Month: June 2017

Regardless of whether you have a quaint little getaway or a large inviting luxurious space, your garden is the perfect place to invite friends and family to when the sun is gloriously shining. To help you create that ideal setting to host those much-loved summer social events, we’ve put together these handy how-to tips!

Shade Is the Solution

A cool, shade bit of relief from the midday sun is essential for daytime hosting and dining in the garden. A shaded area, whether it’s brought about through a parasol, trellis or sail, will help you give you more time entertaining your guests or chilling out. A plant-covered trellis will require so more work but it will look amazing in the long run, however, if it is something less permanent or easier to achieve, an oversized umbrella is the sun beating solution.

Create a Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Transition

Indoor to Outdoor Furniture Transition This point is key! Entertaining in your garden is easy to do when it feels like an extension of your living room or conservatory. Bifolding or patio doors are the perfect way to open up a living room when the weather is fine, unifying your garden with an indoor entertaining area and encouraging guests to wander outside into an inviting garden space. It works well if you match up your conservatory furniture with your outdoor ranges so there’s a flowing theme throughout the transition. You can easily achieve this with the installation of rattan furniture. This often is most effective in smaller or narrower rooms as the open garden at the end gives the room an appearance of being bigger than it actually is.

Find That Focal Point

Whether it’s a living wall with fabulous flowers, a soothing water fountain or a centred fire pit, creating an eye-catching feature in your garden to grab your guests. These focal points are what people pin on their Pinterest boards each week. With just a few tweaks you could have this look! We’ve all been there at a bar, restaurant or party where you arrive and scout the best seating possible, avoiding the rubbish seats – you need to create this same feeling in your garden. You want to design a place where people bypass those emergency chairs and dart for that haven and these eye-catching features can do that!

Prioritise Seating

Winchester with tan lavastone table Getting the seating right is a guaranteed way to ensure your garden is a comfortable place to lounge about in. If you only have fold-up chairs and sun loungers, they will work but why not consider creating an outdoor seating space? Adding an arrangement of outdoor furniture will invite people to relax and unwind, in a calming and cosy setting. Position your sofa seating in a circle to encourage conversation and add throws and scatter cushions to your suite to add that little touch of delight. That way, you’ll create a calm environment that people can feel at ease in, rather than feeling formal on rigid, uncomfy chairs.

If you’ve not noticed already, here at Desser, we’ve been showcasing our all-new outdoor furniture suites for the past few months, slowly introducing new ranges each month. We are now happy to officially announce that the full 2017 outdoor collection is now available and with that comes the release of the brand new outdoor furniture brochure! Outdoor Furniture Brochure Not only does the brochure beautifully display our latest collections and fabric choices but it also gives you information on how to care and style your products. The brochure consists of 20 glorious garden furniture collections with insight into our warranty options as well as a brief background about why choosing Desser is the best way forward! We are extremely excited to reveal these new suites for the sunny months ahead! There is no better way to bask in the sun, than on a stunning new suite in your garden so don’t miss out! We’ve already received a great response about all of the amazing new outdoor furniture ranges we have, with the Dakota, Hampton and Georgia gaining a lot of interest this season already! All of which you can find on our garden furniture page! 2017 Garden Furniture Brochure Our detailed brochures, as always, offers you a great insight into the ranges allowing you to review fabric options, styling choice as well as the number of pieces you can choose to buy – whether it’s the full set or just part of it! All of our outdoor ranges are UV resistant, water resistant and made with cleaning ease in mind so they’re ideal for your garden setup! We’d love for you to check out our new brochure to see just how great our newest collections are. You can download the brochure by clicking the below link and clicking the download option in the top right. We also offer this option across the site, which can be located in the top right-hand corner of your screen on the main pages. If you’d prefer to come in to see these new ranges, you can visit our various stockists around the country or come into our cane showroom here in Manchester. With the best rattan furniture Manchester has to offer, we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect piece for you for the sunny months ahead!

Even you are someone who doesn’t like spending time in the garden, you may feel like that you can’t have a glorious garden… but this doesn’t have to be the case. Below we have listed some low-maintenance ideas for how to have a great garden without having to get down and dirty.

Go Fake

Outdoor Furniture Sun lounger If you like the look of grass but don’t have the time or the want to maintain it, why not go artificial? Save yourself the stress by heading down to your local DIY superstore and invest in some astroturf so you can replicate that evergreen, soft feel underfoot experience. Artificial grass has evolved over the last few years and now you can get some high-quality versions that look and feel exactly like real grass. As you can see below, you can use it to your advantage and create a clean space that you can lounge in, where it’s on your patio or your garden furniture.

Sit Down and Relax

Create a chilled-out garden by splitting your garden into different outdoor living room areas. From your patio, you could create a seated arrangement centred with a fire pit, which leads to a garden space that encompasses a secondary seating area that you can sunbathe and lounge about in. You could cut away any trees or soiled areas to make room for the added seating, that way it removes the need to maintain anything other than the grass itself.

Box the Effort Up in a Border

If you don’t mind a little bit of work, why not minimise the work by housing it all in one smaller area. If you contain all your plants in one small area, it will reduce the effort and make it easier to maintain. Create a raised border that is bursting full of foliage and flowers, and as it’s all in one place, it’ll be easy to water. By filling up space with beautiful flowers that compliment your outdoor furniture, you’ll discourage the growth of weeds, giving you one less annoying, tedious job to do!

Go Safe with Shrubs

Garden Furniture Ideas Often people want the green gardens as it provides people with that lovely, peaceful feeling – they just don’t want to have to do much to have them. A great way to get around this is by adding shrubs. A low maintenance feature, you’ll be able to enjoy the foliage whilst hardly having to do anything to them. To create the ultimate calming spot, you can surround your seating area with some white flowers and green, lush shrubbery to create that fresh, relaxing vibe. As a whole though, adding pots and containers that contain shrubs or trees are so much easier to care for than the usual bedding plants.

A small garden doesn’t need to have small ambitions. Even in the tiniest of gardens, it is possible to create a beautiful outdoor space that you’ll be able to enjoy all year round. A smaller garden often works well as an alternative outdoor room, giving you an additional area for entertaining or relaxing. When planning a small garden, it’s better to be bold and select few large features rather than lots of small. Here are a few tips for designing your garden space…


In a small garden, you won’t have the luxury of creating different areas of plants that will peak at one particular time of year. Choose plants that are not seasonal and will look good almost all year round, and place them in baskets or shelved pots rather than in the ground, so that they will get more sun all year around.  

Small Lawn

In a smaller garden, a little lawn can be a nice feature and focal point, especially if it has a distinctive shape and is easy to maintain. Alternatively, you may choose to replace it with another permeable surface, such as gravel or decking.


Climbers are a great feature in a small garden as they don’t take up very much space on the ground, but give a beautiful overall aesthetic with their foliage and flowers.


Selecting outdoor furniture for your garden if it is smaller is tricky, as you want an area to sit and relax with it taking up the whole space. Here as Desser, we have outdoor furniture to gardens of all shapes and sizes. Here are but a few examples…  Dakota You can mix and match sofa’s in our Dakota range to create your own custom Dakota Set – that will fit into your smaller garden space. With the option of a 3 seater and 2 seater sofa available, create your lounge set depending on the space you have. striped outdoor furniture


This beautiful 2 seater from the Madison Outdoor Range is ideal for a smaller garden space, as it comes with a handy built-in side table.

Outdoor seater furniture


The cute and quaint 5 piece set from the Boston Outdoor Range is perfect for the smaller outdoor party. Ideal to store away neatly in the corner of a patio or garden, the stools tuck away neatly under the tables providing easy storage.

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