3 reasons why rattan furniture is eco friendly

Everyone’s going green these days. We’re all starting to become more environmentally conscious, which is certainly a good thing, but it can sometimes be tough to find eco-friendly products for all areas of your life.

Finding eco-friendly furnishings, for example, can be a bit of a nightmare. However, rattan is actually one of the best options for those after environmentally-sound furniture.

If you don’t believe it, check out these reasons why rattan is eco-friendly:


(Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

1) Rattan helps to preserve forests

Rattan only grows in between other trees in diverse forests throughout Africa, Asia and Australasia, meaning it helps to sustain forests throughout the world.

Because it’s such a sought-after material, forests are protected from logging for the specific use of growing rattan. While deforestation has slowed down considerably in the last few decades, we’re still losing around 13 million hectares of forests each year.

Rattan also grows in floodplains that would go unused otherwise, so it helps to encourage animal populations and sustain many more.

2) It provides people with sustainable income

Rattan is able to provide some of the poorest people in the world with an income that they can rely on. Those living in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, along with the many other poor countries in which it grows, are able to set up smallholdings and sell rattan to suppliers.

3)Rattan harvesting has a reduced impact on the environment

Rattan can be harvested relatively easily as it only requires the use of simple tools to cut the stems. It is certainly still a labour-intensive task though, meaning numerous people can be given work during the harvest season.

Can you think of any other reasons why rattan is eco-friendly?