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2019 Trends: Predicted Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

As we move towards the end of the year, it’s only natural to reflect on what 2018 brought us. In terms of interior design and style, the past year has been a time to experiment with the new while also reimagining the old. Wondering what 2019 might have in store? See below our top 10 predicted contemporary interior design ideas for the year ahead:

1. Dark Kitchens

When designing kitchens, many people aspire to create a bright and airy space suitable for all the family. However, dark kitchens are edging their way into people’s homes, with navy blue and black kitchens being a key trend for the end of this year and into the next. The colour theme is often derived from the cabinets and doors, before working is way into accessories and appliances. This works well for kitchens that already get a lot of natural sunlight.

2. More Scandinavian Living

Scandinavian living has long been inspired by the mid-century modern designs that appear to be everywhere. It’s the style inspiration for hotels, restaurants and bars to name a few. Scandinavian living has also made its way into homes, largely due to furniture stores who specialise in mid-century modern inspired pieces. Scandinavian design desk with potted plants and ornaments for contemporary interior design ideas

3. Statement Ceilings

Having an unusual ceiling is a new way to make a statement in the home. For many, this can be a painted or wallpapered ceiling to give it a new lease of life. It’s also a subtle way to incorporate another addition to your colour scheme, particularly in the kitchen.

4. Geometric Prints

Geometric shapes have been a huge trend for the past year, and they’re not going anywhere in 2019. In many cases, geometric patterns seem to work effortlessly in any room thanks to their symmetrical qualities making it easy to blend in with the space. Minimalism also plays its part in a geometric theme, perfectly offsetting the straight-forward approach to contemporary interior design ideas.

5. Eco-Friendly Designs

Nothing says eco-friendly home like plenty of greenery and flowers. However, an eco-friendly home goes way beyond the aesthetic element. Thanks to developments in technology, many kitchen appliances are now being made with eco-friendly qualities. It’s expected that more people will adopt this approach to their home design.

6. Neutral Tones

The latest interiors trend is nude, barley there, earthy tones. For the past few years, soothing greys have dominated colour palettes, but it’s becoming apparent that nude tones are back in a big way. Think warmer, softer undertones to a room – all with complementing materials such as jute, canvas and hemp.

7. Concrete Bathrooms

One of the newer contemporary interior design ideas are concrete bathrooms. It’s increasingly becoming a go-to material for bathrooms thanks to its functional and clean feel. If nothing else, concrete is an interesting blank canvas to have fun with, giving a homeowner opportunities to experiment and create something new.

8. Marble Everything

The marble trend has been dominant in the past year, and not exclusively just to home designs. It’s everywhere – from work desk essentials to kitchen countertops. Next year expect to see marble ornaments in the living room as well as tiling for kitchens and bathrooms. marble desk with accessories and person holding tablet

9. Copper & Brass

Copper and brass are no stranger to contemporary interior design ideas, but next year they’ll come with a twist. Brass taps are a great way to incorporate the shiny, timeless colour in any home. Whether it’s a brass kitchen tap or in the bathroom, they’re an unusual way to add warmth to a room. Additionally, copper is commonly added in the form of ornaments or decorations, a subtle way to blend the colour in a room.

10. Multifunctional Furniture

As more people move into city apartments, the need for multifunctional furniture is bigger than ever. Tables that double as seats and even partition walls are taking centre stage in 2019. Furniture is increasingly needed to fit into smaller spaces while also being stylish. It makes sense that designers have finally caught on with the demand to create beautiful pieces for every cosy home.   For information regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.