Now Summer is finally here – yay! – most of us will try and make the most of the warm evenings and sunny weekends by spending time in our gardens. And it is at this point that you may look at it and decide that it looks, well, rather unloved.

So what can you do to spruce up your garden  – and with a limited budget? Continue Reading

Who doesn’t love a good garden party? Hot (-ish!) days leading in to warm Summer nights while socialising with friends can be a wonderful way to make the most of the Summer. So, if you want to throw a garden party, here are some tips to help make it a success! Continue Reading

If you’re familiar with our range of blogs you’ll understand just how expansive rattan is. Over the years there have been many different styles used with this type of furniture, appealing to many peoples different tastes. In this article we will look at some of the styles used over the years, ranging from its first ancient uses to modern incarnations. Continue Reading

Rattan is an amazing furniture choice suited to any season, and for a lot of people, the most appealing time is spring. It’s when days are lighter, last longer and plants begin to flourish. Many people already have rattan furniture to furnish their home, but there are a variety of ways to style it to compliment this season of growth. Continue Reading

If you live with your family there are two words you will often hear, especially if there are younger children present: “I’m bored”. This normally causes anger with older members in the home; afterall, there’s always someone who might appreciate a helping hand. However, sometimes imagination can be a little bit lacking, so here are a selection of activities you should try out on a lazy Sunday. Continue Reading

garden 2014 seemed to fly by, and it has been an amazing time for the gardening world. This part of the home is an important place for many people, which is why there are so many competitions across the UK. We want to celebrate the time and dedication people have invested into their land, which is why we are showcasing 2014’s best home gardens. Continue Reading

It’s truly astounding how many people genuinely believe that rattan and wicker furniture is exactly the same. A direct result of this is that a number of outlets use these names interchangeably to address a specific type of furniture, instead of them being separate. Although both rattan and wicker are in the same category, there’s a significant difference between the two: one is a material and the other is a process. Continue Reading

A number of people are choosing to embrace smaller homes that provide a cosy experience which anybody can instantly enjoy. The majority of us will spend a lot of time in the living room, although it can be off putting if space is limited. This doesn’t have to be the case at all, as there’s a number of simple things you can do to make the most of this particular room. Continue Reading

Although you have the freedom to create a space that is tailor made to your liking when decorating, there are a number of common mistakes that are easy to make. This blog will go into detail about regular mistakes that all decorators face, and also how they can be easily fixed so the next time you decide to renovate a room, you can do so with complete confidence. Continue Reading

Redesign, re-decoration and renovation; These are the three Rs of your kitchen where, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of age, the heart of your home can be reborn. Now has never been a better time for a makeover, with the industry experiencing somewhat of a revolution in design. This year has been all about open plan kitchens, letting the energy and soul of cooking break out into a free space.

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One of the best things about choosing furniture with Desser is the ability to personalise your rattan suites with a wide selection of cushion fabrics. This month everyone is layering up for the cooler climes of autumn, and with that in mind we’re going mad for the ‘Maria’ design. With an elegant, understated neutral tone it’s perfect not just for autumn but all year round, providing the perfect canvas to splash seasonal scatter pillows over. This Grade B, machine washable fabric is not just practical, but complements a wide range of colours for all rooms and seasons. For this coming autumn, we’d recommend fabric designs such as ‘Kate’ and ‘Nancy’. Continue Reading

Bath, in Somerset, is famous for its wealth of history and culture and is packed with stunning attractions and historical locations. If you want your home to be just as iconic as this location is, why not choose one of our amazing rattan furniture suites for your lounge – specifically, our Bath rattan range which would be absolutely ideal. Continue Reading

This is the third installment in our series of blogs which looks at the different eras in furniture design and the changes in style through the decades, each with its varying characteristics which make these moments in time so unique from one another. Initially we took a look at the 1960’s, before then moving onto the 70’s, and you probably guessed it, we’re now onto the 1980’s. Not content with providing our rattan furniture and rattan garden furniture, or indeed any of the products we provide, this blog looks to address the latest goings on within our industry, after all, we’re more than just a furniture store, we’re vastly experienced and have been in the game for many years, hench why we share our knowledge through this trusty blog. Continue Reading

When looking to make home improvements, it is very important that we look to create a completely comfortable surrounding which offers an area for the whole family to live, and of course a place where they can all enjoy full relaxation. At Desser, we don’t just provide quality rattan furniture for our customers, we also offer exquisite garden furniture. Not only that, but we are also leaders in the conservatory furniture market as well as being a top resource for everything you need regarding your own home improvements. Continue Reading

At Desser, we’re much more than just a provider of rattan furniture and rattan garden furniture. Whilst that is our main service, to provide top quality, comfortable rattan suites to customers across the United Kingdom; we also extend this service with our blog. The Desser blogs cover all manner of topics regarding amazingly diverse the world of furniture. From iconic designs and influential designers to tips on how to look after your own furniture, we’ve covered it all. Continue Reading