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Spring is the time of the year when the earth discards its winter jacket and the rejuvenation of life starts to make itself into our homes. Not only should you revamp your wardrobe but it’s a great time to give your home a makeover and get in tune with the spirit of rebirth, renewal and the freshness that the early part of the year offers.

With daylight hours increasing, it is certainly a great time to make the most of your conservatory. This is especially so as it forms a bridge between the outside and the inside, which more likely than not has been neglected during the previous few months.

Take spring cleaning one step further and look to capture the vitality of the season, with its bright, beautiful colours, clear blue skies and crisp yet warming temperatures. Here at Desser we have scoured the latest winter interior design trends and have put this guide to styling your conservatory in spring guide:


The fabric of spring is completely different to the other months, and spring decorating is all about fun and warmth, blooming flowers and floral patterns. Fresh flowers are not only present outside during this time of year, but modern interior fabrics very much take influence from there.

The days of formal interiors are long gone, and we now want a place which gives us comfort, and is an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Using our imaginations, it’s very easy to create a harmonious home which breeds happiness through strong shapes and warming feelings which are both softening and soothing.


Spring is very much about vivid colours and expression, which makes a stark contrast from the winter which has just thawed out. Try looking at pastel colours, and not just in your conservatory, any area of the house will look elegant and sophisticated yet understated with bright yet dignified pastel tones.

Think about pillowcases, rugs, furnishings and tableware and how to add a dabble of of colour which can mesmerize through cool pendants and gorgeous matching tones. We predict that pastels will take off in a huge way over the next few months, combined with a minimalistic, bright and breezy selection of tones which exude comfort, peacefulness and invitingness.

Bright spring and summer colours are set to be hot, making a statement with one singular wall of a bright floral or bird print, or even just block colour will instantly freshen up a room. Admittedly this is hard in a conservatory but incorporating this into a selection of pillows, cushions or throws will immediately create an edgy and modern look. Failing that, a bright lick of paint to the interior wall adjacent to the conservatory will do a lot for the cheeriness of the room.


Have confidence in bold colours and mixed patterns, and mixing all whilst not settling for a single stylistic influence will speak volumes for your personality. This might not appeal to you, but it’s important not to worry as being confident and bold in your decisions will shine through, complimenting the sunshine which hopefully will be splashing through during the early part of the year.

Try not to make the room feel too cluttered, as you should be looking for a fresh feel, with happy bright patterns which reflect the world outside.


Rattan works well in any situation, any season and for any occasion, and the fact that it is adaptable, being used both inside and outside means that it is perfect during the spring time when the air warms up. It’s then that we can finally make the most of the garden or terrace whilst utilising the area which the conservatory provides.

We suggest rattan because we understand that it can be difficult to budget for purchasing a whole set of designer furniture, but a splash of colour through scatter cushions can really freshen things up which might have become tired over the darker winter period.

This spring, simplicity is set to takeover. Each year means a fresh start and Spring is the start of this. It’s all about making a few simple changes while simultaneously keeping a sophisticated, yet subtle feel which breathes dramatic new life into the conservatory. Conservatory interior design is about as versatile subject as you can look at.

You’d be surprised at how far you can push your creativity, as well as how you can stretch the boundaries of styles and colours whilst still creating a cohesive look. We all want to come home to somewhere that we’re all completely comfortable with, especially at the start of the British summer.

Remember that a few simple and inexpensive changes can really revitalise the look of your conservatory.

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