Month: July 2017

After a stressful day at the office or looking after the little ones, there’s nothing better than the feeling of sinking into a snug armchair. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary pieces or have a more traditional taste, there are different chairs that will suit both your personality and space. Separate to your sofa suites, armchairs are typically a long-lasting investment so it there should be a few things you consider before you buy. Here’s what you need to think about…

Choose Your Fabric Carefully 

Desser Occasional Cane Chair With some tender loving and care, your armchair should stick with you for years to come, however, the fabric will ultimately be the decision maker as to how long it lasts for. That’s why it’s crucial that you pick a fabric that’s right for your lifestyle. Whether you have kids or dogs, as well as your chair looking good, it, more importantly, needs to be practical for the environment it’s in so you need to pick your fabric based on this. If it’s more of a traditional or formal room you’re creating, matching a pattern elsewhere with your armchairs fabric works well. Whether it’s matching the armchairs with opposing cushion patterns or curtains it helps avoid a clash, making the room feel calm.

Think About the Flow

When picking an occasional armchair shape, remember to consider the windows, doors and other furniture pieces in the room to maintain a friendly balance in the room. Armchairs don’t have to be blocky and solid, so if you don’t have room for big pieces, look at lighter options. Our occasional cane chairs here at Desser effortlessly suit secondary seating rooms as their rattan frames encourage light to flood through them whilst still offering additional, comfortable seating when required in a larger setup. 

Don’t Stick to The Rules 

If you’re investing in more than just one armchair then doesn’t stick to the norms! Get inventive and mix and match. The best thing about singular seating is that it works so well with other furniture pieces and can coexist with ease. The styling tip is to opt for two wonderfully crafted chairs and give them room to make their own statement within the room. In a minimalist space or room with size, two contrasting armchairs can really draw the eye when guest enter the room.

Show Off with A Statement

Desser Rattan Henley Chair Make an instant impact in a room by picking a statement armchair. This hard-hitting Henley Chair stands out for its unique and throwback design. When you pick your statement piece, try not to be swayed by the latest top pick and instead look for a piece that you’ll love for years to come.

Consider What You Have Already

As you’ll know, occasional armchairs are the after piece and are rarely the first piece of furniture that is picked for a room. With that in mind, you need to consider what you already have and take into account the style or colours of your existing pieces. Getting the mood right is vital as you want to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that seamlessly blends your space together.    

Madrid Light Oak Lifestyle Harlem Often people wonder what exactly is involved when it comes to occasional furniture. Well, occasional furniture is a type of furniture that can provide a number of different purposes or needs. This category of furniture in question includes such pieces as tables, chests, commodes, stools, stands and chairs. Traditionally occasional furniture is small sized furniture that is easy to move or arrange within a room and it comes in a wide range of styles and materials. The concept gets its name from its use as it is classed as furniture that is only occasionally used but still exists as a permanent fixture within its designated room. Say for example you consider a conservatory. Typically, in there you’ll have a cane sofa set that easily accommodates your whole family’s needs. However, in the event you have some guests over you’ll be limited for seats so you’d need to have an occasional armchair so they have somewhere to sit when that situation occurred. With advancements in technology, the occasional furniture sector has boomed over recent years means that you can get a wide range of different styles and sizes for your additional furniture pieces. What’s great about these pieces is that they can be crafted out of a variety of fabulous materials such as chairs made of wood, wicker, rattan or metal. With how accessible occasional furniture is today, people can now easily find pieces that will match any interior design theme they may have – with styles to complement existing decors or even that inspire completely new interior looks. Today finding those much-loved pieces couldn’t be easier. Your safest bet is to stick with furniture stockists that supply other types of furniture, not only will they be experts in the market but this helps with warranty and it may even allow you to get some discount should you make a bulk order! Here at Desser we make it easier for you as we offer a one stop shop for all your seating needs. So, whether you’re looking for a full rattan furniture set or just a one-off occasional armchair to compliment your pre-existing setup, we have what you need. We also sell footstools and tables so if you’re looking for those little but crucial pieces that add that element of snugness and homeliness, browse our indoor furniture page now!

Have you heard of hygge yet? If you haven’t you really should have! Hygge is a Danish concept that essentially is moving interiors to our outside spaces. The official definition of hygge is ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality’… doesn’t it sound relaxing! Now the summer is in full swing, you’ll want to enjoy some of your free time outside enjoying the weather (well on those rare sunny British summer days when it stops raining!). To get you on board with this trend we’ve put together some tips on to how to create a cosy retreat.

Split a Space Off

Begin by sorting out your seating. As we’ve covered in the past picking out the perfect arrangement can really make or break your garden. Whatever space you have available, set up your garden furniture in a conversion friendly position that is housed in an intimate area of your back garden. Aim for circular tables that evoke a gather or an L-shaped bench seating that allows you to work with the angled sides of your garden to create a snuggly haven.

Winchester with tan lavastone table

Add Some Light

Some things exist purely because they look magical and make you feel happy – and fairy lights and tealight lanterns definitely fall into this category. A seemingly never ending trend recently, they help turn a simple glass of wine in the garden as the day ends into an event, and quite simply cheer your soul. You can now buy lots of pretty solar lights and battery-powered versions too so you aren’t costing yourself money whilst you entertain into the eve. Hang multiple strings for a cute party atmosphere.

Raise the Roof

Cosy up in style by creating a sense of containment. Adding an enclosed roof to your seating area is the number one way of creating that snug, tucked away feeling. Whether it’s a parasol, a trellis house or simply a smart wooden frame (pergolas), it will help turn a seating area into somewhere that everyone will want to sit in for hours. Make it even more magical by investing in plants that will wrap around the roof to create a flower canopy. Plants such as jasmine, clematis, wisteria and climbing roses work great for this!

Splurge on That Suite 

Rimini cameo Outdoor Rattan Furnitre If you do have the budget, an outdoor sofa set is a must this summer – offering all the delicious comfort of an indoor sofa, but in your garden. As you’ll have gathered by now if you’re an avivd reader of our blog, we have some of the best rattan garden furniture suites available in the UK. You can invest in waterproof fabrics and each suite has removable cushions that can be taken off in a jiffy when there’s a downpour. Natural rattan furniture will need to be protected against the elements, and you can always leave good-quality synthetic rattan furniture out, especially if you have over-winter covers.

Get Creative with Corner

Grown tired of your small or awkwardly shaped garden stopping you from having that slice of snug haven you’ve always wanted? Well let’s change that! The humblest of corners can become a cosy hideout with a little imagination. Creating your retreat next to two adjacent walls or fences, for instance, will make you feel tucked out of sight and ready for some precious me-time. Took single chairs or sofa’s up in the corner so when you come out into your garden, you’ve got a little chill out space in the corner.

Outdoor Furniture Sun lounger Gardens are often the place we turn to when we need a place for quiet reflection or a place where we socialise with our guests, so having a beautiful space should be top of the priority list. With our busy lifestyles, time can often feel stretched and our gardens can become unkempt and a little bit worse for wear. Having a low maintenance design for your garden will not only save you time, but you can be as creative as you want. The image of a concrete laden space is often associated with the phrase “low maintenance garden”, but that could be further from the truth. Here are some simple tips on how to achieve the perfect design… 

Create a List of Priorities 

Before you begin designing your garden, it’s important to list down your design essentials. For example, if you have a family with small children, then it’s important to be able to incorporate a play aspect into the design, whether this is through a Wendy house, or a trampoline; or maybe you want a small patch to grow your own seasonal vegetables. Envision the small details before you begin planning and everything else will fall into place. Deciding on the flooring of your garden can also determine how much maintenance and attention your garden will need, many who opt for the low maintenance option often stick with pebbles, AstroTurf, or hard wearing lawn grass.

Choose the Right Plants

One of the most important aspects of designing a low maintenance garden is selecting the right plants and flowers. If you make the wrong decision, then you could find yourself with unwanted jobs, attending to or even replacing them regularly. Evergreen plants are the safest choice to make, as long as you consider their growth potential, as they don’t require a lot of pruning and rarely create a mess from leaves or branches. Other shrubs such as the Vinca Major look great, suppress weeds and also produce bright flowers in the Summer, which will add a pop of colour to your garden.

Choosing Your Furniture

garden crop Garden furniture is one of the focal points to your garden, as people naturally gravitate towards it. It’s important to make sure that you select furniture that withstands different weather conditions, looks great and requires little maintenance. When selecting your outdoor furniture it’s a good idea to consider a neutral style or a set that is a “timeless classic”, such as our Madison range, as the pieces will not go out of style or look out of place in seasons to come.