Month: September 2017

As the weather deteriorates, the leaves turn brown and the harsh conditions creep in, it gives us a welcome reminder that it’s time to prep your garden for the winter. To give you a hand with the tidy up we’ve put together some tips to help you clear away all of that summer stuff so you let the weather do its worse without damaging your outdoor belongings.

Tree branch in the winter

Say Goodbye to Outdoor Eating

Unless you enjoy sitting outside on a brisk cold day, the weather for outdoor eating has come to an end. That means it’s time to pack up the barbecue and put all of your garden party accessories away. As we all know, those utensils for fire pits and barbecues can get messy so it’s a wise decision to keep your kitchen gear separate. Invest in a plastic box to store your outdoor belongings and pack them away now to avoid them rusting. Whether it candles, vases or utensils, if they’re being tucked away in a shed or storage box, make sure to cover them up and secure them safety in preparation for the high winds and rain.

Protect Your Patio Furniture

If you’ve followed our previous advice and have invested in patio heaters and fire pits, you may still be getting use out of your outdoor sets even in these cooler months. If that doesn’t apply to you, you may be more focused on getting snug inside so if that’s the case then start to move your patio chairs inside or cover your ranges for the winter ahead. If you’ve invested in some weatherproof outdoor furniture ranges which are built to handle some of the harshnesses then make sure you keep your cushions in a dry place if you aren’t going to cover up your whole suite. As a general guide for outdoor garden furniture, if you want to increase the lifespan of your pieces and keep them looking as good as new for years to come, keeping them protected and covered up outside is the best way to achieve this. You can also take this opportunity to have a garden furniture audit. Be realistic about how much furniture you actually need. If you seem to have acquired a little too much, think about giving some away. If some of the wooden furniture is looking tired, then you may want to spend a weekend sanding and painting the wood to protect it rather than waiting until spring.

Take Stock

Aside from tidying away your belongings, the winter is also a great time to take stock and consider if you need to get rid of some stuff or invest in more. You, first of all, may need to have a think about whether you need to buy some waterproof storage for tools or toys that you’ve recently bought or that don’t have a home currently. Whilst you’re taking stock, be tough but practical and identify what you’ve actually used this summer and what you actually need. If they are things just taking up space that you haven’t used this year, make the decision on whether you can get rid of them to create some more stuff for the new.

Take Care for Those Tools

Nobody wants to be gardening in the frost and cold so start by giving your garden tools some TLC before putting them away to hibernate for most of the winter. Give each one a thorough clean and dry before you pop them away, and many will serve you better next year after they’ve been sharpened or oiled.    

This winter instead of just giving your wardrobe a revamp, why not makeover your home? It’s official, the cold months are now upon us with those darker nights are creeping in. The brief amount of sun that we had this year has been and passed, and now we’re in the faced with the chilly days ahead. There is no better feeling than being wrapped up and warm on a bitter down so what better time to start preparing for winter than now!? From cosy cushions to refreshing rattan, we’ve picked out the top trends for the 2017 wet and windy winter months.

Statement Chairs

Lyon Swivel Arkansas When we’re experiencing harsh conditions we all long for a place to retreat to where we can get cosy and keep warm. Empty spaces attract the cold so if you’re struggling to decide what to do with a bear corner of the room, why not invest in a statement chair? In with a bang this winter, opt for a seat that adds a pop of colour and intrigue to invite friends and family to relax on. Not only do these chairs provide additional seating but they also add an extra level of comfort that you sometimes like from a standard sofa suite. Follow the rattan trend and invest in a statement piece such as the Lyon Swivel. It offers versatility and bags of comfort for you to snuggle up in under a blanket.

Colour Blocking   Example of colour blocking in an interior

When it comes to colour schemes it can be hard to settle on that one main colour and stick to it. But why do you need to pick just one? Interior design has moved on leaps and bounds from the days of just colour on one feature wall and now it’s about fusing colours together to make the room pop. Colour blocking is the perfect solution for this and it really is the ideal cure to the winter’s doom and gloom. Get rid of those traditional concepts and opt for a selection of contrasting shades and throw them together for a stunning impact. This trend can be hard to pull off so make sure you check out some showrooms or blogs for inspiration – Pinterest is always a strong starting point.

Get It Right with Rattan

Dijon in Arkinso_0705 Those dark wooded colours are out this winter as interiors are leaning towards those light, bright colours that rattan has to offer. Soft in its approach, the reason why rattan is being tipped as one of the biggest trends for winter 2017 (according to Marie Claire) is because it’s so easy to work with. Durable, coming in a range of patterns and fabric additions, rattan can be paired with almost any colour scheme. The perfect way to add some subtle texture to your room, make sure you pick the handwoven panels to create interest for when visitors enter your home.


Stamford 3Str in Kincross Check(this one)_5124 A fabric we’re big fans of, tartan is ideal for adding a touch of cosiness to your living room, especially when it chucking it down outside! A throwback to the British manor’s, this winter designer’s are triumphing tartan due to its bold effect on rooms. A classy installation, tartan wallpaper looks fabulous but if that’s outside of your comfort zone, then why not try a comfy armchair or cane sofa seat like our Stamford range. Visit our fabrics page to see what Tartan styles you can opt for if you decide to invest in this top winter 17’ trend.

Want to know more about storing garden furniture over the cooler months? As the days darken, the cold creeps in and your garden starts looking more dead than alive. Winter, whilst beautiful, does make the garden space largely unusable for a number of months. Bad weather can also mean bad new for your garden furniture. So, storing garden furniture over winter can help keep it clean, damage free and ready for use come the warming of the weather next year. Prior to Storage There are a few things which you should do prior to storing your garden furniture to ensure it is in the best condition come spring, cleaning being a priority. Mould is a menace and is quick to grow, especially in storage. Washing your wicker furniture with warm water can help to prevent this from developing further, if particularly prevalent then add mild soap to clean more thoroughly. Mould is likely to develop over a winter in storage, so be prepared to carry out this step again in several months. If you’re at a loss on how to begin with cleaning your rattan furniture, then check out our handy infographic for your need-to-know cleaning tips! Extra Coating Once clean, you can either store it straight away or apply extra protection in the form of a new coating. For wicker furniture this should be a simple coating of paste wax to protect the finish of your wood. Likewise, plastic furniture can benefit from a coating of car wax – yes, really! – and metal furniture from a silicone sealant. A quick coating can protect your furniture from the worst that winter has to offer. Undercover Wherever you are storing your furniture over the colder months, whether a garage or shed, you will no doubt need an extra level of protection. A cover is excellent additional protection from the elements indoors, or full protection if you plan to keep your furniture outdoors. There are a number of sizes, weights and fastenings depending on your needs and use. If storing outdoors, ensure that any cover you buy is waterproof and allows for proper fastening to your garden furniture with secure buckles. Accessories All cushions, blankets and other fabric accessories should always be kept inside over winter. The potential for water retention and mould means they are particularly vulnerable in the wetter weather. To prevent replacing them year on year, store in a dry, warm, space. No matter how you store your furniture over winter, ensure that it is well-protected from the elements. A bad winter can be disastrous for your furniture, especially if your rattan becomes frayed or dried out due to cold spells. So, act now in storing garden furniture and have your furniture perfect to enjoy year on year!

Adding a conservatory or orangery to your property – if you don’t already have one – is something we all want. Despite our desires, a new build can be costly and even high maintenance when it comes to the up keep of the room. If you want somewhere to snuggle up in or somewhere to enjoy the suns warmth in, you don’t necessarily have to commit to a new conservatory. There are a number of ways to create this feel and enjoy the benefits they bring, all without having to give up a part of your garden.  

Skylight Solutions

Monochrome Kitchen And Patio Area | Blog | Desser When you think conservatory, you think big windows in a light and bright space. Skylights are the perfect way of achieving this atmosphere as they add ample light to your room and when they’re set close to any additional vertical glazing, you’ll begin to get that conservatory feel. If you have a high ceiling, it’s a good idea to invest in motorized skylights so you can easily open and close them. Electric blinds are also good if it gets too warm when you’re working below them or entertaining during the day. Skylights look wonderful over a dining table as you can and the family can enjoy views of the outdoors where it’s day or night.  

Create Cosy Getaways 

If it’s a place to enjoy the sun that you want to create, why not put together a quick cosy corner just outside the house where you’d put a conservatory if you were going to get one. As we’ve mentioned on the blog before, investing in trellis with climbing plants will help to create a secluded little spot for you to hide away in and enjoy the rays. Add in a rattan furniture suite fit for the whole family and here you’ll have a space that you can use all year round.  

Get Some Greenery

The quickest way to get an outdoor/indoor vibe is by using houseplants. Keep them simple and choose some fabulous planters to make a statement. There are health benefits, too – houseplants can increase oxygen levels and humidity in the air and even remove toxins in the atmosphere. Adding carefully positioned planters will give you that ideal ambience of outdoors, inside – not to mention how quickly and cheaply this can be put into place!  

Get Your Garden Doors Right

garden doors that open out into a patio with garden furniture People love conservatories because they immediately invite you to explore the garden. The key as always with these rooms is to have big windows that give you a frame to your outdoor area. Investing in large glass doors that open out into an enclosed garden, gives you that feeling of wanting to explore more. Just being in a room where your garden feels within reach is sometimes enough to make you feel connected. Aside from aesthetics, it also offers practicality in the way that you can leave these doors open to help your home breathe and benefit from a fresh breeze.