5 Conservatory Makeover Ideas

Is your conservatory the inviting and cosy area that you envisioned it would be? A lot of people are underwhelmed with the general feel of their conservatory, with dated decor, tired windows and doors and a lack of style. There are plenty of conservatory makeover ideas that are sure to transform the space and create an inviting living area.  

5 Conservatory Makeover Ideas


Add a Natural Element

Conservatories are designed to let in natural light. Many plants, such as citrus plants and orchids, thrive in the warmer conditions that conservatories offer. By bringing nature indoors, you will create a lavish natural area. The look, scent and freshness that indoor plants offer is guaranteed to enhance your mood, whilst also creating a vibrant living area.  

Choose a Welcoming Minimalist Style

White is perhaps one of the most contemporary interior design colour. Transform your conservatory by fitting white blinds to your windows, adding in key pieces of white furniture and by painting any interior walls white. This conservatory makeover idea will modernise any space, especially when combined with subtle colour accents.  

Add Some Homely Touches

The conservatory is an extension of your home, so make it truly comforting by adding in floral fabrics and wallpaper. By including warmer tones, you will ensure that your conservatory looks and feels welcoming all year round. Comfortable furniture, such as rattan pieces, is a key element for a comforting space. Add in a couple of personal touches, such as a vintage dresser or a play box for children, to round off the comforting, homely style. Making your conservatory more homely is one of the most important conservatory makeover ideas and one which will make having a conservatory much more worthwhile.  

Change Your Flooring

By default, many conservatories have tiled floors, which can make the space feel cold and unwelcoming in the colder months. By fitting plush carpets, you’ll provide warmth and comfort to your conservatory, which is sure to be welcome in the winter. Another way to change your flooring is to use wooden or laminate flooring. If your conservatory runs directly from your kitchen, matching the flooring is a great way to extend your living space. If you want to add a warming element to wooden or laminate floors, then a deep-pile carpet will give you the feel of a carpet without the expense.  

Add a Touch of Tropical

If you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional conservatory makeover ideas, then give your conservatory a modern twist with bold prints and bright shades. Rattan furniture is the choice of conservatory furniture, as it will help to keep the space comfortable. Add in some colourful blinds, or illuminate your space with multi-coloured lanterns. Big, leafy plants will complete the tropical look, along with finishing touches in the form of soft and colourful furnishings, such as cushions, blankets and rugs.