Classic layout of a Scandinavian Style House Interior

Achieving a Scandinavian Style House Interior

Even if you think you’re not familiar with Scandinavian décor, the chances are that you’ve been in a room that’s covered in its signature style. Soft, cosy furnishings teamed with cool, neutral colours are typical features in a Scandinavian style home. It may seem impossible to recreate such a professional-looking interior in your home, but it’s surprisingly easy once you get the hang of the tips and tricks used. Here are 3 pointers for achieving a Scandinavian style house interior:

Playing with Textures

Natural elements are fundamental when it comes to a Scandinavian style house interior, so it’s important to use them wherever possible. Exposed brick walls and natural wooden flooring are both typical examples of what you’d see in a Scandinavian inspired home. Stone, light woods and weathered concrete are all additional elements that also work well.  This then sets the tone for the rest of the furniture and soft furnishings, creating a casual, comfortable mood with harsh materials that are softened with simple accents. Wool, cotton, faux fur and linen are all excellent ways to make your living room a cosy, Scandinavian style haven. Keep a natural colour palette when adding textures, with any pops of colour coming from your decorations and ornaments.   

Utilising the Light

Dim lighting is perfectly fine the winter when you just want to curl up and forget the outside world, but it’s not so ideal for the rest of the year. Bright, fresh, clean spaces make the perfect setting for this type of décor. Uncovered windows let light in that’s then reflected and amplified by white walls, however, this isn’t always practical when it comes to privacy in your home. Try some sheer curtains that can gather at the side of the window when not needed.  In addition to this, mirrors can also help to bounce light off the walls. A big, statement mirror in your living room can complete your interior décor, adding a talking point for when guests come over. Though this will provide plenty of light, you shouldn’t forget about classic floor lamps and table lamps. Both are features of true Scandinavian design, setting an intimate mood in the home while incorporating effortless style.   

Creating Silhouettes

A cluttered room is a big no-no when it comes to a Scandinavian style house interior. Clean cut lines and minimalist décor is definitely preferred. When decorating your home, you should always look for ways to streamline furnishings. For example, extra seating can always be replaced by floor cushions or a footstall – only to be brought out when necessary. Take time to simplify your collections and possessions, if it doesn’t need to be there or you’ve fallen out of love with it – then get rid of it. This will open up the space, making it feel brighter and clearer.