4 Small Garden Storage Solutions

Whilst the traditional way to store garden equipment is in a shed, not every garden has space, practicality or capacity for a small wooden building. There are a lot of practical alternatives that will keep your garden clutter free and tidy. Here are 4 ideas for storage solutions to keep your outdoor zone organised.

Hang It Up

A small area of your garden wall is a great place to attach a tool storage system. By using a pegboard, you can screw the board to the wall and add an assortment of trays and hooks to store your tools. Place the board at a height you can comfortably reach, but allow enough room underneath so that you can hang larger tools. If you need more storage space, place some more boards side by side. When you’re short on space, it makes sense to use up what you can to maximise your storage options. Alternatively, you could add it to the back of a door, but be careful that the things that are being stored don’t fall out when the door is opened.

Bench Storage

If you’re a craftsperson, then why not handcraft a bench? This way, you can easily incorporate storage whilst you do so. If your garden is an awkward shape or size, then building your own storage bench is the perfect solution. Design your bench so that the top part lifts off and allows easy access to the storage space below. To add a more stylish touch, add some brightly coloured or patterned cushions or blankets on top of the lid so that it is a truly comfortable seating area.

Layer Your Decking

You can easily add storage to your decking, it’s just about preparation and planning. If you already have decking or are planning on adding decking to your space, then incorporate storage into your plans. Make sure that the interior is waterproof, and the ground underneath is prepared with a solid gravel or concrete surface. For easy access to the items you’re storing, consider putting them in plastic storage bins and ensure that the hinges on the doors are galvanised to prevent rust forming.

Use Tubs For Toys

Having a small garden when you have children can be more of an inconvenience than a luxury. Whilst it’s lovely when children spend hours playing in the garden, children tend to have a habit of leaving their toys everywhere, which can seem a lot worse in smaller gardens. Make tidying up easy by using buckets with fun and easy to read labels on. For a more streamlined storage space, use an old wooden shelving unit so that the buckets have somewhere to be stored. If your shelving unit has a solid top shelf, this will also act as the protection to prevent rain from getting into the buckets.