Month: May 2017

When we plan our gardens, it’s not uncommon for all of our focus to stay on the plants and the landscaping, but how we decide to frame and box in our gardens can have a massive impact on how it looks and feels overall. Getting the best frame all depends on the shape and size of your garden, here are 6 of the best tips and tricks to give your garden the most stylish perimeters that will be the envy of all of your neighbours.  

Say Goodbye To The Traditional

Beautiful garden that utilising the introduction of traditional, horizontal panelling

Changing something as simple as the fence in your garden can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the outside space. The tradition garden fence is easy to forget and difficult to get excited about, whereas if you steer away from the traditional and go for a more modern alternative, then this could have a massive impact on your garden. Swapping out your old fencing for horizontal slats can give the space a real sophisticated and modern feel. This design will make the garden seem much wider, and more private.  

Treat Yourself To Trellis

Whether you’re trying to avoid painting the walls in your garden, or want to spruce up some bland fencing, then adding some trellis can really make a difference. This frame looks great in a narrow space, and adding some climbing plants is a great way to get an outer city feel in an inner city space. Gardens should be a place of peaceful tranquillity, so when you have a little sanctuary to return to, it can really put a new perspective on life.  

Perfect Your Panelling 

Adding larger panels of trellis can be a great alternative to the traditional garden fence. Bigger panels mean bigger plants, and the more greenery your garden has, the more chic and stylish your garden will look. Try painting your panels muted tones such as taupe or grey to achieve that sought after urban courtyard look.  

Go Box Bold

Strategically placing box hedges around the perimeters of your garden can give the space a more structured and completed feel. A low border frame can help to draw attention to feature pieces in your garden, whether that be a stone engraved water feature or a set of rattan furniture. This style requires regular maintenance and care, as it can quickly become overgrown and make your garden look unkempt and uncared for.  

Opt For Neutral Colours

Desser's Atlanta range with woven top table comboPainting your walls or fences a bright white colour will give a brilliant contrast against any greenery of flowers that you put into your outside space. This type of framing is welcome to any shape or size of garden, and looks particularly spectacular when the sunlight hits. Introducing pale colours as the frame in your garden emphasises certain features, so a great tip is to set your outdoor furniture as a focal point of your garden and add boxed greenery as contrast. This style is airy and gives a real pristine feel to the area.  

Friendly Fake’s

Whether you simply have no time to maintain your garden, or whether you haven’t been blessed with green fingers, then faux greenery could be the perfect solution. Adding in a wall of faux greenery in itself is a great feature piece. It is easy to over-do this style, so be sure to experiment with adjacent feature walls before deciding on your final frame.

Now that summer is here, it’s times to take off those covers and dust down your outdoor furniture. After a few months of harsh conditions, it is time to reassess the state of your suites and decide if you want to either invest in a new range or clean up what you have touching up the scuffs and scrapes. If you’re in the position where you can’t afford a new set then there are a few things that you can do to restore your rattan furniture range so it is looking as good as new. Whether you want your garden furniture to stand out or if you want to just subtly make it blend in with its surroundings, paint is one of the simplest ways to do so to bring life back to the suite. From styles to how to apply the paint, below we’ve listed different elements to consider when painting your rattan furniture.

How to Paint Rattan Furniture

Step 1 – Firstly, you’ll need to clean your furniture and remove any dust, dirt or loose fragments. This can be done with a clean paintbrush, soft brush or a cloth. Remember to take off your cushions so you don’t get any unwanted substances on them!   Step 2 – If there are any loose fragments it is important to keep them as smooth as possible. Once cleaned you should sand them down, which in turn will make it easier to paint. You may need to replace any loose strands that have been damaged over time.   Step 3 – Once you’ve finished sanding, you’ll then have to clean your furniture to ensure that there is no dust or debris left on the furniture and that it is dry.   Step 4 – Now that you can finally begin painting, it is important to remember that you wear safety googles and a mask in a well-ventilated area.   Step 5 – Apply a couple of thin layers (oil-based undercoats) of your chosen paint to the furniture and then allow it dry. You have allowed it to dry ensure that you have thoroughly covered between each coat that is applied. You made need to use a toothbrush to get into all of nooks and crannies.   Step 6 – Once dry, it is very much a case of ‘rinse and repeat’ but this time, apply your oil based top coat colour. Again, allow it to dry to ensure the full treatment sets.   Step 7 – Finally, finish the bottom side of the furniture and you will be good to go.   Please remember, if you’re trying to match the existing rattan colour with a new paint alternative. Try to get the paint as close as possible as any missed parts will be easily noticeable.

We all take pride in our homes but keeping up with the latest interior design trends is a never ending battle. Whether its luxury, style or comfort that you desire, we all strive for that delightful and welcoming décor that makes our houses, homes. Now, it is unrealistic to revamp your home every year to meet every new change in the industry. So instead of conforming to a trend that may change in 6 months, why not elect for some timeless styles that will leave your home looking permanently fantastic. Below we have listed 7 home décor trends that will keep your interior looking inspirational for years to come.


With everything in life, less is more. Home’s are so often spoilt by clutter so the less that you have taking up that all important space, the better your home looks as a result. Minimalism should be implemented into your layout, your furniture and your decorations. You need to work with the space you have and ensure that the objects in the room are in proportion to its overall size.

The Furniture

 Living Room Wicker Furniture Arrangement

Unless you’re living in a showroom there must be a level of comfort in your home. Just because an item may look bespoke and so unbelievably unique that you must have it, you need to think if it’s going to work in your setup. For example, if you have kids, then you simply cannot have a glass finish everywhere. Today people are looking being more inventive with their furniture for functionality. They’re bringing their outdoor furniture into their homes for dual use and they’re upscaling their tired, old pieces, turning them into modern day wonders. There no reason why you can’t do this as well and by being practical, you can display décor items that are used as well as admired.


The ‘in’ colour seems to be new every year and even, every season. For a room to escape looking dull and miserable, it needs some colour to make it stand out and be inviting. As mentioned, you can’t buy every new trend that gets announced but what you can do is invest in the ideal accessories that bring you that colour for a fraction of the price. Take advantage of throw pillows, vases, lamps, ornaments and blankets. They’re simple to swap out with the cycling seasons and they make that bold statement that catches the eye in the room.


A common mistake people make is they treat their rooms as a never ending project. They are prey to new product releases and they think just because it fits in the colour palette and there is a spot free on the self, they need to fill it. It is here we urge you to stop. No home looks sophisticated with too much going on so you need to cherish those purchases. Try shopping less often for just any old addition and instead wait to buy those high-quality items that are actually worth it. One focal piece is better than five little additions that you’ve just put in for the sake of it.

Natural Lighting 

Light Bright room with white colour scheme in a longer orangery with open patio doors into the garden at the back This is a big consideration for any room you plan – where is that light coming from? Nobody wants a dark room in their house that portrays a sad story so you need to utilise what you have. Look to choose window treatments that let in the more light and where that light is at a minimum, buy some lights that give the room a warmer glow. Lighting can make or break a room, too much and it overpowers it, too little and it makes it looks mundane. Take stock of what your room has and work your colour scheme around making the room a more natural-looking place.


An organised home is a happy home. Nobody wants to come home to mess everyday and your guests don’t want to be looking at your clutter. Having innovative storage solutions never goes out of style and it will ensure everything is tucked away where its supposed to be. Whether it’s compartments under your coffee table/couch or shelves on the wall, there are many smart options available to make storage apart of your visually appealing aesthetic design.


You always need to think about the long-term nature of your home décor rather than something trendy but cheap. By keeping your room timeless, you should see it as a longer term invest from the moment you decide to decorate it. It is all about shopping cleverly. If you end up replacing a poorly made product, it is going to cost you more than a well-made piece would. It is simply not timeless if you have to replace your newest piece because it breaks or because you can’t relax on it so you need that piece that looks great whilst standing the test of time.