8 things to consider when buying a new sofa

Buying a new sofa can be a massive decision. Once you’ve committed to a sofa you normally have to live with it for a long time. When choosing a sofa, there are a lot of options to consider. Does it suit the ambience of the room? Do you have any pets that may be lounging around on your sofa? These are all things that can completely change the style of sofa you go for. These following 8 points will help you to figure out a sofa best suited to you. Sofa

Room size

The amount of space that you have available can dictate more that just the size of the sofa you purchase;it can also determine the style. Living rooms are more suited for big, chunky sofas. This can be the perfect piece of furniture to relax on after a long day at work. If you have a family, it can easily have numerous people sat on it, saving space. Some sofas come with built in recliners, meaning you can lie back with only the click of a button. Conservatories are a great place to situate a low backed sofa. Low backed sofas can create a relaxed and casual atmosphere. If you like to use your conservatory as a place to get away fromt the rest of the house, having one of these pieces of furniture situated there can be a great addition. Our Rattan styled designs can create a chilled atmosphere that anybody could enjoy. You can be clever in making a small room seem bigger, if you select the correct furniture. By purchasing a sofa with low arms and feet, it can make a small room seem bigger. If you carefully choose a smaller sofa, it can make a room have its own special character. If you have a large room, you can easily fit in a large sofa. By situating the sofa in a room like this, it can easily become your main living room for you and your family to spend time in. If you situate entertainment systems such as a TV or radio, with the addition of a comfy sofa, this can be a living room that people can be jealous of.

Living room

Decoration style

When selecting a sofa, choosing one that compliments your decor is essential. If you are aiming to set a specific style, having a sofa that doesn’t follow the design already made can look incredibly out of place. The furniture you have in a room is often the first thing to catch a persons eye, often meaning that a sofa will set the style the rest of the room should be based around. A lot of people like to keep a timely, traditional style. Looking for a standard sofa with classic features such as skirting or rolled arms won’t only just create a traditional feel, but are also extremely comfy to relax on. It’s always worth considering getting a sofa with a recliner option as well. This simple accessory can allow anyone to feel comfortable in your home. Some people much prefer to have a more contemporary design to show off a modern home. If this is the case, we couldn’t recommend an understated design enough. There are a huge amount of different styles available, so finding something which fits your home shouldn’t be too difficult. They can be as eccentric or plain as you want; as long as you have the space for a sofa of this kind, they can be a great addition. No matter what style of sofa you go for, make sure that it follows the colour scheme. Having an out of place piece of furniture that doesn’t follow the rest of the colour scheme can be really distracting, and often looks very silly. You should spend time making sure that the other items of furniture in your room will be consistent with your sofa.

Usage level

The majority of sofas see a lot of use, meaning that they can become hard worn very quickly, especially if you end up choosing the wrong material. Some materials have very little resistance to soil and can tend to wear, wrinkle and fade in the sun. If you choose one of these materials for your sofa, you will end up spending the majority of your time worrying about people sitting on, which completely defeats the point of owning a sofa. High quality acrylic will resist wear, wrinkling, soiling and fading, as well as pilling significantly less. Nylon is rarely used as a sole material, but it can be blended easily with other fibers, making it one of the strongest upholstery fabrics available. It is an incredibly resilient material that can help to eliminate the crushing of certain napped fabrics such as velvet. It doesn’t soil or wrinkle easily, but it can fade and pill, which is why it is mixed with other materials. Olefin is one of the best materials you can use for a sofa, as it has no pronounced weaknesses. Because of synthetic fabrics being able to stand up to some of the most punishment, they can be your number one choice if you have children or pets that may be roaming your home. Leather and rattan are some of the easiest to clean, making them an ideal choice for easy maintenance. You can buy low cost products that keep leather looking brand new. Cream sofa

Seat depth

Seat depth can be especially important if you are exceptionally tall or small. You should take the time to find out what depth is most comfortable for you by talking to an expert. They will be able to suggest a sofa size that would be best suited to your build. As a rule of thumb, your knees should be roughly at the edge of the sofa. To sort out the right seat depth, you can use sofa cushions. With sofa cushions, you have lots of options to decide from. The thickness of the cushion can make the difference on how you sit. If the cushion is flat and skinny it is more appropriate to use as a proper seat. If the cushion is wide and chunky, then the sofa can be the perfect place to lie back and relax. The material quality of the cushion can make the difference in seat depth, as well as changing the ambience of the room. A cushion which is soft and easier to sink into is more suited to a casual environment, whereas cushions which are slightly harder and flat may be more useful for a commercial environment. meeting area sofa

Sofa Height

The height of a sofa will determine just how comfortable it is. Very similar to seat depth, find out which one you prefer by trial and error. As noted before, lower sofas can help to make a smaller room look bigger. Sofa height can be one of the main things that determine how comfy the piece of furniture is. If a sofa is too small then it is going to be majorly uncomfortable, as well as dangerous to a persons back. If a sofa is too large then a person is going to be swamped in it, without being able to lean back properly. A sofa with the correct height should allow you to lean back with your head flat against the top portion. Although furniture that is majorly low can be uncomfy, low sofas are just the right height to be a perfect item in anybodys house. They allow you to sit back comfortably without doing any damage to your back. Low sofas can be a great addition to a chill out area, creating a relaxed vibe that everyone can enjoy. Cat destorys sofa


Sturdiness is another of the key things to keep in mind when buying a new sofa. You don’t want to sit down just to see your piece of furniture fall to pieces. There are certain key design features of a sofa that you should look out for so that you have only the best quality pieces. The frame of a sofa should be attached by strong materials, not just easy quick fix solutions. Wooden dowels, wooden blocks, metal screws and metal brackets should be the main joints on your sofa. These materials are strong and well crafted, meaning that your sofa will last for a long time. Glue, staples and nails are okay for extra reinforcement, but they should never be the main form of joinery on a good sofa. These materials are more likely to fall apart if they are the main joinery on a sofa. Our team of experts can explain to you exactly what materials have been used within any of our range. Models of sofa that have hardwood frames with dowelled joints are some of the most durable materials that you can have. Rattan material sofas are also very durable. They are also lightweight, making them a suitable sofa to have if you have children in your home. This material is very simple to clean as well. Ease of repair Instead of purchasing a new sofa every time your old one becomes worse for wear, reupholstering is an option a lot of people don’t consider. If your couch has seen better days there is no need to consign it to the junk heap. You can simply replace old material with new, helping you to save a considerate amount of money. When reupholstering, it’s always key to use thick materials. Couches are constantly sat on, jumped on, spilled on, scrubbed, moved and slept on. By purchasing thick, durable fabric you can be sure that your sofa can put up with even the toughest of challenges. Even wood can be reupholstered. Solid woods can be re stained for either a lighter, darker or different colour finish. If you have any plans to refinish the wood, make sure any upholstery and other materials are removed before any staining. If you live in a house with young children or pets, you should consider not owning a leather sofa. It is an expensive material to fix, even if the damage only covers a small area. If you want a sofa that will stop you from worrying about any damage, rattan or wood material requires barely any maintenance and is almost impossible to damage.

Lasting appeal

A lot of people buy a new sofa to match a certain season’s style, without thinking about if they may be redecorating the room in the future. Styles can change on a constant basis, meaning that a particular styled and coloured sofa could look out of place in a short space of time. This can confuse the ambience of a room because of different styles meshing into one. You should aim to buy a sofa that is neutral in not only style, but in colour. White and grey are both colours that are extremely popular at the moment. Warm greys and crisp whites can create a fresh atmosphere. When a sofa has a neutral colour and style, it can be decorated with low cost accessories later on in the future. If you want a bit more colour, yellow beige or sand is a good neutral sofa colour to choose from. This colour can look good with a whole variety of other colours, so you do get free reign on what you do with the room it’s in. Something to bare in mind is making sure that the colour isn’t too bright. This means that the sofa can look dirty very easily. What do you think of the tips? Have you got any that you would add? Leave a comment below letting us know, we would love to hear from you!