5 Best Tropical Plants for Your Conservatory

pexels-photo-132468 Keeping with the conservatory theme from last week, in the blog How to Grow Plants in Your Conservatory, this time we will explore a more tropical theme for your conservatory plants. When making our spaces beautiful with flowers, we must consider that some are more suitable for the indoors and others for outside. Tropical plants, for example, are less likely to thrive in the outdoor British weather. That is why, if we want to enjoy their beauty, we must allow them to thrive in an indoor space, like a conservatory. So, with that in mind, what are the best tropical plants to make your conservatory a certified tropical paradise?


Typically a native of China, the hibiscus plant is a little delicate in the climate of the UK. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to grow them in your conservatory and help them to thrive as much as possible. Available in a multitude of colours – this tropical plant is particularly magnificent in its bright red bloom form – they can be slightly delicate. During the lighter and warmer parts of the year, you need to be sure to lightly mist them with water on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may find they become slightly wilted or dehydrated.


A southern American import, the Bromeliad plant is something which is often referred to and known as ‘air plant’. This means that they are more typically found growing on other trees, with long, narrow leaves, that help to absorb lots of nutrients and light. As such, they are actually very colourful for several months of the year. Allowing you to enjoy a splash of colour for a longer period than most other plants you might grow. They need to be moisturised at all times. However, be sure to only water the soil when it becomes completely dried out for best results.

Ginger Lily

If you want something with a lush foliage, strong scent and flowers in every colour – then, the Ginger Lily tropical plant is a perfect addition to your conservatory. They also have the benefit of being extremely easy plants to grow in the warmth of your conservatory – as they can cope well both in a container and in a bed of soil. To grow reliably, the ginger lily does need a little bit of heat. So, you may find that your conservatory is actually the perfect space for them. Of course, you will need a beautiful seating area from which you can enjoy this small tropical plant paradise that you are creating. A nice wicker sofa is sure to pull the room together, offering a focal point for you to grow your plants around and make into possibly the best reading spot in the whole house. After all, the best part about growing such beautiful things is getting to enjoy them once they have fully bloomed.