Month: August 2017

The much-loved wicker chair is making a comeback this year, with a boom in the market for both indoor and outdoor woven sets. Here at Desser, we love our wicker ranges and we are proud of the craftsmanship that goes into each and every single range that we create. From hand-woven creations and combining quality materials to designing new unique ranges that are a level above the rest, you really can’t beat a highly-crafted piece. Although we may be biased, you simply can’t argue with the finished product! Every home has a place for a new wicker chair so we’ve put together a guided on why you should buy a new piece.

A Timeless Touch

 Image of a conservatory with Desser's Vale range on display. Nothing beats a traditional wicker chair and this one is no different. A classically designed wicker piece is ideal for any conservatory or orangery. Our suites are designed to deal with the pressures of weather by being built to handle high levels of heat and humidity so they don’t fade or buckle with the high temperatures. It is for this reason alone that wicker chairs are the preferred choice for any sun room and why they have been (and will be) for many more years to come.

Eye Catching Designs

 Desser Rattan Henley Chair Occasional chairs and even loom ranges have been a massive part of British homes for over a century now. Built to last, these pieces have evolved over time and now, new unique adaptations are being made on the traditional designs to create something quite special. Take our Henley chair, for example, a twist on a classic style, this eye-catching creation is ideal for any sitting room and will be the first-place visitors jump to sit on. Manufactured with durable, long-lasting materials this weave is a stunning one that will immediately be your room’s focal point.

Built for British Weather

 Rimini cameo Outdoor Rattan Furnitre Rattan furniture is not just a purchase that belongs inside. Rattan is an all-weather weave that means it is purpose built for handling the unpredictable British weather. These woven chairs and matching table are made from synthetic rattan and can take whatever the weather throws at it, with ease. With a natural, inviting tone and texture, they are the best buy for someone looking to dine in the garden on a rare sunny day in England!

Effortless Class

 Loom Chairs From Desser Whether it’s in your conservatory, dining room, bedroom or even in the hallway, an effortless loom chair is perfectly placed anywhere. A lightweight loom chair offers an air of elegance in any room and it is small enough to position in any room of your home where you’re looking for additional, occasional seating. Offering comfort and class wherever it goes, loom chairs are reasonably priced and they come in a variety of colours to suit your décor and become a household treasure for years to come.

A Country Escape at Home

Arlington Lifestyle Highland & Sand Adding wicker furniture to your home creates an instant feel of relaxation. If you’ve not already noticed, country homes and retreats are all massive supporters of the wicker influence and nothing truly adds that contemporary country feel than a wicker addition. A comfy woven chair and footstool, in a conservatory full of pretty plants, cushions and throws, create that unbeatable place to unwind and feel like you live the county wherever you are.  

A romantic garden space can be enjoyed by anyone whether you’re entertaining friends and family or relaxing with your partner. If you’re a romantic soul or simply want your garden to have a more calm and inviting feel, you’ll love these tips on how to make your garden a more romantic space.


Atlanta with lavastone table combo | Desser No garden can be truly admired and utilised without seating. It creates the perfect place to relax as well as socialise. Soft sofa-style seating is ideal for creating a relaxed and romantic environment. Spacious yet cosy, our Atlanta Outdoor Range is ideal. The L-shaped sofa style provides a cosy corner, while the cushioned bench can also be used as a footrest for the sofa. The collection is easily adaptable to hosting with its multiple seats and a spacious table. It’s the ideal space to relax with your loved ones after a long day.

Cushions and Throws

Dressing up your garden furniture to create a cosier feel is easily done. Soft, pastel tones create a romantic feel whilst adding a splash of colour to your neutral furniture. Cushions and throws allow you to add your own personal touch to your garden seating area, as well as allowing you to relax outside even on colder nights.


Outdoor lighting with garden furniture Lighting is a simple and effective way to add a touch of romance to your garden. Soft lighting such as fairy lights creates a more calming environment. If you don’t have electricity access outside, then battery or solar powered fairy lights are ideal. They can be wrapped around vines, trees or hung along fencing. Tea lights and candles are also effective in creating a romantic atmosphere. They can be placed in jars along paths or clustered in corners – the choice is yours. A glass jar surrounding for your candles will prevent them from blowing out on breezy days.


Choosing flowers in colours and scents that appeal to you can instantly make you feel calm and give a romantic feel to your space. Popular romantic blooms include peonies, roses and foxgloves and bell snow-drops. Potted features such as lavender can also add a romantic splash of colour and texture to your flower collection.


Water features within gardens can add a relaxing and romantic element to any garden. If you don’t have a pond in your garden or the budget for a large water feature, smaller products are widely available at a reasonable price.

As we haven’t exactly had the best of summers you may be waiting for a spot of sunshine so that you can finally start your garden revamp. If you’re still on the look for some new ideas to inspire your design, we’ve put together some tips that you can steal for your own setting. Whether it’s a small terrace or larger garden, you can adapt these ideas to fit your space. Hopefully, there’s something here that takes your fancy!

Invest in Some Lovely Lighting

If you’re faced with a smaller garden, patio or roof terrace you have the opportunity to create something really special. If you don’t have the luxury of a lawn or different levels consider getting inventive with your lighting to create a stunning space. With the right complimentary planting, whether in pots or growing up walls, you can give your outdoor space an added edge to give your neighbours and friends some garden envy. If you’re working on a right budget then you can opt for fairy lights, tea lights in chic lanterns or solar panel lights that charge themselves. If you have a bit more to work with, include some spot lights to light up your seating space or focal points. You can also look to add hanging lights on your dining table to create an on trend picturesque place to eat.

Let Dining Be Your Focal Point

Winchester with tan lavastone table As you’re aware, we’re obviously keen admirers of adding some rattan garden furniture to your environment and although we’re bias, this really is because it rejuvenates the space. A garden is a place to be enjoyed by the whole family and there is nothing more homely that sitting around a table all together. Consider making your sofa set and dining suites the centre of attention. Do you really need a shed, loads of plants or bog standard patio? Will your family use it? If neither you or your partner are avid gardeners then you don’t want to have a space that you need to constantly maintain. A simple to keep area that just offers a place for everyone to gather is the perfect addition to your new garden – there’s nothing better than eating alfresco in summer so make sure this is in your plans!

Through in A Fireplace or pit

An outdoor fireplace is unbeatable in a garden space as it opens the space up so that you can take your events into the night, offering an inviting appearance that you can enjoy from every part of the garden. It’s also a good way to get more use out of your space, as it’ll remain inviting even in cooler months. A pick we’ve covered before and are highly fond of, there are so many choices for design. You could plan for something built and designed into the rest of your space, invest in an outdoor freestanding wood-burner or chimney or even add a fire pit to the centre of your seating arrangement so you & your guests can cosy up as if you’re around a camp fire.

A Living Wall

Arbor, garden enterance Something that is bang on trend at the moment, a living wall, without a shadow of a doubt, look amazing. Whether you opt for the modern vertical irrigation and planting system or the old-fashioned trellis and a few good climbing plants, they add a beautiful smell and a vibrant feel to the garden. To best achieve this look, pick a pretty trellis and seek out evergreen plants to give you a nice view all year round. Climbers such as jasmine and honeysuckle, depending on the variety you pick, will provide summer and winter coverage and are heavily scented, too. Passionflower produces exotic flowers and orange fruits are easy to grow. In addition, a strategically placed trellis opens your space up to new secret areas and adds the appearance of depth. You can further emphasis this with built in planters or freestanding pots that continue your flower wall theme so that it effectively divides up the space.

Are you furnishing your garden and want to maximise the use of your outdoor area? With rattan furniture, you are sure to get both beauty and functionality making it perfect for any garden. If you’re considering buying other natural material based furniture, read these benefits of outdoor rattan furniture and make the right decision!

Different Options

Venice Cameo Rattan Garden Furniture Whenever it comes down to buying rattan furniture, you are guaranteed to find something suited to you, as it generally looks stunning in any garden! Rattan garden furniture can either be made from natural rattan, one of over 600 species of tropical palms or from synthetic fibres. There are differences between the two which can be weighed up to find the perfect material for you. Rattan is also available in a range of different colours and designs. This, combined with a vast choice of fabrics to accompany your furniture ensures that you will find the perfect furniture for you and your needs to enable you to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you opt for a Venice set or luxury Bliss Lounge suite, you will be delighted with your decision.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Rattan furniture requires very low maintenance as previously mentioned. Most other natural materials need to be treated every year with a range of oils and preservatives, whereas Rattan lasts for an amazing amount of time without maintenance. Just lightly brush the pieces to remove any dust, and in case of dirt, wiping with a wet cloth does the trick.

Long Lasting and Cost Effective

Rattan furniture is great for those areas that are prone to use, and it lasts just as long if not longer as other furniture made from natural materials. So if you have rambunctious little ones running around the garden you don’t have to keep them away. The lightweight nature ensures that pieces don’t topple heavily on children or damage the floor. Due to its longevity, rattan furniture is inevitably economic and cost effective, especially with our current sale. The ranges we offer make sure you will find something you love within your budget!   Overall, all the latest design trends are available in rattan which we offer, which makes it easy to dress up any space. If you are on a limited budget, desire a natural, outdoorsy look and want furniture that lasts, go for rattan. You won’t regret it!