Month: February 2018

Did you know conservatories designs are originated from orangeries? Orangeries can compliment your property without drastically the main design of your home. In addition, it can enhance your home by adding more warmth and insulation. The classic orangeries have come back in popularity in recent years, and it does not seem to be slowing down! Look below for some fresh spring ideas to re-energize your orangery…

Indoor plants

As the natural sunlight beams through the glazed roof, having indoor plants can add something special to your private space. With spring beckoning, how can you not be allured by the fresh scent of spring flowers? Try flowers such as orchids and African violets, and Azaleas. You can even grow trees indoors such as oranges, lemons and even cherries! For something low maintenance, consider succulent planters, and trailing plants such as ivy.

Floral prints

Floral prints are back in revival this year! It can enhance the botanical appearance borrowed from the outdoors all year around. Have a browse through our orangery furniture selection for a wide choice of rattan furniture for that natural look and instant comfort throughout the seasons.

Glowing ideas

To make further use of your orangery all year, adding lighting can bring a warm glow to your home in the evenings. Have a look at some floor lamps for lighting to suit your needs, particularly vintage style lamps if you want to stay on trend. Otherwise, consider investing in dimmable downlights for that ambience and cosy atmosphere as you see fit.

Soft furnishings

Give your orangery a new lease of life by replacing or adding soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets for that extra level of comfort. You can stick to neutral tones to allow other colours from your indoor planters, and floral printed furniture to pop out around the room. Consider adding a neutral tone coloured rug to add further insulation, or even a bookcase so you can enjoy reading in your secluded environment. If you want to switch it up and entertain your guests, don’t be afraid to add bold prints and colours through artworks around the walls to create a lively atmosphere.    

With all space you have outside, have you ever felt it is not reaching the full in the potential you would like? Here are some ideas to add as we are reaching near the end of winter, and waiting for spring to blossom!

Vary your spring bulbs collection!

If you don’t have any spring bulbs, you can always pop down to your nearest local garden centre or plant nurseries to select the flowers that tickle your fancy, such as tulips, hyacinths and bluebells. By assorting these flowers all over your garden, there’ll be pops of colour blooming brightening your outdoor space. Just in time for the new season.  

Adding outdoor furniture

Have you been thinking of utilizing your patio space? When it comes to redecorating, it can be a struggle on finding outdoor furniture that would compliment both the back garden and housing exterior. Then again, wicker garden furniture in neutral tones are a timeless garden classic, as it can look quaint and be practical at the same time. This helps a lot in the purchasing process, as it is flexible to move about when it comes to deciding where to place your furniture.

Winchester with tan lavastone table

Spring cleaning your back garden

Now the sun is slowly brightening up our days, it can be daunting when you stare outside to a messy and unattended garden. When you get a chance, or perhaps as a light workout, try raking in those leaves and rooting out those perennial weeds to make way for your spring bulbs collection.

Helping the wildlife with a nesting box

To attract wildlife in your back garden, possessing a nesting box is great for birds – particularly in the winter months. Make sure to place your nesting box in a shaded spot, facing either in the north and east to protect the birds from strong sunlight and that they don’t overheat. If you already own one, be sure to clean your empty nest box using boiling hot water to kill fleas and parasites, which will protect future hatchlings in the season.

A blue tit - a common British garden wildlife - is at the centre of this image, perched on a log.

Plant a tree

For better air quality, never underestimate trees! You can get started by planting bare root plant trees and shrubs, so you can eventually deal with the heat and pest in the coming seasons. For more inspiration, take a look at some pins on Pinterest and some interior design magazines. By planning now, you can eventually gain another safe space for the warmer seasons ahead.  

The snowbells are out and the days are getting longer, which means that soon you may be sitting out in your garden enjoying the growing heat. However, your furniture – whether it sits out in your garden or on a patio – has seen a lot of damage over the course of winter thanks to the varying weather and is less than clean. Which means that it needs a little tender loving care before it’s usable again. With that in mind, how do you go about bringing a new shine to your furniture after a long winter up against the elements or in storage? Restoring Wooden Furniture The humble garden bench is a staple of any garden, public walkway and sprawling park. It faces wind, rain, heavy sun and the occasional downfall of snow with no complaint. However, it can soon begin to see the signs of wear and tear that is associated with such harsh and varying weather conditions. Metal Cleaning The worst part about having metal furniture is that rust and other things can easily begin to build up on the surface of your furniture. Which means that, ultimately, you will have to partake in cleaning at least once a year if not more for this furniture. If a lot of rust has built up over the winter, then the task may seem more daunting than it should. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few steps to follow:
  • Make a mixture of washing up liquid and warm water.
  • Scrub the metal surface with a hard brush – particularly the rusty parts.
  • Rinse the furniture once scrubbed.
  • If any rust persists, then scrub again.
Once you are happy with the results, then you can repaint the piece to cover up any blemishes that are left on the metal after. New Life to Plastics Plastic is a much more long-suffering type of material, which should last much longer than most materials, and cleaning is much easier as a result. Mildew, marks and other weather blemishes are likely the worse of what you will see on this furniture. Use a simple, soft, sponge with slightly warm water before gently scrubbing. Most if not all of the dirt should come away with this basic cleaning technique. For harsher or more permanent stains, however, a mixture of baking soda with the warm water should suffice. If this does not work either, then a weakened solution of bleach may have to be applied. Cleaning Rattan Rattan furniture is one of the best looking pieces of furniture that you can have in your garden, but like with a lot of outdoor furniture, it can get unclean pretty easily. Luckily, the cleaning process is also perfectly simple. The most common problems facing your rattan furniture include dust, stains, sun damage, other basic wear and tear. Your furniture is water resistant as a rule, so don’t worry about having to use a mild soap and water solution in order to clean your rattan furniture effectively. Gentle, slow motions, with a sponge, should be more than enough to remove most dirt and stains from your rattan. Otherwise, the best thing you can do for your rattan furniture is to keep it covered during the rougher weather. And there you have it! No matter what type of furniture you have adorning your garden, it’s not impossible for it to be clean and beautiful by the time Spring comes – just so long as you are willing to put in a little elbow grease!

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 13.19.53
The days are getting brighter, shorter and just a little bit warmer. That means that Spring is right around the corner. And that also means that you will be considering how best to prepare your conservatory for the increased use it is about to experience. With that in mind, what can you do to make your conservatory a much more beautiful space in time to enjoy throughout spring?

Early Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is what spring is all about, something which you can’t avoid even if you really want to. It’s out with all the old rubbish and in with some beautiful minimalism. This is especially the case if your conservatory has been out of use over winter, due to the cold, and seems to have accumulated a season’s worth of this and that.


Life is always a great way to make space feel more living. In this case, a range of beautiful plantlife is the best way to both brighten up a plain conservatory space and bring a little freshness to this conservatory space. Colourful additions such as azalea, chrysanthemum and even ferns can make your conservatory suddenly feel alive. Better yet, the sunny and warmer condition of the conservatory is the perfect condition for many of these plants to thrive.



Sometimes the glaring sun can be too much and make a conservatory far too warm to actually be used on a daily basis. Especially as the sun stays higher and longer in the sky, you may feel like your conservatory is more a sauna than a pleasant place to sit most days.

Cosy Factor

Of course, nothing says comfortable conservatory like having a cosy selection of furniture and a wash of cushions. An example of this is our Brasilia range, the perfect rattan weave to suit all of your indoor needs. From a sofa to a lamp table, there are plenty of pieces to suit whatever space your conservatory has to offer. Offering both style and comfort, there is no better way to get comfy than with a full set of conservatory furniture.



At the end of the day, nothing says Spring more than a fresh start. Which means a touch of redecoration is never more perfect, nor more needed, than when Spring starts blooming. A new lick of paint, a good rug or simply replacing the furniture can breathe new life into space overnight. Even the little things, such as a new ornament, can make space feel almost new again.   Overall, preparing your conservatory for Spring is the perfect lead up for preparing the rest of your house for the season. At the very least, it gives you somewhere to escape to once trying to clean the rest of your home becomes too much to cope with.