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The great thing about styling your home is that all of the decisions are yours. You’re able to build your own personal space, and by adding a touch of your own character and personalising things, you can create a space which you’re completely happy with. A conservatory is a visually stunning addition to any home, and there are a huge variety of decisions you can make when it comes to the style you want, be it the style of conservatory furniture or the conservatory interior design. Whatever you decide to go with, there is no doubting that your choices are truly limitless.
There are lots of decisions to be made when a conservatory has been built, and the first one that you need to seriously consider is the intended use of your new living space. Here are a few of the most popular options, and there are a few, as conservatories are amongst the most versatile type of extension, or indeed the most adaptable areas of a home, no matter if it’s a traditional style property or a new build.

Create an elegant living room

A living room conservatory is the perfect way to create a cosy area for the whole family to relax in. During the winter months you can close off the blinds to keep the warmth in, whilst during the summer months you can benefit from being in an open, light-filled and airy environment. Please take a look at our seasonal guides to styling your conservatory:
Rattan furniture is a popular option for those who’re looking to turn their conservatory into a peaceful area for the whole family. Rattan or Wicker furniture is easy to maintain whilst a conservatory living room has the obvious benefit of being close to the outside. With the option of bi-folding, french or patio doors – you can build a splendid space which offers complete comfort.
You might want to look at rocking chairs and sofas, and the decision to go down either the contemporary or traditional route leaves you with plenty of scope for personalisation, you can then create somewhere that helps to make everyone feel completely at home.

Create a modern dining room

Creating a contemporary dining room space is very easy with the addition of a couple of modern accessories, a mixture of carefully chosen fabrics and a great selection of stylish, good looking furniture.
Choosing accessories such as an oversized floor lamp or spotlights which hang from the ceiling can help turn what’s a great area to relax in during daylight hours, into a perfect room to entertain guests over a meal during the twilight hours.

Of course, you’re going to need to look at dining tables, and whilst some can be large, it’s still possible to make the most of your conservatory space. When you see the array of chic dining sets available on the market, you won’t struggle to dream up and create an area which you’re happy with, and one which you can truly feel at ease within.

Create an airy home office

If you work from home, turning a conservatory into a home office will ensure that whilst you might be busy completing tasks, you’ll still benefit from an influx of light and fresh air (if you have the doors/windows ajar) and you’ll have the ability to easily shift the furniture arrangement when you see fit.
You can gain real peace in a conservatory, and they can be the ideal solution as a home office, no matter what profession you’re in. The real trick is choosing furniture which is comfy and that looks good, all whilst remaining practical and matching the decor of the room.
When looking at bookcases, couches, sofas, tables and cupboards, whatever your preferred choice, and whatever you elect to go for, creating a special place where you not only want to work, but you choose to spend leisure time in, is entirely feasible.

Home gymnasium

If you’re pondering what you might use your new conservatory for, or what you might convert your existing conservatory to; and you’re a bit of a health fanatic, a home gymnasium is a practical yet interesting option.
Even if you’re after somewhere to simply store the treadmill, rowing machine or indoor bike for occasional use, it’s no bother as the rest of the room can then be taken up with other furniture, turning it into a truly multi functional space. If not, the entire area can become your home gym, again the options really are limitless.

An open plan extension

The sheer versatility of a conservatory should not be understated, and with the breadth of interior design options available, this type of extension can really add some real value not only your property, but also to your lifestyle. An open plan extension such as a conservatory leaves many things to ponder, such as whether you opt for wooden floorboards or carpet, wicker or rattan furniture, blinds or curtains.

Conservatories are the easiest and most cost-effective ways of adding space to your home, not to mention how incredibly versatile the space can be. A conservatory can really help bring in the light, and no matter what you use the area for, the sense of style and overall well being a conservatory can bring cannot be matched anywhere else in the home.
By thoughtfully planning everything from the conservatory furniture you choose to the overall conservatory style and interior design, your home can be completely transformed, giving a new lease of life not only to your home, but your family as well. There’s plenty of inspiration available across the internet but here at Desser, we’re experts in not just conservatory furniture but all things rattan furniture and conservatory interior design. Stay tuned for more fantastic conservatory style guides. This guide to styling your conservatory is just the first in a long line where we will be looking in greater depth at the creative interior design options that there are for either contemporary conservatory design or traditional conservatory design. If you have anymore questions, or are eager to browse through our fantastic range of furniture and get started decorating right away, don’t hesitate to take a look at the rest our website at We are a family business with generations of experience in specialised conservatory furniture, and you’ll find everything you need to make your conservatory shine whatever style you go for.