style or colours of your existing pieces. Getting the mood right is vital as you want to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that seamlessly blends your space together.    

Madrid Light Oak Lifestyle Harlem Often people wonder what exactly is involved when it comes to occasional furniture. Well, occasional furniture is a type of furniture that can provide a number of different purposes or needs. This category of furniture in question includes such pieces as tables, chests, commodes, stools, stands and chairs. Traditionally occasional furniture is small sized furniture that is easy to move or arrange within a room and it comes in a wide range of styles and materials. The concept gets its name from its use as it is classed as furniture that is only occasionally used but still exists as a permanent fixture within its designated room. Say for example you consider a conservatory. Typically, in there you’ll have a cane sofa set that easily accommodates your whole family’s needs. However, in the event you have some guests over you’ll be limited for seats so you’d need to have an occasional armchair so they have somewhere to sit when that situation occurred. With advancements in technology, the occasional furniture sector has boomed over recent years means that you can get a wide range of different styles and sizes for your additional furniture pieces. What’s great about these pieces is that they can be crafted out of a variety of fabulous materials such as chairs made of wood, wicker, rattan or metal. With how accessible occasional furniture is today, people can now easily find pieces that will match any interior design theme they may have – with styles to complement existing decors or even that inspire completely new interior looks. Today finding those much-loved pieces couldn’t be easier. Your safest bet is to stick with furniture stockists that supply other types of furniture, not only will they be experts in the market but this helps with warranty and it may even allow you to get some discount should you make a bulk order! Here at Desser we make it easier for you as we offer a one stop shop for all your seating needs. So, whether you’re looking for a full rattan furniture set or just a one-off occasional armchair to compliment your pre-existing setup, we have what you need. We also sell footstools and tables so if you’re looking for those little but crucial pieces that add that element of snugness and homeliness, browse our indoor furniture page now!

Regardless of whether you have a quaint little getaway or a large inviting luxurious space, your garden is the perfect place to invite friends and family to when the sun is gloriously shining. To help you create that ideal setting to host those much-loved summer social events, we’ve put together these handy how-to tips!

Shade Is the Solution

A cool, shade bit of relief from the midday sun is essential for daytime hosting and dining in the garden. A shaded area, whether it’s brought about through a parasol, trellis or sail, will help you give you more time entertaining your guests or chilling out. A plant-covered trellis will require so more work but it will look amazing in the long run, however, if it is something less permanent or easier to achieve, an oversized umbrella is the sun beating solution.

Create a Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Transition

Indoor to Outdoor Furniture Transition This point is key! Entertaining in your garden is easy to do when it feels like an extension of your living room or conservatory. Bifolding or patio doors are the perfect way to open up a living room when the weather is fine, unifying your garden with an indoor entertaining area and encouraging guests to wander outside into an inviting garden space. It works well if you match up your conservatory furniture with your outdoor ranges so there’s a flowing theme throughout the transition. You can easily achieve this with the installation of rattan furniture. This often is most effective in smaller or narrower rooms as the open garden at the end gives the room an appearance of being bigger than it actually is.

Find That Focal Point

Whether it’s a living wall with fabulous flowers, a soothing water fountain or a centred fire pit, creating an eye-catching feature in your garden to grab your guests. These focal points are what people pin on their Pinterest boards each week. With just a few tweaks you could have this look! We’ve all been there at a bar, restaurant or party where you arrive and scout the best seating possible, avoiding the rubbish seats – you need to create this same feeling in your garden. You want to design a place where people bypass those emergency chairs and dart for that haven and these eye-catching features can do that!

Prioritise Seating

Winchester with tan lavastone table Getting the seating right is a guaranteed way to ensure your garden is a comfortable place to lounge about in. If you only have fold-up chairs and sun loungers, they will work but why not consider creating an outdoor seating space? Adding an arrangement of outdoor furniture will invite people to relax and unwind, in a calming and cosy setting. Position your sofa seating in a circle to encourage conversation and add throws and scatter cushions to your suite to add that little touch of delight. That way, you’ll create a calm environment that people can feel at ease in, rather than feeling formal on rigid, uncomfy chairs.

We all take pride in our homes but keeping up with the latest interior design trends is a never ending battle. Whether its luxury, style or comfort that you desire, we all strive for that delightful and welcoming décor that makes our houses, homes. Now, it is unrealistic to revamp your home every year to meet every new change in the industry. So instead of conforming to a trend that may change in 6 months, why not elect for some timeless styles that will leave your home looking permanently fantastic. Below we have listed 7 home décor trends that will keep your interior looking inspirational for years to come.


With everything in life, less is more. Home’s are so often spoilt by clutter so the less that you have taking up that all important space, the better your home looks as a result. Minimalism should be implemented into your layout, your furniture and your decorations. You need to work with the space you have and ensure that the objects in the room are in proportion to its overall size.

The Furniture

 Living Room Wicker Furniture Arrangement

Unless you’re living in a showroom there must be a level of comfort in your home. Just because an item may look bespoke and so unbelievably unique that you must have it, you need to think if it’s going to work in your setup. For example, if you have kids, then you simply cannot have a glass finish everywhere. Today people are looking being more inventive with their furniture for functionality. They’re bringing their outdoor furniture into their homes for dual use and they’re upscaling their tired, old pieces, turning them into modern day wonders. There no reason why you can’t do this as well and by being practical, you can display décor items that are used as well as admired.


The ‘in’ colour seems to be new every year and even, every season. For a room to escape looking dull and miserable, it needs some colour to make it stand out and be inviting. As mentioned, you can’t buy every new trend that gets announced but what you can do is invest in the ideal accessories that bring you that colour for a fraction of the price. Take advantage of throw pillows, vases, lamps, ornaments and blankets. They’re simple to swap out with the cycling seasons and they make that bold statement that catches the eye in the room.


A common mistake people make is they treat their rooms as a never ending project. They are prey to new product releases and they think just because it fits in the colour palette and there is a spot free on the self, they need to fill it. It is here we urge you to stop. No home looks sophisticated with too much going on so you need to cherish those purchases. Try shopping less often for just any old addition and instead wait to buy those high-quality items that are actually worth it. One focal piece is better than five little additions that you’ve just put in for the sake of it.

Natural Lighting 

Light Bright room with white colour scheme in a longer orangery with open patio doors into the garden at the back This is a big consideration for any room you plan – where is that light coming from? Nobody wants a dark room in their house that portrays a sad story so you need to utilise what you have. Look to choose window treatments that let in the more light and where that light is at a minimum, buy some lights that give the room a warmer glow. Lighting can make or break a room, too much and it overpowers it, too little and it makes it looks mundane. Take stock of what your room has and work your colour scheme around making the room a more natural-looking place.


An organised home is a happy home. Nobody wants to come home to mess everyday and your guests don’t want to be looking at your clutter. Having innovative storage solutions never goes out of style and it will ensure everything is tucked away where its supposed to be. Whether it’s compartments under your coffee table/couch or shelves on the wall, there are many smart options available to make storage apart of your visually appealing aesthetic design.


You always need to think about the long-term nature of your home décor rather than something trendy but cheap. By keeping your room timeless, you should see it as a longer term invest from the moment you decide to decorate it. It is all about shopping cleverly. If you end up replacing a poorly made product, it is going to cost you more than a well-made piece would. It is simply not timeless if you have to replace your newest piece because it breaks or because you can’t relax on it so you need that piece that looks great whilst standing the test of time.

As those dreadful, cold winter days are slowly starting to fade, people are gradually coming around to the idea of updating their current living spaces. With sales on industry-wide, people are flocking to see what bargains they can pick up whilst stocks last. However, a sofa is a big purchase and as exciting as it may be, it’s a decision that needs a great deal of thought – you don’t want to panic buy something only to be stuck with it for months to come! Therefore, here at Desser, we’ve put together a quick buying guide to ensure you find the perfect rattan range for you! Stamford Lifestyle 2
  1. Don’t Settle When It Comes To Quality

Whilst to some extent you can only spend within your means, you don’t want to settle on the quality of your suite. The problem is, if you invest in the cheapest option you’re always likely to get a poor quality piece of furniture that either isn’t practical, isn’t comfortable or just won’t last long. If you need to save for that extra month, then it’s definitely worthwhile or better yet, take advantage of the clearance sales! Our upholstered rattan suites are all British made with sprung seats and backs as well as robust rattan materials. Each set is subjected to thorough testing to ensure that wear and tear aren’t an issue. We take pride in the comfort we offer, ensuring that all pieces are made from superior grade fabrics and cushioning. We’ve been proudly running since 1919 and we’ve only been able to do that because of the high level of quality we offer in our products.
  1. Finding Your Style

Getting the perfect set relies on you finding that piece that screams you. It will always depend on what sort of person you are, what you like, your needs, what your interior is like and just your general taste as a whole. An orangery or conservatory gives you the ideal opportunity to try and new style. A new canvas away from the rest of your house’s interior, you’ve now got the chance to invest in a piece that will kick-start a whole new look for you. Investing in those natural rattan and wicker materials will immediate transfer your space into a warmer, cosier climate. Purpose built for a sun-filled room, they are the ideal solution for your back room. With all of the fabrics you can pick from, not only can you find the range you want but you can also pick the pattern and style you love. Designed for style and practicality, our fabrics are unrivalled for any modern or classic room. Remember – it’s all about the colour, texture, suitability and practicality.
  1. Comfort

When you’re choosing a new sofa, as silly as it sounds, take in account how you sit normally. What we mean by this is are you sloucher do you prefer a more posture pleasing upright position? If you pick ranges with a higher back then they naturally lend themselves to those who seek support in their head and neck, giving the most comfort in a more upright position. If you’re more a ‘love to laze’ type person, then look for ranges with more cushioning or altering that you can add more scatter cushions too, to ensure that you can sink into a nest of comfort.
  1. The Clean Up

In a family environment keeping any room clean and tidy is a hard enough job. The living spaces are always the highest traffic rooms so keeping your sofa clean is highly important. That’s why we make sure every suite is made with you in mind. Not only are our rattan ranges durable but they are easy to maintain and wipe clean. Once more, we offer Aquaclean fabrics but are the solution for all of your cleaning nightmares. No longer do you have to worry about only being able to get certain colours in fear of your children ruining them. Aquaclean fabrics offer you protection from stains and spillages and what’s even better is that they come in wide range of beautiful designs. All you need to do is wash any spillages off with water and you’re back to new. his includes tea and coffee, red wine, felt pen, coke and chocolate! The treatment is invisible and does not affect texture, colour, or smell. Hopefully, this will have helped you to consider all of the elements that you need to in order to make your new and exciting purchase. You can also read our in-depth rattan furniture buying guide to give you, even more, advice before making your purchase.

Cosy Conservatory In Winter Your living rooms and spaces are really the epicentres of your home over the cold, winter months. Ideal for a warm, comfy retreat, these rooms act as a welcome retreat after a long day of dealing with the unpleasant weather! To help you maximise that cosy feeling, we’ve put together these tips of features you should look to include in your home to make the most out of your space!  

Maximise That View

There’s nothing better than on a cold winters day than to be enjoying the outdoors from the comfort and more importantly warmth of your own chair. Ideal for those of you with orangery’s – position your rattan furniture arrangement next to your window or facing out of them so you can make the most of that beautiful scenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows or the now highly popular bi-folding doors are fantastic ways of maximising your view.  

Decide On Your Focal Point

The living room is the natural home for both the television and the fireplace. What is being tipped as a top interior design trend for 2017 is incorporating the two together in terms of being a focal point. This can be done by balancing the two together by placing the TV directly above the fireplace so they’re not competing as focal points. Following this, your living room arrangement cam then follow suit by logically grouping around the one focal point. This offers guest and your family to have one centred area where their eyes will naturally be drawn into.  

Get Cosy with Some New Fabrics & Textiles

A give for when its bitter outside – snuggle up by making sure you have plenty of cushions and throws to ensure your living room feels wonderfully cosy. Your furniture might be old and worn so it might be time to be updated your pieces. With a new upholstered fabric on your suite, you can match your accessories match. This also gives you a simple way of updating your space for the season at hand without having to redecorate fully.  

Create a Wonderful Window Seat

A living room is a perfect place for a window seat. It not only provides a place to sit and admire the outside view but the cushions can actually help to reduce draughts coming in through the windows. A great place to delve into a book, you can relax in comfort whilst being surrounded by the wonderful winterland outside. If you have the capability, when designing your window seat, make sure you take full advantage of the space by incorporating under-seat storage, or by adding holes for hidden a radiator.

Patterns are a wonderful thing and they can immediately brighten any room or interior décor. It allows you to add character to any space and with the wide range of amazing patterned fabrics we have available, we’ve put together this list for inspiration.

Match Your Furniture to Your Rug 

A brilliant way to create a scheme for your room is to use a patterned rug as your foundation. Pick out the key colours from the piece and then work your fabrics around it. Chose from our fabrics to ensure that the designs offer a similar tone and theme. You can emphasis those accent colours in your room or you can add harmony by picking out those subtle elements of colour. It is also worthwhile in a patterned room to keep the curtains or blinds to a plain colour to soften the look and remove the risk of too much contrast occurring.

Make That StatementArlington Lifestyle Couch with flowered pattern

A clever way to show off your patterns is to choose statement piece that offers a strong design. Take the Arlington shown here, for example, the bold paisley esk’ print on the suite creates a defining and show-stopping aesthetic. Mix that with some picturesque artwork or soft cushions that complement the pattern and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. It works so well because the colours thrive together, and the plain but strong accessories add harmony to the look.

In Fuse Some Natural Elements into The Theme

If you’re someone who has a passion for all things colour why not give your living room or conservatory a boost of pattern with a simple bunch of flowers. You can especially use our unique grade A and D fabrics to match the petal colour to your suite or cushions. This is an easy way you can introduce bright shades to work well with the more delicate colours on the wall and curtains behind.

Incorporate Accessories

Dessers Stamford Cameo Shot of a pattern rattan suite with a draped rug Patterns can be layered in many ways, and not just by fabrics or wallpaper. Here, the simple addition of the plain throw over the patterned Stamford range  adds, even more, interest to this piece and elegant room. Rugs, planters and vases are also a great way to add some extra bits of pattern to the space. They are all simple additions that can be easily added or switch in and out when you want to go for a new look.  

The Clifton range is one of, if not the most popular that we offer and there’s good reason for that. We are proud of every single range we produce here at Desser but this suite will always be a classic and something special to us. Desser Clifton Suite lifestyle image in a conservatory The range is one that really encapsulates everything about the traditional rattan aesthetic and weave. We’ve been designing high standard and well-crafted furniture for your homes for decades but this is one range that stands the test of time. With a unique and natural appearance of rattan, it offers both a high level of comfort and practicality. With a robust back, its durable structure uses base cushioning and tailored upholstery to offer a truly British design. Perfect for unwinding on after a long day, it includes fully upholstered armrests for added relaxation for you to chill out on – they can even be removed to help you clean or to accommodate for the full family on birthdays and Christmas! Desser's Clifton Conservatory furniture suite The range itself comes in a broad range of different fabrics so you can style it to match your home décor. With Autumn well underway it’s the perfect time to invest in some well need rattan and some scatter cushions to go with it so you can style your interior to meet the season. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose to buy as much or as little of the range as you want. We have available – the three seater Sofa, the two-seater sofa, an armchair, footstool, lamp tables, coffee table and scatter pillows. This information is all available on our product page if you’d like to know just exactly what you can get. Desser's Clifton range in a Cameo fabric Despite people being under the illusion that everyone wants the most futuristic or latest thing out there, there is still a large demand for the authentic, well-crafted and ‘best of British’ pieces out there as people love to add character to their homes. The Clifton is so popular and such a classic for that exact reason. It’s modernly made but it still flaunts all of the attributes of that of a traditional, high-quality piece of rattan. As a range, it really does tick all of the boxes for homeowners and with its elegance, cosiness and practicality, this is a suite that will stay a favourite for many more years to come.  

Rimini cameo Outdoor Rattan Furnitre As the winter gets closer and the temperature drops, it is now to prepare for the colder months ahead. Despite the disappointing summer, you may have of at least enjoyed a few days out in the garden enjoying the sun whilst sat in your outdoor furniture. However, when the threat of constant rain and even snow is looming, you need to now start looking at ways to protect your wicker furniture against the harshness of the times so that it is still in pristine condition if for next summer (that is if we get more sun this time around!). Often people just leave their furniture to handle the weather but this shouldn’t be the case. With a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your wicker furniture and protect it throughout the season.
  1. Remove and Refresh the Cushions
Most rattan furniture ranges come with decorative cushions to add that level of comfort and luxury to the outdoor wicker chairs, sofas and sectionals. Cushions can elevate the look of the suite and capture the essence of the season perfectly, however, after months of use they tend to get dirty. Start by removing the cushions before you clean the outdoor furniture. Vacuum the cushions to suck up surface dirt and dust. If the cushions are stained and have a canvas or fabric cover like our ranges do, treat the stained areas with specialist detergents or disinfectants before looking to wash the cushions in hot water. In addition, you should look to use a soft brush to scrub away mildew and stains.
  1. The Clean
So after you’ve treated the cushions it’s time to give that wicker furniture some TLC! Before you cover it or even store it away, start by vacuuming the furniture to get rid of surface grime and dirt! If you hose down the suite, make sure you allow adequate time for it to dry before covering it as you don’t want it to get damp. Next, you can simply mix dish soap with warm water then wipe down the furniture with a soft rag. Sometimes it’s handy to get a toothbrush or small brush with needles to get into the crevices of the weave. Always, ensure your outdoor furniture is completely dry before you store it. If moisture or dirt is left on your furniture, mould or mildew may form during the winter months.
  1. Cover Up Your Cane
Not everyone is blessed with acres of space so you may find you’re limited in your ability to store your outdoor furniture and need to keep your furniture outside for the whole season. If that’s the case, you should use well-fitted covers to protect your wicker furniture during the winter. Take exact measurements of each piece of furniture to avoid guesswork and gaps in its protection. With the right fit, it will prevent moisture building up, it will keep decay at an arm’s length and it will stop the harshness of winter weather from affecting your wicker furnishings. When it comes to covers make sure it is:
  • Made from heavy-duty fabric to stand up to the weather, leaves, animals, and other outdoor elements.
  • It has to be water-repellent to protect your wicker pieces against the snow and rain.
  • It comes with venting in its design so air can circulate through it to avoid mould.
  • That it is durable enough and comes with ties and reinforced seams to keep the covers securely in place for those unpleasant windy days.
  1. Storage
If possible, you could store your wicker furniture indoors during the winter. If the space is there, then, ensure that your suite is kept in a dry place that is not directly exposed to the sun and cold. Suitable storage areas can include a garage, shed, orangery, conservatory or attic. All of our ranges are lightweight so they’re built to be easy to move. Unless you will be using it if for example, it was in your conservatory, your wicker furniture should still be covered, even when its inside. The reason for this is that it protects the furniture against dust, mildew and temperature fluctuations. You should avoid stacking the furniture pieces on top of each other as this can cause damage in the form of cracks or bends if it’s left in that way for months on end. It’s never a fun task to tidy things away but it is a necessary one if you want to look after your pieces. Don’t worry, though, it only takes a couple of hours (at best!) to properly protect your wicker furniture for the wonders of winter. That way, when the warm weather returns next years, you can release your well-kept furniture and it will look better than ever!

With the sun out, we all want to get outside as much as possible whilst the weather is still nice. If you’re adamant, you don’t want to reinvest in a whole new range of rattan garden furniture we’ve listed some great ideas for you so you revamp your outdoor furniture to get it looking like a wonderful place for you and your friends to enjoy for the remaining days of summer. Continue Reading

This is a question that often stumps people when it comes to making their furniture purchase. As confusing as it can be to differentiate between the two, when it comes to rattan furniture, there is natural rattan or synthetic rattan. To help clear up some of the confusion, below we will take a look at the difference and compare both their strengths and weaknesses. Continue Reading