The 4 Best Ways to Make Your Conservatory a Winter Wonderland

The 4 Best Ways to Make Your Conservatory a Winter Wonderland


For many, the coming of winter means the closing down of your conservatory. Without the sun it seems a cold place, not the warm retreat that it is through the winter months that makes it perfect for days relaxing in your comfy wicker furniture. However, does it have to be this way? A conservatory is a valuable commodity to your home and should be usable on a year round basis.

So, what can you do to make your conservatory that little bit more habitable in Winter 2017?

1) Insulate

Now, if you are working backwards this can be easier said than done. As insulating your conservatory after it has already been built can be difficult. If you have bought a house with a particularly cold conservatory, then this can be a difficult discovery to make.

However, if you have invested in a brick roof, double (or even triple) glazing, from day one then you will have a head start. Added insulation in any walls your conservatory also has does help, as well as the inclusion of your central heating into the room. It can be costly to heat up – as heat simply escapes through the windows – so be sure to watch energy consumption when you are keeping the room warm.

2) Blinds and Rugs

For a little bit of extra heat – and style – you should invest in both blinds and rugs. Blinds help to insulate your windows better, keeping the cold at bay in winter and in summer can even make the space cooler by blocking some of the sun.

A rug is also the best possible solution to issues you may be having with cold floors. Conservatory floors often feel as icy cold as the ground outside in the winter, which seems almost inevitable when it comes to a room that is all windows and hardly any brick work. A rug or even full carpeting can help to make your floor space feel more comfortable and much less chilly overall.

3) Decorate

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, decorating your conservatory so that it is fit for a magical winter is the best use of the space. After all, creating a winter wonderland is one of the best uses that the space could have.

Invest in lots of stringed decorations to use in your windows for a beautiful effect, with added use of fake snow to make the most of such an expansive canvas. If you can string lights around the expanse of your conservatory then this is also a great way to bring the Christmas spirit to the space. This could even be the perfect place to house your Christmas tree, especially if you do not quite have the space in other areas of your home.

If you do not yet have a set of comfortable seating, then be sure to invest now in order to make the most of the space this winter. You could even buy outdoor furniture; perfect for use in your conservatory during winter and able to be moved outdoors during the warmer months. The versatility of the furniture means that it is an investment that you will be able to make the most of year round.

4) Entertain

When having a party every bit of space is vital, so why not make use of your conservatory this winter when it comes to entertaining? If you are worried about the warmth, gather enough people and the residual body heat alone will help to heat the space.


Still not quite sure how you can bring new life to your conservatory this winter? Browse our collection of premium Desser & Co wicker furniture for a number of ideas, or alternatively call our team on 0161 834 1795 to make an enquiry.

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