5 wonderful & unusual wicker creations

Wicker is a woven fibre formed into a rigid material which is usually used for furniture or baskets. At Desser, we offer a lot of different wicker furniture but nothing like which we will be showcasing in this blog. We will look at the weird and wonderful wicker workings across the world.

1. Wicker Moose

This looks like it is not made out of traditional wicker materials. It is a great piece of art, if that’s what you call a six foot moose made out of wicker.


2. A large wicker spoon

This is perfect for eating cereal if you’re a giant or have a really big mouth! Either way, when you shrink down to a ‘normal person size’ it is highly comical.

3. Wicker hanging bedroom

The hanging bedroom is not one of the more comical uses for wicker but it is one of the most relaxing. It is a really great idea and one of the coolest practical uses of wicker.


4. Wicker Car

Now forget about those cool new alloy wheel trims or the elaborate stitching on the seats of your new car. Wicker wheel trims, wicker ‘paint’ and a wicker interior is what this motorist went for. It definitely looks…interesting and unique.

5. Wicker Motorcycle

The wicker motorbike is a lot cooler than the wicker car, as it has not been made to still run, it has been made to look good. And it does a great job at that. The wheels are amazing, the attention to detail on the interior and workings of the bike is even better. This is the best thing that has been made out of wicker. Apart from maybe some of our products.


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Have you found anything that could be added to this list? Or, even better, something that beats the wicker motorcycle? Tell us in the comments below! Include a picture and we might just add it to the blog.