Month: June 2018

Summertime is well and truly here and if you’re looking forward to relaxing in your garden with a nice, cool drink, then you’ve got a great summer ahead. But, if you’ve been tasked with planning a garden party, then you may be feeling a little stressed, especially with the unpredictability of the typical British weather! No matter if your garden is big or small, these tips will transform it into the perfect setting for your outdoor soiree.  

Our Tips For Planning a Garden Party:


Prepare For All Weathers

Let’s face it, British weather is volatile in the summer and can make planning a garden party a little tricky. You can get sunburnt and soaked in the same day. If you’re not the spontaneous type, then check the weather forecast in the week running up to your party. If rain or showers are predicted, then it may be best to invest in a gazebo for guests to shelter under if it does rain. If you’re hosting a party for a more formal occasion, like a wedding or birthday party, then luxury marquees are a great idea too!  

Ample, Comfy Seating

Ample seating is a garden party essential. No one wants to be standing around all day and, equally, no one wants to be sat on rickety chairs all evening either. Make the most of any camping chairs that may be gathering dust or, for a more permanent solution, invest in some good quality outdoor furniture, like wicker garden furniture. Add in some throws and cushions to make the seating more comfortable, or for people to use to sit on the grass if it is a warm evening.  

Outdoor Heating is an Essential

Even if your party manages to fall on the hottest day of the year, temperatures tend to drop in the evening. Investing in some outdoor heating will prevent your guests from leaving early, or taking refuge in your house. Chimneys, fire pits and heaters all make great choices and many can also double up as a grill. Nothing beats a chat by the fire whilst roasting marshmallows.  

Garden Bar

When it comes to planning a garden party, this is perhaps the most important thing. Every party guest loves a garden bar and a makeshift bar can be easily made using an old table and a nice tablecloth. The most important thing is the drinks you supply and how you store them – no-one likes a warm beer! Cooling buckets are essential and are easy to make using a plastic container and ice.  

Good Food

If there is one thing that is just as important as the drinks menu, it is the food menu. Barbecue food is the perfect partner for a garden party, and burgers and hotdogs are great options that everyone will enjoy. As well as the main food event, make sure that there are enough snacks to keep guests going through the party, especially if you feel like it will last most of the day. Make sure there are a good mix of meat and veggie options, hot and cold food and child-friendly nibbles and you can’t go wrong!
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The best thing about summer is being able to spend your free time out in the garden. It doesn’t matter if you have a large area of lawn, a private oasis or a compact courtyard, with all the fun that summer has to offer, make sure that your garden is ready for summer with these tips.  

Create a Seating Area

Firstly, create a spot in your garden that you can sit out in and enjoy the summer weather. Whether it’s a deckchair, colourful bench or a few rattan chairs, it’s easy to transform your garden area by simply adding in some seating.  

Paint Furniture in Bright Colours

Is there a better way to add a summer feel to your garden than with bright oranges, hot pinks and vibrant blues? Old furniture will get a new lease of life with a coat of bright paint, but make sure to use a paint that is suitable for outdoor use.  

Take Advantage of Large Patio Space

If you’re ready for a big project, then consider working on creating a beautifully paved patio in your garden. Imagine opening your patio doors on a warm day and stepping onto your lovely decking or tiled area, ready to spend a relaxing day in your outdoor haven. If you’re planning a summer garden party, then you can impress your guests with your new oasis – it’s sure to be a hit!  

Go Traditional

Adding classic furniture is the perfect way to add a touch of charm to a simple patio area. Wooden furniture is a good choice in the garden, as its natural tones will harmonise with the garden surroundings. Accessorise your table with napkins and table linen and add some comfortable seating cushions to give your garden a warm and inviting look.  

Make Small Spaces Fabulous

Even if you have a small garden space or terrace, you still have the canvas available to create an amazing space. Small bistro-style tables are perfect for compact gardens, and the addition of a few potted plants and flowers for colour and greenery will really make the space pop.  

Shine Bright

Your garden is the ideal place for you to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. Create an atmospheric space by adding in a water feature and some clever garden lighting. By adding in heat, water and light, you can create an oasis of calm, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. With a large table, comfortable seating and plenty of potted flowers and plants, your garden will really feel welcoming.  
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It is easy to disregard a small garden because some people may believe that there is no need to decorate a small space. However, having a small garden area can also give you the advantage to utilize the space creatively. So, you can make the most of having a small garden by following our recommendations just below. Adding Artificial Lawn One of the main elements of a garden is the greenery. Grass may be hard to reproduce if you have a stony concrete area, so having an artificial grass can create an instant aesthetic pleasing effect. You can choose a variety of faux grass too, and the greatest advantage of this idea is, it is simple to lay down and with minimal fuss, make your garden area look cosy. You also would not need to worry about mowing the lawn too! Planting on Your Walls It is important to exploit your small space with every opportunity possible. If there is a lack of space for your plants, consider planting up your walls. Think about varying your plant collection such as adding climbing plants like Chilean jasmine to add character to your garden. You can add texture and colours to the walls by adding various shrubs and perennials. Try tiered planters and hanging baskets to place your plants. Raised Platforms for Furniture You can add raised platforms such as cladding and raised stone beds in your garden area to make the most of the space. You can even add modern garden furniture such as cane furniture for that natural and minimalist look too. This way, you can add comfort to your garden too which is perfect for the summer season coming up! The Art of Illusion You can add small mirrors around the garden to frame the garden space to look bigger. This can range from a small mirror to full length to make it seem as if you’re entering a different world. It is also important to make sure that you have colourful buds and textured foliage to reflect the mirror image! All That Glitters  Depending on where the small garden space is situated, you may find that there may be a lack of sunlight throughout the year. So, consider investing in some small fairy lights around the plants to add some depth and warmth in the evenings. You can even add the lights in lanterns for that shabby chic style too. Otherwise, you can consider buying some spotlights to highlight certain areas in your garden. With all these ranges of ideas, hopefully, it has given you inspiration on sprucing up your small garden space. After all, you can get creative and upcycle various trinkets to personalise your garden even more. What’s more, you can enjoy the summer in your very backyard whilst you sit in your garden furniture.    
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This summer, you may just want to spend most of your time within the comforts of your own home. Still, now that you have more free time to spend in the garden, you are probably thinking about how to make the most of it in a short space of time. So, here are our top tips to stay on top of your garden in the hot weather below.

Watering Your Plants Regularly

Now, the start of the heatwave has begun, it is good to start getting into the habit of watering your plants regularly. The optimal time to water your plants is during the early evening, and you would need to water your plants in hanging baskets and containers twice a day too. This way, if it is during a hot day and you have already watered your plants in the morning, you are not at risk of having water within the plant-soil evaporating by the heat.

Selecting Good Quality Mulch

Mulch is necessary to protect your plants. Think of bark chips or garden prunings. They also break down slowly, and this means that they can provide a barrier to hold moisture within the plants by cooling the soil.

Throwing a BBQ

There is no summer season that does not involve a smoky BBQ! Not only it is a great excuse to throw a fun event to spend time with your family and friends, but you can enjoy delicious food too in a lovely hot weather. Make sure you prepare a variety of food to cater all guests. Still, you should consider having a comfortable outdoor furniture for your guests to be seated. This way, you can ensure an optimal environment for your guests to enjoy themselves in and this can be all in your back garden. Consider adding shades such as a parasol in case of dealing with sudden rain.

Mowing Your Lawn

Although it can be hard work, you should be mowing your lawn at least once a week. This way, you can maintain the health of your lawn. This includes weeding out certain areas in your lawn too. Of course, there are many more ways to maximise your garden. Yet, we hope that this list has given you initial ideas on what to do with your garden this summer. After all, you do not want to be taking the weather for granted and neglect your gardening maintenance!  
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