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With Autumn just around the corner, here at Desser we thought it was in our interests to look at interior design trends for this cool and leafy time of the year. There are plenty of Autumn interior design trends which compliment both the conservatory’s existing features, the inside of the home, and the garden outside. Many conservatory owners love to change things up a little bit throughout the year, matching their interiors and furniture in the process. After all, it’s fun to not just settle on one look all year round, with the autumn fabrics, colours, decors and trends available, it’s possible to embrace the woodland season with open arms.

The beauty of this golden season is undoubted, as we begin our journey into the darker, chilly winter months, a journey of real magic. The brisk transition, the roaring fires, clear skies and rustling leaves can be accompanied by a cosy, inviting and truly welcoming conservatory which offers a tranquil solace from the changing seasons.

Incorporating vivid golds, browns, yellows and reds which mirror the autumn sights, sounds and smells outside means you can build a superb space with offers complete comfort for the whole family.


This time of year is all about Woods and wools, look at rustic looking yet soft feeling furniture which really sets a mood for you to really enjoy. Look at fabrics which echo the crisp underfoot sensation of a stoll during this time of year, try to build on the sentiment and the atmosphere and create an environment you can truly reflect within. Textured cotton is a great option, as well as plenty of other upholstery fabrics which prints and weaves look equally as impressive upon.


Autumn is all about the traditional, and in contrast to the bright vibrant colours of the summer months, matching the emergence of the wild natural palette which takes hold of the environment with earthy tones and rusty colours is a perfect way to welcome in the new season whilst making a real statement.

Beige is a colour palette which has been favoured for many years now, mainly because it is a safe colour, but as it also makes a superb base colour for splashes of other warmer tones.

It may have seemed like it has disappeared from the interior design magazines, but it’s now making a comeback, with its return expected to be more than just a sentimental move but rather something which is here to stay.

Beige, when compared with deep browns, mustards and deep, dark greens, is the perfect way to turn a summer conservatory into one which is fit for the ‘fall’.


A mixture of patterns and textures, including woodland animals is a great way to really bring a conservatory to life at this time of year. Foxes, squirrels, deer, hedgehogs and pheasants are all animals which we associate with autumn. Birds are also a fashionable trend, they have flown into stores and into the conservatories of homeowners time and time again, the process of bringing nature indoors is something which is set to be very popular this coming autumn.

It may surprise you, but tartan is set to make a comeback, with this bold and colourful pattern which is a mixture of shades, lines and shapes really getting an outing at design show. Trained spotters are noticing its revival, not just in interior design circles, but also in the fashion industry.

Floral patterns will never go out of fashion, and when the seasons change, its all about oaks, beech and maple leaves. Incorporating autumnal colours with these quintessentially seasonal leaves will work through into winter as well, and combined with deep browns, greens and dramatic prints, you can really transform your living space as the trees shed their leaves.

By using stripes or floral patterns on your upholstery fabrics, your comfy cushions can become something not just to relax on, but something to really swoon over all season.


Wooden photo frames and rustic tables, when combined with dark, moody colours can often help things move in the right direction, but it’s important to get the balance right. Traditional rattan or wicker furniture is an excellent option, especially with the interchangeable cushions which are available.

Adding a conservatory to your home provides you with plenty of extra light and space, whilst also being one of the most versatile areas of the home, with endless uses as we covered here. Autumn Conservatory interior design leaves you with plenty of scope for personalisation, with the choice to go down the route of contemporary or traditional design.

With only a little thought, you can turn your conservatory into somewhere which is peaceful all year round, and with the beauty of the autumn season, there are plenty of reasons to play around with colour combinations and fabric variations. Autumn is the time of year when the leaves crunch under your feet, and looking at mahogany, and rustic greens and golds will really feel like you’ve brought the seasons indoors.

The Desser ranges that most compliment the autumn season are:

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