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Conservatories are wonderful during all four seasons. This is especially true during the summertime when the heat of the sun beats down from the clear blue sky and the cool breeze brings the gardens, blooming flower beds and meadows to life.

Summer is all about re-invention, and a conservatory is no different. There are a few minor changes which can help give your home a new lease of life for the summer months and help you maximise the potential of the area. Of course, if used right, a conservatory can be perfectly utilised during spring, autumn and winter as well.

If you think of your conservatory as a ‘zesty living room for the summer’, you can begin to imagine all the interior design fun you can have transforming this versatile area of the house into somewhere that looks great, feels comfortable and is place to relax within.

With some tinkering with fabrics, furniture and floral patterns, along with the inclusion of impressive summer tones and shades, you can truly turn your conservatory into the perfect place for many different occasions.

Here are some ideas of how you can get your conservatory ready for the summer months:


Look towards brighter patterned fabrics which will replace the hardened and darker colours of the months before, and really consider looking at throws, rugs, pillows, cushions or curtains to really add layers and textures to the living space.

Summery shades and eye-catching contrast can add depth to the freshness and brightness that works well when the sun begins to flood through the windows. Fabrics, adorned with splashes of fresh greens and tranquil feeling silks and cotton work well when placed next to zingy flowers and plants which together add to the ambiance of a room which is just dying to be used for a spot of afternoon tea or a lazy sunday afternoon.


Using a wholly natural yet bright colour palette, you can really blend the outdoor tones of your garden with the indoor environment, allowing you to create the effect of a summer garden within the home itself.

Fresh green colours and soft teals mixed with rugged natural textures like rattan can really help you style your living space as we head through June into July, August and the height of the summertime.

A lick of paint on the wall side of your conservatory can make a great difference to the feel of the conservatory. A brighter colour will increase the vibrancy, whilst underlining the summer feeling that is longed for throughout spring.

Pastel greens and yellow are the perfect tones for this time of year, and will create a summer like feeling on even the gloomiest of days!


The summer calls for a variety of colours and patterns, and there is sure to be something that suits your own tastes. Flower power is certainly in a the moment, and floral tends in pastel greens combined with metallic hues is a trend which looks to be here to stay.

Designers offer a wide range of beautiful fabrics and accessories that are inspired by the nature of summer, and that help bring the light inside.

Don’t overwhelm the room with too many patterns, a gentle mixture of solid blocks of neutral/muted colour will look inspired accompanied with a variety breezy patterns.


Placing floral scatter cushions upon your rattan furniture can really bring a freshness to the room. Classic bright white rattan or cane furniture works well both on the inside and when taken outside onto the patio when the weather allows.

With the right furniture, it’s possible to create a bright and airy dining room that really allows the family to enjoy the hottest and most colourful months of the year. Placing a dining table set in the centre of the room, with seasonal flowers and eye catching fabrics and floral upholstery, you can confidently create a space which is perfect for entertainment.

A focal point in the form of an elegant palm, or climbing plants winding around a trellis will help to aid the freshness of the room and bring a summer palette and outdoor tones indoors.

Rattan furniture pieces are a key element to any conservatory, and they will last all year. All you need to do is mix and match your scatter cushions to really transform them when the year enters the summer.

Summer conservatory guide

Conservatories allow us to feel as though we are outside, when we are actually indoors. During the summer, we all hope that the sun shines for three months, but in reality that never happens.

A conservatory allows us sample the outdoors, from the comfort of our own home. This is great if a summer shower springs a surprise. While with the doors wide open, a bright and breezy summers day can be the perfect time to utilise the space afforded to us and the many options that a conservatory delivers.