Month: March 2018

A photo of the word Spring in calligraphy, on a pink background with white roses surrounding it. Forget those cold days as we are hopping into more sunny times. As Spring is well and truly here, it is only a matter of time before Summer brings those warm days in the garden once more. With that in mind, is your garden ready for it, or is it still in ‘ultra winter mode’? Well, simply follow these simple last-minute steps to get your garden from zero to hero just in time for your outdoor fun times. Barbecue weather, here we come! From picking out luxury furniture to adding a little bit of personality to your garden space, let’s spice up your outdoors right now!

Another Chapter

Nothing will impress your guests more than having a completely freshly designed garden. Not only this will show off your planning skills, but also how much you care about your space, which is not something to underestimate. After all, it shows a certain sense of pride! Go on then, plan your spring garden from scratch, with new furniture, decorations and plants!

The F Factor

‘F’ stands for furniture, and in this case outdoor wicker garden furniture. This will give your garden the look you want to give it: for example, if you wanna give it a minimalistic but technical feel, then a glass table combined with light coloured chairs should work. If you are more into wood furniture for a natural look, then you should still prefer light colours, but keep an eye on patterns, as they have to be coherent with the rest of the furniture.

A Living Room Outside

Your garden should tempt your guests to just stay outside whether they are just popping to say “Hi” or attending a fabulous party held in honour of your new garden decor. When planning your new space, think about this and decorate it as much as you can, as this will be best for it. A nice and simple way to add instant style would be adding a lot of different small decorations, just like the ones you have in your living room!

Your Personal Touch

Following trends is always nice, but so is having your personal taste, don’t forget! Your garden should have elements that remind you of your personality, your hobbies, and ultimately you as an individual. For example, if you are a musician, having your old acoustic guitar outside could be fantastic and ultra classy, plus it truly reflects you as a person. And imagine how people will react if you have a flower or two growing inside!

Don’t Exaggerate

No one is expecting your garden to be a design masterpiece since it’s still a simple garden in your place. Try, as said before, to just put your personal touch in it, update it every season and don’t forget, you are the person that needs to like your garden design, so don’t simply follow the latest trends. Follow your gardening heart!

clean_1280x853 Now that it is spring, you are probably deliberating whether to go through the decluttering phrase in your home. Over the winter, it is understandable that you did not have the chance to sort out your conservatory. Well, now is better than never! Here is what to consider when it comes to getting the dust out your conservatory.

A Breath of Fresh Air

A lot of dust may have amounted in areas you kept missing over the last few winter months. One simple way to tackle this issue is to open your windows! This way it can freshen up the atmosphere in an instant, and give that clean feeling that you have been striving for. You can also increase more sunlight in your conservatory by throwing your curtains hero. Whilst you are at it, you can get the feather duster out and aim for those curtain railings.

Giving Your Soft Furnishings a Beating

Sometimes, the hoover may not do the job you expect it to do when it comes to the small areas. So, when it comes to your rugs, throws and curtains, take the materials outside and give them a beating! This way, you do not create a mess. Otherwise, if they still feel dirty, do consider washing them in your washing machine, or taking them to the dry cleaners to not ruin them.

Adding Springs Plants to the Collection!

Placing flowers around the room helps to bring a pop of colour to your surroundings, and in enhancing the presence of your furniture. Consider spring bulbs such as Hyacinths, or even tropical plants such as Bromeliad. It adds some extra scent in the air too, and this way you will not need to rely on the air freshener!

Tending to the Garden

You and your companions can not ignore the garden whilst you are in your conservatory. Now the weather is beginning to change, it’s time for those garden parties to begin. You can start brushing the dead leaves from the patio, and do some weeding as the damp soil makes it easier to tackle.

New Furniture

After some decluttering, you may find yourself some space to fill. Have a look at some of the rattan furniture such as chairs. After all, you would still want to put your feet up at the end of the day. Particularly after a long and deep clean!

pexels-photo-132468 Keeping with the conservatory theme from last week, in the blog How to Grow Plants in Your Conservatory, this time we will explore a more tropical theme for your conservatory plants. When making our spaces beautiful with flowers, we must consider that some are more suitable for the indoors and others for outside. Tropical plants, for example, are less likely to thrive in the outdoor British weather. That is why, if we want to enjoy their beauty, we must allow them to thrive in an indoor space, like a conservatory. So, with that in mind, what are the best tropical plants to make your conservatory a certified tropical paradise?


Typically a native of China, the hibiscus plant is a little delicate in the climate of the UK. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to grow them in your conservatory and help them to thrive as much as possible. Available in a multitude of colours – this tropical plant is particularly magnificent in its bright red bloom form – they can be slightly delicate. During the lighter and warmer parts of the year, you need to be sure to lightly mist them with water on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may find they become slightly wilted or dehydrated.


A southern American import, the Bromeliad plant is something which is often referred to and known as ‘air plant’. This means that they are more typically found growing on other trees, with long, narrow leaves, that help to absorb lots of nutrients and light. As such, they are actually very colourful for several months of the year. Allowing you to enjoy a splash of colour for a longer period than most other plants you might grow. They need to be moisturised at all times. However, be sure to only water the soil when it becomes completely dried out for best results.

Ginger Lily

If you want something with a lush foliage, strong scent and flowers in every colour – then, the Ginger Lily tropical plant is a perfect addition to your conservatory. They also have the benefit of being extremely easy plants to grow in the warmth of your conservatory – as they can cope well both in a container and in a bed of soil. To grow reliably, the ginger lily does need a little bit of heat. So, you may find that your conservatory is actually the perfect space for them. Of course, you will need a beautiful seating area from which you can enjoy this small tropical plant paradise that you are creating. A nice wicker sofa is sure to pull the room together, offering a focal point for you to grow your plants around and make into possibly the best reading spot in the whole house. After all, the best part about growing such beautiful things is getting to enjoy them once they have fully bloomed.

75867-potted-plants-2_1280x848 The conservatory is becoming a true treasure to many a British household. Acting as a gateway to the outside world, even when less-than-ideal temperatures may be keeping you inside. And, let’s face it, for Britain that is more often than we would like to think. Which is why it is not surprising that many people are also using this space as a place to grow plants. Inside the safe haven of a conservatory, many plants can grow and thrive without fear of a sudden cold spurt. Which is why choosing to grow something in your conservatory is only natural.

The Greenhouse Effect

A typical conservatory area has lots of glass panels, making it ideal to act as a sort-of greenhouse when the colder months are upon us. The glass traps sunlight – even when it is only minimal – keeping the space warm, allowing plants to thrive. This space will more often than not be the warmest room in your home for this exact reason when winter is not in full bloom.

What Plants?

The temperature of your conservatory will affect what type of plants you are able to grow in it. All plants have an optimum temperature, so it is always best to check what this is before committing to growing a particular plant. Most plants are happiest above 5°C, however, so if you have a minimum conservatory temperature around this then you should be fine.
  • Peaches
  • Figs
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Beans and peas
  • Chillies
Many of these are no fuss type plants, allowing you to sit back and relax as they enjoy the warmth that indoors has to offer.

Optimum Temperature

Of course, during summer you may find that your conservatory becomes too hot for your growing efforts. When this happens it is important to have a shaded spot in your conservatory to offer respite for your plants. Whether this is through blinds or by simply putting them behind your conservatory furniture. Shade is almost as important to growing plants as the sun, so keep an eye on this during the growing process. Humidity goes hand in hand with temperature, also. Protecting your growing plants from damage is vital during the warmer periods of the year. As such, during this time, a lot of plants benefit from a daily misting of lukewarm water.

Keep Pests at Bay

Of course, one of the biggest downsides to growing plants indoors is the fact that they may or may not attract pests. A regular cleaning of window sills and the windows themselves is necessary, as pests can live on both. Dusty windows are also not able to let light into your conservatory as effectively, so it is always best to clean them to prevent this issue on a regular basis.   Overall, the conservatory is an ideal space to let loose your green thumb. As we near Spring, now is an ideal time to get started on your plant growing process and have them garden-ready when the summertime blooms in full.