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Winter is traditionally a colour neutral time of the year, when the colours of the autumn turn to whites and greys, and the sun stays low in the sky. What’s great about the changing seasons is that you can adjust your home accordingly, incorporating warm colours that are soft and fluffy, or strong tailored fabrics, depending on your own preference.

During this time of year, the dark nights begin to draw in, while frost begins to descend upon the land. Perhaps a blanket of snow might add a tint of romance to the chilly, crunchy and frosty weather. This might mean that unlike the other months, we tend to stay indoors.

It’s all about finding a cosy refuge away from the elements and transforming our home in line with the seasons. Here at Desser, we’ve put together our guide to interior design trends for your conservatory to really help you warm up for winter.


Wool works well with a wealth of bold colours, and when alongside wooden cabins, you can create a cosy cabin or cottage feel. Conservatories are traditionally a great place to spend time in the summer, but this doesn’t mean that they should be neglected during other times of the year. Quite the contrary, it’s very easy to create a warm atmosphere where you and the family can relax in comfort.

Think far beyond colour, and look more into textures by adding a variety that you can play with. Try to avoid glossy surfaces like glass and concrete but draping or placing rugs which create the perfect backdrop to other elements.

At Desser we can’t get enough of comfy cushions and textured throws. When the scent of cinnamon candle drifts through the dimly lit area brought on by a darkened lampshade it is simply enchanting. You’ll be able to enjoy your evening hot chocolate in complete and utter relaxation.


When it comes to the winter, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and keeping things to a minimum, whilst well refined will add a touch of class at the same time creating an strong elegancy.

Much like the other months of the year, during the winter you can try incorporating nature-inspired artwork, but perhaps winter is the time of year when you have the most choices to make. It’s possible to either run with a theme which very much mirrors the outside or bring in rich colours and textures, be it paisley wallpaper or other patterns.

Embracing winter patterns isn’t just about snowflakes, icicles, tartans and wood effect designs. Neutrals also work very well and are complemented exquisitely with deep or earthy reds and purpules which you can sink into on a cold winters night.

The conservatory is a versatile area of the home, but during winter, staying neutral to dark tones will mean that you’re well on your way to creating a dramatic living area.

You can’t go wrong with combinations of light greys whites and blues, alongside darker shades which can add to the dramatism of this


The aim is to make the house feel vibrant, cosy and warm, as well as protected from the elements outside. Drawing upon scandinavian or tartan styles will ensure you create a classic and homely part of your house.

Cashmere throws and tactile rugs can add a bit of texture and help fight any draughts, but at the same time giving the room a cosy vibe. Old fashioned wool fabrics are the way to go, and a mixture of tailored patterns, pin striped, checks and delicate tailoring can help you make a statement.


Sleek, modern furniture which reflects the brisk cold outside can be softened by accompanying soft accessories and rugs. Combining modern and vintage is a key trend, and the look is a great way to play upon the contrast in styles, and this look is a great way to play upon a unique antique.

One-of-a-kind pieces such as timeless wooden coffee tables or chests of drawers can become the focal point or indeed the talking point of a room, and if you’ve kept things simple can steer eyes away from the neutral colours of the furniture coverings.

You can use your rattan furniture all year round, and use decorative pillows which not only help you sit in comfort, but also help a warm atmosphere, especially if you let your creativity run away with itself. If you really want to create a place to kick back in, a chaise lounge is the way to go. A classicly styled, or rustic yet edgy feature can work alongside classic furniture or become the focal point itself.

Conservatory interior design in winter

You might not think you can pull off pristine white in your home or when looking at interior design conservatory ideas, but it’s simple to match shades of ivory, cream and snow. Keeping things uncluttered while staying experimental yet expressing yourself positively through your choices will mean that you can create an area which is integral to your home.

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