4 Different Uses For Your Conservatory

A conservatory is a fantastic space that provides you with an additional room in your house. There are so many different things you can do with this space, and what’s best for you and your house will vary depending on your needs as a family. We’ve put together a few different ideas that you could use to help you make the most of your conservatory…

Image of a conservatory with Desser's Vale range on display.

Dining Room

Being able to sit around the table as a family for meal times is so important, and a conservatory gives you the perfect opportunity to create a separate dining room where you can do this. The scenic views from the garden and the natural lighting will present you with the perfect outdoor dining experience, without having to worry about battling the British weather. Whether you need a formal space for Christmas and dinner parties, or just somewhere to enjoy eating every day, you can transform your conservatory into the ideal space.


Transforming your conservatory into a gym is not only a great way to get some exercise in the comfort of your own home, but you can also save money on a gym membership in the process. The bright and open feel of the conservatory will be sure to get you motivated, and you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious that anyone is watching you as you work out.

Sun Room

Using your conservatory as a room where you can soak up the sun is probably the most obvious choice when deciding what to do with space. Unpredictable British weather means that opportunities to relax outside in the sunshine are few and far between. A conservatory is a perfect place to make the most of the sun’s rays, without having to actually go outside when it’s a little too crisp. Add some comfy rattan furniture, a coffee table and lots of lush green plants… and voila!

Dining Table Set in a Glass Conservatory


If you often work from home, or simply just need a quiet space to study and get some work done, then turning your conservatory into an office could be the answer. The fact they’re separated from the rest of the house means that you can focus with few distractions. The light and airy aura is perfect for providing a tranquil, refreshing environment where you can be productive. In addition, the separation of the office from the main house has it’s added bonuses, rather than an office taking up a room inside, as you will feel like you can separate work and play.